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  • How to make concrete floor in rough room

    Then I suggest you go to I love my house and see that there are large group buying events every week, and the prices are very favorable.

  • What's so good about paving the concrete floor?

    If renting time is short, floor leather. If it is a long time, it is recommended to lay the composite floor, the price is a little bit more expensive, but the look and feel is much more comfortable, and you can take it away when you leave.

  • What should I do if the concrete floor is dusty?

    Simple construction, only spraying and brushing can achieve the ideal effect of wear resistance, hardening and brightening. I. Function l Penetration curing: Effectively penetrate 5 ~ 8mm (specific depth must be determined by experiments), and produce a chemical reaction with the substance in the radon to form a dense whole. l Abrasion resistance and hardening: effectively improve the abrasion resistance of the ground, prevent sand formation, increase the compressive strength by 40%, and effectively increase the hardness and density. l Sealing and dust-proofing: the deep penetration of the internal part of the concrete that penetrates into the ...

  • What to do with sand on cement floor?

    There are many reasons for sand formation on the cement floor. First, the cement grade is low; second, the cement itself has quality problems; third, the sand is too fine or the water-cement ratio is large; Treatment advice: The surface is brushed with fresh pouring, and the thickness is not less than 2 cm.

  • What to pay attention to in the cement floor practice?

    First ram the ground flat, lay a layer of stones as needed, and then mix 1/2 of the cement yellow sand. The thickness is generally about 5 cm. Before doing it, let's go down the level, there is a standard, otherwise I don't know where the water is flowing, and use the mud to wipe it out two hours later.

  • Soil auction in Wuxing District, Huzhou: The total transfer area of the three plots is 204,645 square meters, and the total starting price is about 2.0356 billion yuan.

    Recently, Huzhou Natural Resources and Planning Bureau successively launched three residential land, two in Shibei and one in Fuyu District of Daochang Township. The three plots have a total transfer area of 204645㎡ and a total starting price of about 2.0356 billion yuan.

  • What are the conditions for buying a house? What materials are needed to buy a house?

    Some people buy a house for living, and some people buy a house for investment. In fact, no matter what you want to do, the premise is that you have the conditions to buy, and you meet the conditions to buy, otherwise everything is empty talk, there is no practical meaning. If you want to When buying a house, we also need to understand the problems that need to be encountered in the purchase, such as: What are the conditions for buying a house? What materials and other knowledge are needed to buy a house are introduced as follows:

  • Is notarial office useful for notarizing real estate? What are the procedures for notarizing a house?

    Is the notary office notarizing real estate useful? Many people will go to the notary office to justify the house for various reasons. Fairness has legal benefits, so it has a great effect. If you want to notarize your own house, you must advance Prepare the house's fair procedures. The knowledge about what procedures are needed for house notarization is introduced below. Let's learn with the editors.

  • Where is the China Railway Nordlong Bay Villa?

    Where is China Railway Norderon Bay Villa? Recently, China Railway Norderon Bay Villa has been on fire again. Why is it so that so many people are rushing to buy the villas here? First of all, China Railway Norderon Bay Villa is complete in style. Detached villa, duplex, townhouse. Everything in style

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