About Yoshiya

Shenzhen Jiwu Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading real estate transaction service platform in China. Jiwu is based on technological innovation and is committed to breakthroughs in core Internet technologies. It is at the leading level in the real estate industry in cloud computing, big data, intelligent marketing, and intelligent hardware. Since its establishment in 2011, it has successfully innovated the connection model of online customer sources, offline channels and financial resources by using advanced technology, reconstructed the real estate transaction ecosystem, and achieved a new win-win situation for developers, sales agencies and buyers. To cross.

Tencent's background management team, coupled with experienced real estate marketing elites, has established Jiwu's leading position in the industry. The big data of more than 30 million monthly visitors and house visitor preferences formed by house visits can accurately match the demand for home purchase with the property, whether it is online store, offline house viewing, channel expansion, customer definition, case From the completion of the transaction to the settlement of the commission, Yoshiya has realized the systemization and mobileization of the whole process, helping the real estate sales from simple and rough to intelligent and efficient iteration.

In 2011 and 2012, Jiwu received two rounds of investment of USD 4 million from Dexun Investment, which was founded by Mr. Zeng Liqing, the co-founder of Tencent.

On May 6, 2015, Jiwu successfully completed a 100 million yuan A round of financing, led by Saifu Asia Fund, one of the largest venture capital funds in Asia, and Shanghai Midtown Yutong Investment Center participated in the joint investment.

In December 2015, Yoshiya completed the A + round of financing, led by Mi Cang Capital with an Alibaba background, and the A round of financing led by Saifu Asia Fund.

In September 2016, Guangzhou Jiwu Internet Microfinance Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Jiwu, opened;

In November 2016, Jiwu was recognized as a high-tech enterprise by the Ministry of Science and Technology;

In April 2018, Shenzhen Anjutu, a joint venture with Country Garden Asset Management, was established.

At present, Jiwu is opening up and accumulating seven years of online customer traffic advantages and mobile Internet platform technology to build a new ecology for the real estate online business industry. Up to now, the number of monthly online visitors of the Jiwu New House Trading Platform has exceeded 30 million and millions of registered real estate agents. New home sellers in various regions in China are now fully settled in the Jiwu Open Platform, with business covering more than 220 cities across the country, and is committed to building China's largest Real estate transaction service platform.