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  • What is the process of home improvement circuit construction?

    Original Structure Diagram —— "Structure Reconstruction Plan"-"Plan Layout Plan"-"Ground Layout-" "Top Layout"-"Elevation Index"-"Elevation A, B, c ...-" Circuit Allocation Diagram —— "High-voltage lamp control diagram"-"Weak current socket layout diagram"-"Weak current equipment connection diagram"-"Strong current socket layout diagram"-"Water pipe trend diagram"-"Several sections of the node I draw it anyway, specifically how Teaching is really difficult, many drawings must first understand the construction process ...

  • How much does it cost to retrofit a home improvement circuit? Which one provide it.

    The improvement of the home improvement circuit is generally 5-7 blocks of 2.5 square meters. For single-line calculation, 4-6 blocks are added for PVC pipes, and 6-16 are added for slotting, depending on where the slots are slotted. 4 square blocks of 6-9, the price comes from the Internet, for reference only.

  • What are the home improvement construction processes

    1. Demolition works. Demolition: If it is structural, go through the formalities. Handling: Demolition of garbage and waste materials. Clean up: do the construction site cleaning. 2. Hydropower coal project. A. Drainage of hot and cold water pipes and installation of water supply equipment. B. Power, electrical appliances, telecommunications, and lighting circuits are discharged. The location of the cassette is determined. C. Emission installation of gas pipes and appliances. 3. Masonry works. A. Bricklaying, partition walls, doors and windows; B ....

  • How to detect the circuit after home improvement?

    The main reason is that strong and weak electricity cannot be laid with the same pipe. Air conditioners and refrigerators use 4 mm wires, and lighting wires use 2.5 mm.

  • How to draw circuit construction drawings

    In fact, it is very simple to distinguish the relationship between positive and negative power switches and various components. Draw a circuit diagram to overcome the fear of difficulties first, and then to master the method. The types of circuit diagram questions can be divided into the following types: 1. Draw circuit diagrams by looking at real objects. 2. Look at the picture with components for drawing. 3. Design the circuit according to the requirements. 4. Identify the wrong circuit and draw the correct diagram. The general examination is based on the above four types of mapping, and their mapping methods are described in detail below. (A) see the truth ...

  • Which one knows how to carry out home decoration circuit construction? What is the basic cost

    1. Circuit modification process: determine the location of the line terminal socket → mark the exact location and size on the wall → the nearest similar socket lead 2. Construction points of the circuit transformation: If the socket is on the upper part of the wall, it should be vertically upward on the wall Slot to the top of the wall to install the decorative corner line; if it is in the lower part of the wall, slot vertically to the bottom of the skirting board. The depth of the slot should be the same, the slot line and the top should be straight, and the control line should be ejected on the wall before using the cloud ...

  • Six basic processes for home improvement construction

    1. Basic engineering. Remove the wall according to the design drawings, remove the old finishes, and re-plan the space

  • Home improvement construction process in several steps

    We all know that home improvement is a very complicated project, and the things that need to be done are not clear in a few words, but we must know the general construction steps and decoration style. If you don't know it yet, let's take a look at the steps of home improvement construction process and the style of home improvement.

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