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  • Excuse me, prawns, how is the acceptance after the installation of solid wood flooring?

    Installation and acceptance standards for solid wood flooring: 1. The flatness of the surface layer The flatness of the surface layer should be: solid wood flooring ≤ 6mm; solid wood composite flooring ≤ 3mm. Second, splicing height difference Although the scientific processing of wood flooring will not produce great changes, but it should be a natural property material, there will be a small amount of wet expansion and contraction changes, and its assembly height difference is 0.1 difference from the height of the laying surface. mm. Solid wood flooring ≤0.7mm, ...

  • How to install solid wood floor

    1. Choose wooden keel when there is unevenness or no leveling layer on the original ground. In engineering terms, it saves costs. Generally, the wooden keel chooses 40 * 40 or 40 * 60 cross-section size for large personnel activities. The distance is first made according to the modulus of the wooden floor, but it is not greater than 350. The wooden keel piece must be used with a bite and glued. The anticorrosive wood bricks fixed to the ground are on the left and right of the wooden keel. The wooden keel is fixed in a chevron shape. sheet! Before installation, the bottom of the wooden keel ...

  • How much is the installation price of solid wood flooring? How to calculate the installation cost of solid wood flooring?

    Floor installation is calculated by square meters, usually 10-30 yuan per flat; but you must first confirm whether the supplier you buy the floor will provide installation for free Some suppliers will provide installation services, but this labor cost will still be included in the floor price If you find a worker to install it yourself, it will cost 10-30 yuan, and a supplier will help you install it. It will be cheaper.

  • The installation cost of solid wood flooring is 70 yuan per square. It includes solid wood baseboard moisture-proof mat door batten and keel. This is Bell ...

    Slightly higher, the normal solid wood floor installation fee ranges from 30 to 50 yuan, different manufacturers different prices

  • Installation cost of solid wood flooring (artificial, moisture-proof mat, nails, keel) 58 / sqm, the installation said mine was 305 ...

    A little short

  • The installation method of solid wood floor is the installation cost. I bought a set of solid wood flooring. I need to know the installation knowledge.

    Before laying, check the principles of doing things, and also pay attention to the science of laying the floor. Adhere to the principles, specifically: Two approvals: (1) Inspection and approval of floor quality, variety, specifications, and quantity; Approved. Five not paved: (1) wall leaks, the ground is not dry (2) mixed construction, (3) forced use of poor-quality paving, (4) the construction period is too urgent to implement the process, (...

  • Do you need glue when installing multi-layer solid wood flooring?

    When installing, all are glue-free. When glue is used in furniture, it is compressed and shaped when solid wood boards and particle boards are molded. It is not necessary to use glue when sealing. gum

  • Ask how much is the installation cost of solid wood flooring?

    Price of solid wood floor installation costs: Floor installations are calculated on square meters, and the general price is 10-30 yuan per flat; better quality brands are more expensive, such as living home, nature, firinger, anxin, living home, Epson. The price is generally 200-500 yuan a flat.

  • What should I pay attention to during the installation of solid wood flooring?

    When laying solid wood flooring, pay attention to the following points: 1. The ground is uneven. The sound caused by uneven ground is very common. The main reason is that the floor is not leveled when installing the solid wood floor. There is a gap between the floor and the keel. The pads are suspended, which are the causes of noise when walking on the solid wood floor after installation. 2.The keel produced by different manufacturers has a large difference in keel dryness, and the keel is randomly stacked before drying, resulting in the water content of the wooden keel ...

  • Is the geothermal heating floor specification too wide? May I ask if the floor heating is suitable for solid wood flooring? How to install it? What are the steps ...

    Floor heating must be solid wood flooring. Too wide is certainly not good, especially for poor heat dissipation. Therefore, some auxiliary materials for wooden flooring must be professional, not ordinary, ordinary wooden flooring is not acceptable. Floor heating The technical specifications of the special wood floor need to reach the following points: 1. The thinner the special floor heating floor, the better, preferably not more than 10㎜. 2. Its products must be environmentally friendly products without formaldehyde. 3. In order to achieve better heat transfer, floor heating ...

  • What should I pay attention to when installing solid wood flooring? My home is newly renovated. I want to install solid wood flooring. I don't know if the installed solid wood flooring needs ...

    Preventing uneven ground The uneven ground will suspend some of the floor and keel, and will make a sound when you step on it. To prevent the keel from drying, the moisture content of the wood keel that is not dried is usually about 25%, and the moisture content of qualified wooden floors is generally 12%. If the humidity difference is too high, the wooden floor will quickly absorb moisture, causing the floor to arch and paint to burst . Lay out before construction ...

  • How much does solid wood floor installation cost

    It is important to be down-to-earth. The laying of floor tiles and floors in the home affects the life of the entire home decoration. * And look at the tiles vs the floor. Who can laugh later?

  • On-site: solid wood floor installation example

    According to the type of floor purchased by the owner and the local climatic conditions, determine the construction method and date of solid wood flooring, and inform the customer.

  • Installation precautions for solid wood flooring? The color of solid wood floor?

    In recent years, solid wood flooring has been very popular with consumers, because the feet feel more comfortable, healthy and environmentally friendly, but if the installation method is not appropriate, it will easily cause problems, so it will cause trouble for many consumers, So, what are the precautions for installing solid wood flooring? What are the color matching methods for solid wood flooring? Let's find out together.

  • How to install solid wood flooring

    The solid wood floor has the advantages of no pollution, natural patterns, elegant and heavy weight, rich texture, and real elasticity. It is the preferred material for flooring in home decoration. So, how to install solid wood flooring? How much is one square meter for installing solid wood flooring? then, let's watch it together.

  • What are the precautions for installing solid wood flooring? Five points to keep in mind!

    The installation of wooden flooring is a part of the house decoration project. Its installation directly affects the comfort of the occupants. If the installation is not good, it may cause uncomfortable sound when walking on it, and even more serious, it will arch. The same is true for the installation of solid wood floors. So what are the precautions for installing solid wood flooring? Let us take a look at the precautions for installing solid wood flooring with the text of the editor.

  • What are the solid wood floor installation steps? Seven steps to teach you to lay the solid wood floor

    What are the solid wood floor installation steps? Many people who are about to install home solid wood flooring want to know, so that when installing solid wood flooring, you can install the solid wood floor really well and quickly. Now that everyone wants to know the installation steps of solid wood flooring, then I will introduce the seven steps of solid wood flooring installation.

  • What are the steps and precautions for solid wood floor installation

    The installation of solid wood flooring is one of the most technically strong, difficult and expensive installations. Compared with the suspended or adhesive installation of solid wood laminate flooring and laminate flooring, solid wood flooring installation not only requires the purchase of keel and Plywood also has to pay a higher installation fee. In addition, the installation of solid wood flooring requires relatively high levels of installers. I compiled some related information and shared it with you here.

  • Shengxiang three-layer solid wood flooring held a floor installation contest

    You may have heard all kinds of competitions, watched high-level competitions between martial art masters in film and television programs, but have you heard of the floor installation competitions? This happened in Danyang, Jiangsu. This competition was organized by the famous brand icon in the flooring industry. The content of the competition is as the name of the competition describes-PK floor installation!

  • Wood floor keel size, how to install wood floor keel correctly

    Flooring is a very important part of home decoration. In order to make the floor more stable, the decoration steps and material selection cannot be dropped. The solid wood floor keel is a necessary step before the solid wood floor is laid. Do you know the size? Let's take a look at the dimensions of solid wood floor wood keel, and other details of solid wood floor wood keel.

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