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  • What is a quasi-existing home? What is the difference between existing and quasi-existing homes?

    The exact definition of existing and quasi-existing homes refers to the commercial houses with ready-to-buy and ready-to-occupy properties at the time of purchase. Check in and get a title certificate. Only a real estate and land use certificate can be called an existing house. Quasi-existing houses are not a legal definition. Generally speaking, the main body of the house has been basically capped and completed. The general outline of the buildings and facilities in the district has been ...

  • What is the difference between off-plan, quasi-existing and existing homes?

    The rough house, simple and hardcover is a set of concepts. It is divided from the decoration of the house. The unfurnished house is the rough house. The off-plan and existing houses are divided by time. What you can live with is an existing house; now the concept of a quasi-existing house is extended, that is, a house that will be delivered immediately

  • What is quasi-existing

    The quasi-existing house means that the main body of the house has been basically capped, the outline of the buildings and facilities in the community has begun to appear, and important factors such as room type and building spacing are clear at a glance. The project is in the process of interior and exterior wall decoration and supporting construction.

  • Are quasi-existing and existing houses the same? What's the difference?

    Existing house: The so-called existing house refers to the commercial house where the developer has completed the real estate deed (big title certificate). Consumers should sign a sale contract when buying a commercial house at this stage. The existing house in Chengdu usually refers to the house that can be occupied after the project has been completed. Quasi-existing house: Quasi-existing house means that the main body of the house has been basically capped and completed. The general outline of the buildings and facilities in the district has begun to appear. The important factors such as the room type and the building space are clear at a glance.

  • What are the differences between quasi-existing, existing and off-plan homes?

    1. Quasi-existing house Quasi-existing house refers to the basic completion of the main body of the house. The buildings and related facilities in the community have also had a rough outline. The layout of the building and the space between the buildings are clear at a glance. Only the interior and exterior wall decoration and supporting facilities are left. Construction of a real estate project. 2. Existing House Under normal circumstances, the existing house that people know is already a built house. But this is not the case. According to China's regulations for selling "existing houses", only houses that have received a real estate certificate and a land use certificate ...

  • Horticultural Royal View existing homes for sale in the area of 90-160 average price of 7,500 yuan

    The existing special-purpose house types of Garden Royal Scenery have an area of 129 square meters, 135 square meters, and 143 square meters. The average price is 6,900 yuan / square meter. Existing homes are for sale in an area of 90-160 square meters, with an average price of 7,500 yuan / square meter, for specific on-site consultation. Underground parking spaces are on sale at a price of 128,000 / unit. Five-story conjoined shops are on sale. Consult the sales department for floor plans, prices and discounts.

  • Zhicheng No. 8 Mansion quasi-existing house sale special price 4180 yuan / flat

    The first phase of quasi-existing home sales at Zhicheng No. 8 Mansion (forum floor plan price dynamics), grandly launched ten sets of archive board listings, starting from 4,180 yuan / square meter, and the ten-storey high-rise archives listed at 4,990 yuan / square meter.

  • 360 ° look at hardcover existing homes and choose Shunyi China Railway · Huaxidu

    At present, hardcover existing homes are becoming a trend in home ownership. According to surveys, the probability of people subscribing to existing hardcover homes when buying a house accounts for more than 60%, and this data continues to rise. Industry * sources said that compared to off-plan housing, the community environment, building spacing, apartment characteristics and housing of existing homes

  • Buying a house or choosing an existing one, you can move in if you want to move in

    New commercial houses sold on the market have off-plan and existing houses for buyers to choose from. Most of the new commercial houses are off-plan houses (ie real estate under construction)! Is it better to choose off-plan housing? Is it better to buy an existing house? Each has its own advantages. Today I will introduce the six advantages of the existing house.

  • Xingfu Manor's prospective existing house for sale is expected to be delivered by the end of May

    Happiness Manor Project was developed by Shenzhen Fuzhongfu Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. * and Changsha Branch Hunan Wangfu * Co., Ltd. The project is currently under construction and is located at the southeast corner of the intersection of Furong South Road and Electrolux Avenue in Changsha (south of the ecological zoo) 2 km), covering an area of more than 2,000 acres, with a construction area of 3 million square meters. The planned products include high-rises, small high-rises, houses, villas, and hotels (commercial complexes). The project is developed in multiple phases. It is equipped with luxury clubs, ☆ -level hotels, 3 bilingual kindergartens and 2 provincial core primary schools. The first phase covers an area of 68,000 square meters and a building area of 313,000 square meters. It consists of 15 buildings and 28 floors. High-rise composition, a total of 1934 sets. The first-family apartment ranges from 88 to 180 square meters in two to four bedrooms, with 88 to 138 square meters in two to three bedrooms.

  • New Year's volume cuts and prices rise

    [Abstract] Because many real estate companies have completed or exceeded their annual sales targets last year, the rate of launch has slowed significantly since the end of the year. Only one project entered the market the previous week and the supply was only 206 units. The new supply in the first week of the new year is zero, and based on past experience, the beginning of the year will be a low season for supply. At the same time, affected by the New Year's Day holiday and the decrease in supply, the sales volume of newly built commercial housing dropped significantly.

  • * Current homes are in demand! !! Longsheng Right Bank Mingdi Real Estate Fair Sales Real Estate Expo!

    This year, as the education department changes its "choice school" policy, the phenomenon of school choice will be curbed, which also makes * more and more popular with parents. At this year's housing fair, * has also become a concern of home buyers. hot spot. As the * existing house of Xiuzhou New District, Longsheng Right Bank Mansion has become the focus of home buyers' attention at this housing fair.

  • Get married right away and have a house in Huizhou

    This year's Shuangchun is suitable for marriage. It coincides with the recent ecstasy of the zodiac. The couples around them can't sit still, and they have entered the temple of marriage. However, what should I do if my girlfriend does n’t agree with the proposal? !! Here, the editors will help all prospective bridegroom officials to take an inventory of the top ten existing homes for reference.

  • Regulation promotes slower sales * 3,100 yuan / flat for quasi-existing houses

    If you want to buy, buy an existing home! After the recovery of the property market in the first half of 2012, excessive developer inventory has become the main reason for the heavy volume of property sales in the second half of the year. Industry insiders said that in today's relatively stable market, there are more and more quasi-existing housing projects, and the choice of home buyers is constantly growing. Let us take a look!

  • On October 31, Beijing signed 395 off-plan residential flats and 104 existing homes

    According to the recent sales data of Beijing Real Estate Transaction Management Network: On October 31, 2012, Beijing real estate residential off-plan contracts signed 395 units, 44756 square meters; existing residential houses signed 104 sets, 12,851 square meters.

  • 5,000 yuan / m2 Amoy housing in Weifang

    "Paying with one hand and delivering with one hand" is a form of transaction that everyone thinks * is safe, but for the property market, it often does not follow this approach. To purchase a house, buyers often need to wait for several months, or even more than a year, to pay the house. Since the goods cannot be inspected when paying the money, then in the process, they often encounter the actual house and expectations. The non-conformity has caused a lot of trouble for home buyers.

  • Save time and worry about buying existing homes late at the end of the year

    Tail houses are mostly existing ones. When buying a house, it is easier to identify the advantages and disadvantages of the house. Relatively speaking, there is less risk of bad tails, and generally there are discounts ...

  • The difference between existing, quasi-existing, and off-plan houses is not to be confused by the so-called "existing house"

    According to the state's "existing house" regulations, a house that has already been built does not mean "existing house". A house that has already been occupied does not mean "existing house." .

  • Existing house for sale in a single office building at the foot of Xiangshan Xiangshan

    Located in the northwest corner of the intersection of Hanhe Road and Minzhuang Road in Haidian District, Zixiang Xiangshan covers a total area of 200,000 square meters, a total construction area of 128,000 square meters, a floor height of 3.4-3.6 meters, and an area of 260-2000 meters. Square meters, moved in May 2010, existing house. The entire building is currently priced at 30,000 yuan / square meter.

  • Shuiyu Qingcheng quasi-existing house will be delivered by the end of June 2013

    The Shuiyu Qingcheng project built its own bilingual kindergarten and high-level elementary school, Hushi Experimental Kindergarten, Dingqi Kindergarten, Shengli English, Talent Training School, Beichen Children's Art School; Yangjiaxiang Primary School, Taiping Street Primary School, Yuquan Experimental Primary School; There are many schools in No.1, No.6 and No.8 middle schools.