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  • All-inclusive or half-inclusive?

    There are reliable decoration companies that recommend all-inclusive. I do n’t know how to buy the materials myself, and the second price is not necessarily cheap. All-inclusive remember that the contract is as detailed as possible, including the brand of the material and so on. You can monitor and inspect at any time during the process.

  • Will the second-hand house decoration be all-inclusive or half-inclusive?

    Most second-hand house decoration has been in residence for three or five years or even more than ten years. Whether there is any problem in the quality of the decoration of the old house or whether it has been overhauled is a matter to be clarified before the decoration, except for some invisible hidden projects to be inspected and In addition to making judgments, some parts that seem very new should pay special attention. For example, newly painted walls or roofs may be used to cover cracks in the walls of the house or seepage of the ceiling. When encountering similar situations, new houses mainly pay special attention. First, the aging water pipe must be ...

  • All-inclusive decoration, what is the concept of half-package? General living room and kitchen floor tiles, what room is better? Steel plate ...

    The all-inclusive package includes the main materials at home, such as ceramic tiles, and the half-package includes only auxiliary materials such as artificial and cement yellow sand. The floor tiles are 800 * 800, or 600 * 600, and the kitchen is 300. * 300,300 * 450 non-slip floor tiles. It is better to use wooden floor in the room, and tile is more common.

  • Refurbished second-hand housing

    1. Transparent costs The vast majority of owners, especially novice owners, have strong concerns. They are afraid that the decoration company will earn material costs when renovating. However, from the current market situation, this worry no longer exists. Already. Because when decorating, most brand decoration companies will guarantee that the decoration materials of the same brand and model will be lower than the market retail price. 2. When reasonable expenses passed, the owner would think that he would choose materials, hire workers, hire equipment ...

  • How much is one square meter to buy a house? Is the decoration all-inclusive or half-inclusive?

    If you are rich and busy and don't have time to take care of it, you can do it all. For the average family, it is still half-package, even if it is all-inclusive. If you have clear requirements for the style of the main material, you still have to go to the main material yourself. It is best to buy the main materials by yourself, and the decoration company is in charge of the main materials. If he does, he will also get a part of the profit, and if he is right, he will pay a part of the money. . . . All-inclusive and half-inclusive have advantages and disadvantages! It mainly depends on how you choose and your own ...

  • The new house is going to be renovated. Is it half-packed or all-packed? What's the difference?

    Renovation of the house is half-inclusive or all-inclusive 1. Advantages and disadvantages of all-inclusive decoration: All-inclusive is very time-saving and labor-saving for people. There is no need to go to the building materials market to buy decoration materials. It is entirely up to the decoration company to complete it. However, some bad decoration companies will use the material to fill the difference to get the difference, so that the quality of our decoration can not be guaranteed, which will affect our subsequent daily life. 2. Advantages and disadvantages of decoration half packs: Half packs are people buying materials by themselves ...

  • May I ask whether the new house is half-packaged or all-inclusive?

    All-inclusive and half-inclusive decoration are two methods that many prospective decorators will refer to when starting new house renovation. Whether the decoration is all-inclusive or half-inclusive, different supporters often hold their own words. Today, let ’s discuss whether the decoration is all-inclusive or half-inclusive. Is the decoration all-inclusive or half-inclusive? The school that supports all-inclusive decoration usually holds the following views: 1. All-inclusive decoration can hand over the construction of all procedures and the selection of all materials to the home improvement company ...

  • Who said whether the new house decoration is all-inclusive or half-inclusive?

    Advantages of all-inclusive new house decoration 1. If the decoration company does all-inclusive, because it will cooperate with many brand material manufacturers and the price will be lower than the one you buy, so you will save some money on the material aspect. 2. For full-package repairs, the decoration company's quotation for the decoration project is very accurate. It is also because of the decoration experience that it can indirectly reduce the loss of materials, which can also save some money invisibly. 3. The decoration company has a better understanding of building materials and decoration and ...

  • Has the new house been renovated half or all inclusive?

    1. I want to decorate the house, whether it is half-contracted or all-contracted. Each contracting method has its advantages. The owner can choose the contracting method according to his own economic situation and familiarity with the decoration business. Most owners believe that Half pack. 2. For owners with a certain decoration experience or previous decoration experience, it is appropriate to choose a half-contract contract. Half-pack is that the decoration company does not include labor and materials. The owner needs to buy some main materials, and the decoration company is responsible for providing auxiliary materials ...

  • Will the new house be half-packaged or all-inclusive?

    Throughout the decoration process, the customer has the right to make decisions. The designer has the right to make suggestions. Each material must be determined by the customer, confirmed by himself, and participated in the whole process. Each decoration method has its advantages and disadvantages. The owner can choose the decoration method that suits his own according to his own financial situation. So is it all-inclusive or half-inclusive? The owners who choose the all-inclusive method generally don't know much about the decoration, or they are busy with work and don't have much time. This peace of mind ...

  • All-inclusive or half-inclusive? What are the all-inclusive and half-inclusive in the decoration?

    When renovating, I believe that many owners have a difficult choice between all-inclusive and half-inclusive. First, it is not clear which one of the decoration methods they should choose is also confused about the concept of all-inclusive and half-inclusive in the decoration. What do they mean? What is included? Although this is the basic concept in the decoration, but it is also the concept that most people ask. Xiaobian will come with you to popularize the whole package and half package in the decoration. All right, half pack.

  • All-inclusive or half-inclusive? What are the house decoration design styles?

    Speaking of house decoration, I don't think few people know it, because house decoration is the most common problem in our lives. But when it comes to whether the decoration is all-inclusive or half-inclusive, everyone doesn't understand it very well, so * Xiaobian will give you a good answer based on this question, hoping to bring you help.

  • 2016 decoration all-inclusive or half-inclusive

    The reason why the decoration should be divided into all-inclusive and half-inclusive should actually be aimed at different groups of people, each person's needs are different, and naturally the distribution of control over time is also different. As for whether you have to argue whether it is half-package or all-package, I don't believe the answer.

  • For decoration, choose half package or all-inclusive decoration package package

    Nowadays, the quotation forms of some decoration companies have many traps.Some decoration companies and decoration teams rely on the omissions in the early stage to lower the total price, and attract customers first, and then add items and add money to make money in the later period. Became a means of promotion. Consumers look at the form and feel very clear, but because consumers are not decoration experts, many engineering projects do not understand and often perform in a difficult situation. Then choose half-package or all-inclusive for decoration, decoration combination package

  • Precautions for all-inclusive or half-inclusive decoration

    I believe there are many small partners who are decorating small whites, and they do n’t know anything about decoration. So in order to save time and effort, most of them will find a decoration company to help, and there is a problem in this is whether it is all-inclusive or poster. Is the decoration all-inclusive or half-inclusive? What are the precautions for full-package repair?

  • Is the house decoration half or all inclusive? What is the difference between half and all inclusive?

    When many people are renovating in this house, the owner chooses which decoration mode is very distressed. Now the decoration mode is mainly divided into three types: half-package, all-inclusive, and clear-package. Generally half-package and all-inclusive are more common, but the owner will still hesitate when choosing. For this reason, I will introduce the half-package or all-inclusive of the house decoration. What is the difference between the half-package and the all-inclusive?

  • What to pay attention to the all-inclusive decoration? Is the decoration half or all inclusive?

    Renovating a house is a very happy and troublesome thing, and before you can renovate a house, you must first find a decoration company. Then, there is a lot of decoration in the decoration market, but you can only find a decoration company. So, what should you pay attention to? Is it better to pack half or all? Let's take a look.

  • Is the decoration half or all inclusive? What are the advantages of all-inclusive and half-inclusive?

    There are half-package and all-inclusive decoration, so many owners are difficult to choose, because they do not know what the difference between the two is, so they do not know which one to choose. Then, let ’s take a look at the decoration together. Is it better to pack half or all? What are the advantages of all-inclusive and half-inclusive?

  • Renovation choice: All-inclusive or half-inclusive decoration budget list

    Renovating Shimendong Anwen is also a troublesome task. For many people, it is all-inclusive for the decoration company to save time and effort. It can be directly moved in, but this method also has disadvantages, and it is easy to be ignored in terms of materials and costs So some people will choose half pack. But in the end, the decoration is all-inclusive or half-inclusive? How to make a decoration budget list? Let's take a look.

  • Is the decoration half-package or all-inclusive? What are the points of attention for house decoration?

    There are two questions in this article. One is whether the decoration is half-package or all-inclusive. There is another question about what to pay attention to when decorating the house. I hope everyone can learn something through my article. In the decoration design of the house, there are some issues that must be paid attention to, and I will talk about them in the following.