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  • I would like to ask everyone, what is the general public pool area in the community?

    If a community has more comprehensive service functions and more complete facilities, if there is a large public hall, elevator aisle, complete equipment room, etc., the pooling coefficient will be higher, and the real estate such as affordable housing and distressed housing is relatively It will be slightly lower. Under normal circumstances, the pooled area of commercial housing is about 10% -25%; the pooled area of multi-storey housing is about 10% -15%; small high-rise housing is generally a reasonable level within 20%; ..

  • What is the pool area of each 6-storey building?

    The 6-storey board building is a multi-storey house. If it is a traditional multi-story house, the pool is generally 5% to 10%. If it is a bungalow with an elevator, it is 10% to 15%.

  • Is there a large pool of resettlement houses?

    The formula for memorizing the construction area of real estate is as follows: "The center line of the external wall partition and the inner wall are all calculated; the balcony is closed or not, and the closed is not sealed. The measuring tool is 1.2 meters above the ground and the bottom of the balcony should be measured This building is shared by this building. Multi-storey buildings cannot be used. "As a reference standard, I hope that ordinary people can at least be aware of when buying a house. Method for calculating common area: Total shared area on this floor = floor area on this floor-each floor on this floor ...

  • Is there a special room on the second floor, and what is the pool area?

    Reference average price: 5600 yuan / ㎡

  • I would like to ask what is the shared area of the multi-level and 26-level and 18-level?

    Residential pools of more than 30 floors usually account for 25% of the purchase area. The pool area of most point-type real estate accounts for about 15% -17% of the purchase area. The pool area of plate-type houses below 18 floors accounts for about 13% -15% of the purchase area. The common multi-story residential pool area accounts for about 10% -13% of the purchase area.

  • May I ask: Is it an elevator room and what is the pool area? Can a foreign account be mortgaged?

    It is an elevator room. The pool of the elevator room is about 15% -20%. The foreign resident account must have a local social security or tax certificate for more than one year before it can be mortgaged.

  • Is community greening the pooled area?

    The pool area is generally calculated based on the area ratio.For example, if you buy a house with two floors, you have to share the area of the staircase with your neighbors as the denominator of the sum of the areas of your two households. The area is a numerator, multiplied by the area of the stairwell, which is the area of the stairwell allocated by your home. The area of the outer wall is shared by all users in a building, and it is also the area proportion. Community roads and green spaces are not counted as pooled areas.

  • What is the standard for small high-rise pool area?

    At present, the state has no clear rules on which area must be controlled in terms of pooled area. In small plate high-rise buildings with elevators, the high-rise pool area is usually between 15-20%. In plate-type high-rise buildings with elevators, the high-rise pool area is usually between 18-25%. In small tower-type high-rise buildings with elevators, the high-rise pool area is usually between 18-22%. In tower high-rise buildings with elevators, the high-rise pool area is usually 20 -...

  • I would like to ask what percentage of the country's housing buyers' pool is required by the state

    There is no exact value, it depends on what kind of house the developer is building.

  • How to calculate pool area

    Under normal circumstances, in ordinary multi-story residential buildings without underground equipment rooms, and without ground floor shops and overhead floors, the sharing factor is generally about 10% -15%; some small high-rise residential buildings with elevators The sharing factor is generally 15% -20%; some high-rise houses will be relatively higher, about 20% -25%. When people who buy a house sign a contract for ordering a house, the contract will also be marked with the house's sharing factor ...

  • How small is the pooled area?

    With today's high housing prices, many buyers are a little unacceptable in the face of high-shares. The seemingly adequate area of a house is often disappointed after removing the "sad" public pool. So is the smaller the pool area the better? How to break the hidden rules in the pool area?

  • How should the pool area of office buildings be calculated?

    The state has no specific regulations on the proportion of public apportioned area; while the contracted building area is agreed in the contract, the built-up area and public appropriation area should be agreed separately. The law does not stipulate the upper limit of the public apportioned area apportionment coefficient.

  • How to calculate the built-up area in the house? How is the pooled area calculated?

    How to calculate the built-up area in the house? How is the pooled area calculated? How to resolve area disputes? House area usually refers to the construction area. The construction area consists of the built-up area and the pool area. You must learn the relevant calculation methods to avoid disputes.

  • "Cancel the pooled area", why did the Xinhua News Agency fire at it?

    The long-standing phenomenon of "shared area included in the total housing price" finally annoyed Xinhua News Agency. The higher-level official media pointed out directly in the article, "Since internationally, housing prices are basically calculated based on the area within the suite, why does China calculate housing prices? Do property costs, etc., need to include a large share of the pooled area? "Immediately, the People's Daily followed up, saying that" the pooled area "hurt us!

  • How many homes should I buy? How big is the pool area?

    The elevator shaft is part of the pool, and the large pool area will increase the purchase cost. Therefore, with the same number of households and floors, the more elevators, the larger the pool area. Therefore, the two-floor and four-family stalls must be larger than the two-floor and five-family stalls.

  • How much is the pooled area reasonable? What is the national pool?

    Pooling refers to the building area of the common part of the entire building, which is jointly owned by the property owners of the entire building. No matter whether it is multi-storey, high-rise or other types of commercial housing, there is a pool. Generally speaking, the larger the pooled area, the lower the housing yield, and vice versa. There are many factors that affect the pooled area, so what are the pooled and non-pooled areas? How to calculate the pool area?

  • How to calculate the pool area of a building?

    No matter whether it is a high-rise or multi-story building, there is a common area for commercial housing. But what exactly is shared? How is area calculated?

  • How should the pooled area of a house be calculated? Which areas need to be shared

    Housing pool area has always been a headache for us. How is the housing pool area calculated? Most people don't know much about this issue. So, what do we mean by pool area? How should it be calculated? Let's take a closer look at it!

  • How to calculate the pool area and precautions

    In addition to the size of the housing rate, buyers must also calculate the pool area. Because the pool area is small, it will affect life, and it will affect the living area. So how should the public pool area be calculated? What should be the ratio of different public pools? What are the precautions for the public pool area? Next, the law express editor will introduce them to you. Buyers in the process of buying a house

  • What are the precautions for buying a pooled area?

    Many people who have never bought a house ignore the pool when they buy a house. In fact, for current commercial housing, the pool is a large area. "Increasing the share of the pool will obviously shrink the living area."