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  • What are the specific rules of the Beijing Restriction Order?

    According to the "Notice of the General Office of the Beijing Municipal People's Government on Implementing the Spirit of the General Office of the State Council Document to Further Strengthen the Regulation and Control of the Real Estate Market in this Municipality", starting from February 17, 2011, Beijing household registration households that already own a house ( Including active-duty military personnel and active-duty armed police families in Beijing, families holding a valid "Beijing Work and Residence Permit", and a valid temporary residence permit in Beijing that has no housing in Beijing and has been in Beijing for 5 consecutive years or more ...

  • Are there any new rules regarding the Beijing Restriction Order this year?

    Resident households in this city (including families whose family members are residents of the city) are restricted to purchase two houses; for non-resident households who can provide tax certification or social insurance payment certificates in the city for more than one year, purchase is limited to 1 Housing. Household registration households in the city that have more than 2 (including 2) houses in the city suspended, and non-resident households with more than 1 (including 1) house in the city cannot provide tax certification for more than 1 year in the city Or company ...

  • Hello experts, what is the real estate tax on Beijing purchase restriction order?

    Real estate tax of unit price above 2W8, six thousandths. Below 2W8 is four thousandths

  • I started working in Beijing in June 2008. According to the purchase restriction order, can I buy a house now, still have to wait until 20 ...

    The probation period unit must also pay social insurance for you. First, you must determine whether a labor contract has been signed and the term of the labor contract, and see if the three-month probation period is legal. If you want to continue working in the unit, call the audit phone to reflect the situation, they will come to the unit to check the reimbursement of social security, if you do not want to do it, directly labor arbitration and let the unit pay the insurance for one year.

  • I have 2 suites. My son wants to buy a commercial house as an adult. Is this a violation of the Beijing purchase restriction order?

  • Hello, may I ask if I bought a house before the purchase restriction order was issued, there is no mortgage, and I am single in Beijing. Can I buy it again ...

  • How do foreigners go to Beijing to buy a house under the purchase restriction order?

    As long as you can provide a valid temporary residence permit in this city and proof of social security or tax payment for more than 5 consecutive years, and you do not have a house under your family name, you can still buy another house. If you cannot provide the above documents, you cannot buy a house.

  • World Bay Area, Xiangshan Bay, Fujian

    Volcanic hot springs: Rare coastal volcanic hot springs, volcanic hot springs; the water temperature is maintained at 46 degrees Celsius all year round. The quality of the springs is mainly sodium carbonate and calcium (HCO3-Na · Ca), with low hardness, colorless and tasteless, and metasilicic acid content. It meets the national medical value of hot mineral water quality standards, and is rich in thorium, sodium and fluorine, calcium, magnesium, potassium and other beneficial trace elements and minerals.

  • Heilongjiang multi-sector joint law enforcement to rectify illegal intermediaries

    Recently, the Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the Provincial Public Security Department and other five departments jointly formulated and issued the "Special Remediation Work Plan for Provincial Housing Leasing Intermediaries."

  • Xishuangbanna Real Estate [▏ 南山 别 院] The ultimate 85 square meters light luxury three-bedroom

    The so-called innovation is to understand the needs and solve the pain points. In an era of rapid changes in the needs of travellers, the only way to be a leader is to continue to innovate, subvert, and create unparalleled products with the ultimate mentality. Extremely 85 square meters, light luxury three bedrooms

  • Luzhou apartment! Jiantou Nanhu Famous Apartment Introduction

    Luzhou apartment! Jiantou Nanhu Famous Apartment Introduction

  • Recruitment announcement of rehabilitation doctors and rehabilitation therapists at Yuncheng First Hospital

    The Yuncheng First Hospital is a non-profit, joint-stock three-level general hospital built with the approval of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission and the Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission. The hospital covers an area of 300 acres and a building area of 250,000 square meters. It has 1,500 beds, more than 50 clinical and medical technology departments, and established imaging diagnosis, radiotherapy, testing, heart, neuromedicine, tumors, rehabilitation, urology, bone disease, Reproductive, ophthalmology, liver disease, traditional Chinese medicine and more than 20 technical centers.

  • Heilongjiang multi-sector joint law enforcement to rectify illegal intermediaries

    Recently, the Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the Provincial Public Security Department and other five departments jointly formulated and issued the "Special Remediation Work Plan for Provincial Housing Leasing Intermediaries."

  • Quzhou Southern New District Apartment 2019 For Sale in Quzhou

    The southern Luzhou New District has developed rapidly with the naked eye, so it has also attracted a large number of buyers to choose a house in the Southern New District. Next, let's take a look at the southern Luzhou New District apartment-Jiantou Nanhu Mingyu.

  • 113 acres of commercial and residential land on the west bank of Qingshan Lake is listed again!

    Earlier, the Nanchang Natural Resources Bureau issued an announcement on the termination of the online auction of state-owned construction land use rights. The original plan was to bid on October 18 and the commercial and residential land on the west bank of Qingshan Lake was closed due to major adjustments. After a week of adjustments, the parcel is finally listed again, and will officially start shooting at 10 am on November 15th!

  • How to buy a house properly? Mastering the points makes it easier to buy a house

    Many home buyers today choose loans to buy a house. Although a loan to buy a house can effectively alleviate the pressure on buyers, it is not easy for a first-time buyer to buy a house on a loan. It is very important to master the correct buying posture. So how to properly loan to buy a house? What loan knowledge do you need to master?

  • [Rongchuang Xishuangbanna Tourist and Holiday Resort] Pingheyuan Villas 126 and 130 in Shubang Town

    Sunac · Wanda Xishuangbanna International Resort Shubang Town Elevator House, Heyuan Villa For Sale

  • Big news from the property market on the third and fourth lines This policy may affect housing prices

    With the rise in housing prices in first-tier cities, there are also big news sheds in the third and fourth tier property markets.

  • Zhengzhou Existing and Quasi-Existing Homes-Attached to Zhengzhou's List of Existing Homes for Sale

    In short, existing homes are homes that we own right after buying them.

  • China Railway Construction International Garden shop is here! Zengcheng Vientiane Street limited street shop is hot in the city!

    Guangzhou Zengcheng Vientiane Street limited street shop, China Railway Construction International Garden shops are here! It is reported that China Railway Construction International Garden shop project located in Guangzhou Zhucun Education City, is built for China Railway Construction! Line 21 will be directly connected to Tianhe at the end of the street, and the street is now Shop and buy now and collect rent, buy one with 5 floors and use two!

  • Documentary of the demonstration base of Yuncheng Yunshi Affiliated Primary School

    In order to deepen education reform, comprehensively promote quality education, and further improve the practical ability, innovative spirit and teamwork awareness of primary school students, according to the spirit of the Municipal Education Bureau document, on October 18th, all teachers and students of the fifth grade school attached to the Yunshi Teachers' Organization went to Yuncheng The demonstration base of comprehensive practical activities carried out one-day practical activities.

  • The mansion that Qingneng Xuefu Garden is struggling to snap up

    Qingneng Xuefu Garden, as the first project of Qingneng Group to enter Jingzhou City, was launched for the first time. It is worthy of love and opened a new chapter of quality living in Jingzhou!

  • Blast the circle of friends! Men and women in red flash on the street in Shenyang

    Blast the circle of friends! Men and women in red flash on the street in Shenyang

  • Golden Elephant Thai Indus Villa in Yantai

    One step in the heart of the city and one half step in the mountain, the city is co-authored with the park, and the avenue of the school is also a walk for home. The way from Yantai University to the West Campus of Business School, Guanhai Road to Tonglin Road, to return home to eliminate worries by eating, walk for ten minutes, the bustling and natural flow; the next foot of the mountain, the beauty of secluded habitation, the joy of landscape, the worry of the world .

  • Record of activities of Yuncheng Haicang School participating in the demonstration comprehensive practice base

    Be smart, be good at it. In order to further implement the spirit of the city's education conference, comprehensively promote quality education, increase student knowledge, cultivate student autonomy, team awareness, innovative spirit and practical ability, and improve students' comprehensive quality; on the morning of October 22, Yuncheng Haicang School organized five More than 160 teachers and students in grades went to Yuncheng demonstration comprehensive practice base to carry out special practice activities.

  • Su Di 2018-WG-16 Plot Property Average Price Poly Moon Yingting Developer

    Plot No. 2018-WG-16 is also called Poly Moon Yingting, and next to Poly Moon Yingting is Suzhou Stadium. Suzhou Sports Center is a major practical project of the Suzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, and a cross-century iconic boutique project of Suzhou social public utilities. It is located in the southeast corner of Shishan Bridge in the prosperous area of Sanxiang Road, Suzhou. The scale of the building is magnificent, the geographical environment is very superior, the water and land transportation is in all directions, the communication network is criss-crossed, the greenery covers the conjoined shade, the cultural atmosphere is fresh and rich, the art sculptures are magnificent, the sports and cultural facilities are complete, the supporting services are everything, commercial flow, logistics, and people Dense.

  • How about the educational packages around the left bank of Bengbu Hengda Riverside?

    Children's education is the longest investment for the family. From kindergarten to university, countless children and parents compete at every threshold. Therefore, nowadays, when buying a house and buying a home, education resources have become one of the biggest considerations. On the left bank of Evergrande Riverfront, the school is around, allowing children living here to enjoy a better education. Evergrande Binhe Left Bank project has built an international bilingual kindergarten of about 4600m². It upholds the essence of early childhood education and protects the healthy growth of children in all aspects. Equipped with high-quality teachers and bilingual teaching in Chinese and English, your child can experience the distinct foreign language system and cultural context while receiving the influence of traditional Chinese culture.