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  • What is the ratio of greening rate?

    The greening rate of Santayana is 60.0%.

  • How to calculate the greening rate of the community? If there are artificial lakes in the community, how to calculate the plot ratio and greening rate?

    Regardless of whether house prices are rising or falling, those who need to buy a house must choose the house with the highest cost performance. So how should we choose a good house? Take a look at the precautions for buying a house. The author believes that buyers can master the following 20 golden rules when buying a house. Not only can they buy a suitable house without leaving regret, and they can make steady profits. 1. It is not necessary to buy a new house. Although it is the best, there are not many suitable houses in the urban area, or the house prices are too high ...

  • What is the greening rate of Kaiping Kangcheng? [Kaiping Greening rate of Kangcheng]

    0.4 Kaiping Kangcheng Project Address: No. 83 Siqian West Road, Shuikou Town, Kaiping City (next to the former Zhenhua Toll Station) Kaiping Kangcheng Sales Center Phone: 400-6583-917

  • What is the ratio of greening rate?

  • What is the greening rate of Sunac Royal Palace in Heshan? [Details of Heshan Rongchuang Yufu Real Estate]

    30% Heshan Sunac Imperial Palace Project Address: Heshan Sunac Imperial Palace Sales Center, 66 Hecheng Avenue, Heshan, Jiangmen Tel: 400-7056-822 ext. 160

  • Generally speaking, who can tell the greening rate of the community to reach the standard of greening rate

    In general, the green space rate of residential quarters with low-rise, middle-rise and high-rise residences is not less than 40%, and the green space rate of residential districts with multi-storey residences is not less than 35%. When communicating with open houses, buyers must distinguish the difference between green space rate and greening rate. The green space rate is the standard for measuring the number of green plants in the community, and the green rate can be said to be green. The requirements are very low.

  • What is the greening rate of the OCT project? [Encyclopedia of Overseas Chinese Town Project]

    30% greening rate Overseas Chinese Town Project Address: No. 1 Huaqiao North Road, Enping City (next to Heng'an Inspection Station) Overseas Chinese Town Sales Center Phone: 400-6583-917

  • What is the greening rate of Baoli Garden? [Greening rate of Baoli Garden]

    0.3 Baoli Garden Project Address: No. 12, Baoyuan Middle Road, Kaiping City, 2 Baoli Garden Sales Center Phone: 400-6583-917

  • How much is the greening rate of the community

    The greening rate is an inaccurate and non-standard term, and the accurate reference should be "greening coverage". Green coverage refers to the ratio of the sum of the vertical projection area of greenery to the area of the plot. Relatively speaking, it can be counted as a green area, so the green coverage ratio is generally higher than the green area ratio. How appropriate is the greening rate of yuqiancyh residential quarters? Greening rate of residential quarters It also includes public green space. The public must be the least ...

  • Is Zhongang Langyue a rough house? Where is the address? What is the floor area greening rate? What time is it due?

    Zhongang Langyue is selling small high-rises and bungalows, with an area of 98,111,124 square meters. The average price is 7000-8200 yuan / square meter. Small high-rises are delivered by rough. Yuan / sqm, non-blank delivery.

  • What is the green rate of Zhongtie Ziyue and Ziyue? [Green rate of Zhongtie Ziyue and Ziyue]

    0.35 China Railway Ziyue · Ziyue Project Address: China Railway Ziyue · Ziyue Sales Center, No. 165 Yingbin Road, Jiyang District, Sanya City, Hainan Province Phone: 400-6583-917

  • What is the greening rate of Sunac Royal Palace? [Sunac Royal House Owners Forum]

    30% Sunac Royal Mansion Project Address: Sunac Royal Mansion Sales Center, 66 Hecheng Avenue, Heshan, Jiangmen Telephone: 400-7056-822 ext. 160

  • What is the greening rate?

    52.1% greening rate

  • Expose the high greening rate among the 9 model diamonds to your eyeballs! (Picture)

    Netcom's 9 diamonds located on the south side of the light rail station in the bonded area are very popular. Since the opening in September 2012, more than 500 listings have been launched. At present, only 30% of the first listings are left. Diamond 9 won the favor of home buyers with the characteristics of "3 high". What exactly is "3 high"? That is, the high rate of house acquisition: 80% -82% (the high-rise house acquisition rate is generally more than 70%), the high greening rate: 39% (the residential garden landscape planning is very beautiful), the high property rights period: 70 years of property rights in development zones Most of the development zones have 50-year property rights). It is really not easy for high-rises to achieve a high housing rate of 80% -82%. Let's take a look at the layout of his family with Xiaobian.

  • Do buyers in Qingdao know that there is an error between the plot ratio and the greening rate? There is a big difference between the two!

    At the sales office in Qingdao, we often hear real estate consultants talking to us about terms such as “volume ratio” and “greening rate”. For buyers who have just learned about the real estate market, they may be confused by these words. Water, can there be an error in the plot rate and greening rate? In fact, there is a big difference between the two!

  • What is the greening rate of the famous city of Washington?

    How about the greening rate of the famous city of Washington? Buying a house should pay attention to the greening rate, because the greening rate is closely related to the environment of the neighborhood we live in later. So, is the greening of the famous city Huafu District good? The greening rate of the famous city of Washington is 30%. In real estate development, the government has stipulated the green space rate index, which is generally not less than 30%.

  • What are building volume ratio, building density and greening rate?

    Consumers pay more and more attention to the quality of life in addition to considering the geographical location and human environment when buying a house. They pay special attention to the technical economy such as “building volume ratio, building density, and greening rate” commonly used in commercial housing sales index.

  • 66% high greening rate in Dongguan

    Editor's note: Everyone yearns for a quiet, homely environment full of original and natural atmosphere. After thinking about your tiredness, you are eager to get rid of the hustle and bustle of urban life and invest in that green. In this issue, we are looking for ultra-high greening properties for sale in Dongguan. Let's take a look!