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  • What are the precautions for hydropower renovation?

    I ’m doing hydropower. Some friends have talked a lot about it, so I ’m not going to say much. I ’ll just say a few important points. If you do hydropower according to the specifications, it ’s impossible to complete, and the price is a lot more expensive. You have to Pay attention to the following points. First, the weak electric tube and the strong electric tube cross or the weak electric tube should be covered with aluminum paper. The second is the TV background wall. A 50 PVC pipe buried socket and signal line should be buried in the TV location. Lighting line 1.5 square, socket line 2.5 square, kitchen, ...

  • What are the precautions for installing hydropower renovations in old houses?

    Notes on the renovation of hydropower installations I. Characteristics of the installation of strong electricity pipelines in old houses We can use the building establishment time to analyze in three stages. 1. Commercial houses built after 2003. Most of the strong and weak electricity systems are not much different from Xinjiao houses. The transformation plan is mainly based on local changes, and generally does not need to change the overall system. 2. In the 90s of last century, residential communities were established. Most of the wires used 1.5 or 2.5 square copper core cables, but many home lighting and sockets only ...

  • What are the precautions for hydropower renovation and decoration? Generally speaking, the hydropower transformation is a big project? Our owner is renovating ...

    Hydropower reconstruction is a hidden project in the decoration, which is directly related to the comfort and safety of the future residence. If problems occur after the house is renovated, repairs will be costly and will cause a lot of inconvenience to home life.

  • What are the precautions for acceptance of hydropower renovation

    Contents that need to be accepted during the construction process: Waterway acceptance1, whether the waterway materials are qualified and meet the requirements2, whether the waterway arrangement is reasonable, the positioning dimensions are accurate, the right and left are hot3, whether the water test pressure is qualified4, whether the water pipe is fixed firmly Make up, solid 5, whether the bathroom waterproof layer is damaged. If it is damaged, redo the waterproof treatment 6, whether the height and spacing of the water outlet is correct and meet customer requirements (electrical size) 7, whether the toilet floor and slope are consistent ...

  • What are the precautions for installing and modifying hydropower?

    One. Regarding the renovation of waterway construction: 1. Before rebuilding the waterway, determine all the equipment related to water, such as: water heaters, toilets, washing machines, basin water purifiers, kitchen treasures, etc. Where they are located, how they are installed, and whether hot water is required. 2. Use a gas water heater or an electric water heater to avoid the need to temporarily change the type of water heater, which will cause repeated waterway transformation. 3. To close the excess floor drain, be sure to block the gap between the drain pipe and the floor drain ...

  • How to accept water and electricity for house decoration? Any notes?

    1. During the acceptance of hydropower, be sure to check the safety and feasibility of the water circuit after the transformation. In particular, it is necessary to observe whether the joints of the electric wires are firm and exposed, so as not to leave a hidden danger. 2. For the socket in the room, you need to check whether the socket can be energized, and whether it meets the requirements of left zero right fire, and on-line grounding. 3. In addition, due to the complexity of the hydropower lines, it is necessary to see whether the hydropower installation is beautiful and the wiring meets the regulations during acceptance ...

  • What are the precautions for hydropower decoration

    Hydropower transformation is a matter that must be carried out before the interior decoration. It is also an indispensable part of the entire decoration process. If there is an error in the whole link, it will bring great trouble to the future decoration work. Both time is wasted and * wasted, so the early hydropower reconstruction is very important and must pay sufficient attention.

  • Precautions for water and electricity renovation

    Regardless of whether it is a new house or a second-hand house, everyone will face the transformation of hydropower after the house is in hand. Hydropower renovation is not an easy task, not only involves professional knowledge, but also poses a certain threat to everyone's safety. . Therefore, it is necessary to understand the precautions of water and electricity decoration before remodeling the house.

  • How to decorate hydropower

    As a hidden project in decoration, hydropower installation plays a decisive role in home decoration. Improper handling will cause various troubles for future construction, so we need to pay more attention. However, there are still many owners who do not know about water and electricity decoration. The following editor will introduce how to decorate water and electricity and what are the precautions for water and electricity decoration.

  • Water and electricity decoration precautions are extremely detailed

    Hydropower decoration is a relatively advanced project in the decoration, and it is all ground or wall engineering. Therefore, it is better to understand the hydropower decoration precautions in great detail to avoid rework, and the rework project caused by mistakes in hydropower decoration will be troublesome. Many, therefore, it is strongly recommended that you be able to understand this hydropower renovation precautions in detail to prevent engineering errors in this area after the renovation.

  • Learn more about water and electricity decoration precautions when decorating

    When it comes to decoration, many owners may think of the design process first, but they do n’t know that there are many detailed links after the finished product. Hydropower renovation is a professional process that plays a very important role.

  • Spring decoration practical handbook: matters needing attention in home improvement hydropower transformation

    Oilers, bricklayers, carpenters, plumbers, etc. have multiple roles. This is a common situation in decoration "guerrillas". Many consumers will choose them to save money. Xiao Xie, a home improvement supervisor, told reporters that hydropower transformation is the most important project in home improvement projects. Either it is not changed at all, and professionals must be selected to change it.

  • Installation and modification precautions

    Installation and modification of hydropower projects is a complicated project, and if some points are not noticed, it is easy to cause large-scale problems in subsequent use. Therefore, pay attention to each small detail to avoid subsequent problems. It is extremely important to modify the precautions for hydropower. I hope everyone can learn more about it for the subsequent project implementation and use.

  • What are the precautions for new house decoration hydropower? How much does it cost for new house decoration hydropower?

    The renovation of a new house is a huge project, which is not only related to the interior beauty in the future, but also affects the owner's quality of life. Renovating hydropower is a key step. But what should be paid attention to when renovating hydropower? How much money will it cost to renovate hydropower? Many friends who are about to renovate are not very clear. Let us take a look.

  • How much is one meter for hydropower renovation? What are the precautions for house decoration design?

    There are two aspects in this article, one is how much is one meter for hydropower transformation, and the other is what are the considerations for house decoration design. I will always write articles related to house decoration design. I hope my text can help you. If you like my text, please pay attention to me.

  • 10-year renovation experience of large-scale foreman

    Hydropower transformation is the core concealed project, so what should be paid attention to when hydropower transformation? The quality of hydropower transformation involves not only the convenience of daily water use, but also the safety of hydropower use. Here we come to listen to the decoration foreman who has been in the business for 10 years to share his experience.

  • 18 points for decoration and hydropower acceptance notice

    Hydropower renovation is a hidden renovation project, and it must be accepted immediately after completion. Our daily life is always inseparable from hydropower. If the quality of hydropower transformation is not enough, it will have a great impact on daily life. These 18 o'clock must not be forgotten at the time of hydropower acceptance. Come check it out.

  • What to pay attention to when renovating a house

    The house decoration mainly includes three kinds of decoration methods: all-inclusive, half-inclusive and clear-inclusive. In the meantime, all-inclusive decoration refers to entrusting all the decoration works to the decoration company. The owner does not have to purchase decoration materials, which can save the owner many decoration moments. The all-inclusive decoration method is also the higher of the three decoration methods. Today, the decoration mall is mixed, and the quality of the decoration company is uneven. So what are the precautions for all-inclusive renovation of the house?

  • How much is the decoration hydropower

    As we all know, hydropower is clean energy, which is large enough to be renewable, pollution-free, and low in operating costs. It is conducive to improving resource utilization and comprehensive economic and social benefits. It is so small that every household in our country needs to use it. Therefore, the role of hydropower is very large, and basically we cannot afford it in our lives. But what is the situation of decoration hydropower? Let's analyze it together.

  • 18 points for decoration and hydropower acceptance notice

    Hydropower renovation is a hidden renovation project, and it must be accepted immediately after completion. Our daily life is always inseparable from hydropower. If the quality of hydropower transformation is not enough, it will have a great impact on daily life. These 18 o'clock must not be forgotten at the time of hydropower acceptance. Come check it out.

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