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  • How to deal with wall drums

    There is an empty drum on the wall. It is scraped the plaster base once when the plastering is too thick or the plastering is not dry during rough decoration. The plastering does not return to moisture, so you can pull out a piece with a button and leak out the structural wall.

  • How to deal with wall drums

    A common method of repairing an empty drum is to shovel the sand ash, reapply it with quick ash, and put on putty again after drying. However, some hollow drums are difficult to remove due to the location and other reasons. For example, it is difficult to remove the hollow drums between the concrete protection layer and the base. Some more expensive stones, the hollow drums between the ceramic tiles and the base are damaged after the chiseling. Great economic losses. This type of hollow drum can be solved using perfusion repair methods. AB resin grouting in Beijing Metallurgical Engineering Crack Treatment Center ...

  • How to deal with empty drums on the wall of the inspection room?

    Find out the position of the empty drum (be sure to draw the empty drum range more than 5 cm, because the cutting machine is cutting the position of the empty drum. Vibration will occur, causing the non-empty drum area to be empty, too.) The base layer is rinsed with clean water, and the base layer is fully wetted, and then the stirred mortar is filled, and the relative strength is used for plastering. After the mortar is hardened, it is sprayed and cured to achieve a wet surface. Normally it is curing for 7 days, after the curing is completed, again ...

  • I bought on the side of Xingsha Kaiyuan Road-Dongfang Hangbiao District No. 6 house, which belongs to the second phase of the project ...

    It's just a pit! What developer? Too irritating! check out! Don't buy it! Such a developer, such an unreasonable property, has suffered in the future! !! !!

  • How to deal with empty drums in a new house?

    I should be happy when I buy a new house. After looking at the house, I ca n’t be happy at all. The developer has repaired it and said it is empty. What should I do? I do n’t know what to do. ☞ Further reading. What should I do when I encounter a “empty drum” when I close the house? The concept of empty drums: The empty drums are also called "two-story skin". The "empty drums" in house quality generally refer to the floor, wall, ceiling decoration (plastering or pasting tiles) and structural layers (concrete or brick walls) ) Because ...

  • What should I do if I have two housing provident fund accounts?

    In principle, an employee can only set up one personal housing provident fund account. When an employee finds that he or she has two or more housing provident fund accounts, the depositing unit should combine these accounts, but the merger must meet the following two conditions: (1) Different accounts of the same employee should be in the same unit account; (2) Personal information in different accounts must be secure and consistent.

  • How to deal with the new house approval

    Whether the original wall surface of the rough house needs to be removed needs to be considered in combination with the wall condition and its own decoration needs. Specifically, pay attention to the following three aspects: 1. How is the water resistance of the wall putty? If the original wall putty is poor in water resistance, the wall will peel, ash, delaminate, and mold during the later use. Other problems affect the daily use and aesthetics. If there are problems with the change and you don't want to affect the subsequent use and effects, it is recommended to ...

  • What to do if you do n’t receive the rent overdue during the lease of Shangpin International Heshan Hilton?

    The lease contract indicates that the overdue payment exceeds the time limit, the owner has the right to ask the developer to return to the shopping industry at the original price and compensate 30% of the price for the compensation. Shangpin International Project Address: Shangpin International Sales Center next to Heshan Square (Heshan's most prosperous shopping center), Shaping Center, Heshan City, Jiangmen Telephone: 400-750-8888 ext. 85482

  • Is it normal for a new house to have a 7 cm oblique wall? What to do if the walls of the new house are skewed? ?

    Normally, the inclination of the wall of the rough room is within 5 degrees. In most cases, it is not the slope of the wall but the slope of the plastering layer on the wall surface. When you decorate your home, you need to do wall treatment before painting the wall paint. You can use putty and gypsum powder to level it, so as long as it is not excessively tilted, it is not a problem. Hope to adopt.

  • How is the packaging of Dabao Italie's wall paint different?

    268 / make up 165 rebate 70

  • How to deal with the walls of new houses? What is the process

  • I have bought a set of affordable housing, which is a one-time payment. May I buy another commercial house? If not, then ...

    The new policy stipulates that no matter what your name is for affordable housing, your immediate family members will be eligible to recycle your first home as a first home when buying a second home.

  • How to deal with the terms of the overlord contract proposed by the second-hand sales agency

    This problem is more complicated ... It should not be protected by law ... but the problem is that there are many reports that you can't use the intermediary to win the intermediary. The other party will find many foreigners to go to your place of residence to get glue to block your door locks every day. · Let you spend money every day to ask someone to repair the door locks · or splash paint on your door ··· Alarms are useless ·· People do n’t admit to doing it at all

  • What is the construction method of wall empty drum?

    What is the construction method for the wall empty drum? With the increase of the number of people who are near the decoration, more people are asking about the decoration knowledge, and people are more concerned about the knowledge of the wall, such as: how to deal with the wall empty drum What is the construction method? With such professional knowledge, the editor hereby asked the relevant persons, and hereby summarized the knowledge of how to deal with the construction of wall hollow drums.

  • How to deal with wall drums? How to buy wallpaper?

    In the decoration of the house, there will be many, many problems, some of which we have not touched, then we naturally do not know how to solve it. *, There is such a problem, how to deal with the empty drum on the wall. In the following, Xiaobian will give you a good analysis of this problem, and it will definitely solve this problem for everyone.

  • Why do wall empty drums appear?

    If we find that the hollow drum on the wall is slightly higher than the overall plane around it, and often accompanied by cracks, we can find that it is empty by pressing it with our fingers, so we must pay more attention to this situation. The following editors will explain in detail why wall drums appear and how to deal with them.

  • How to create wall empty drums

    Wall surface drum refers to the phenomenon that the bottom surface or surface layer materials used in the indoor wall surface such as latex paint, putty, gypsum, white powder, etc. are caused by improper construction technology or moisture, etc., resulting in wall blisters, lifts, and drums. So how to deal with empty drums on the wall? *, Xiaoya Yoshiya arranges the solution for you.

  • How to deal with ceramic tile repair

    Tiles are very popular in modern decoration due to their strong decorativeness, hard waterproofness, and easy care.However, in years and daily use, they are also prone to cracking, hollowing out, or falling off, and they are often replaced in large numbers. Obviously it is not practical, so how can we solve the problem of wall drum emptying? Let me introduce it to everyone.

  • How to deal with the wall tile empty drum? What are the precautions for buying ceramic tiles?

    How to deal with the problem of wall tile hollow drums is still common in our lives, but this problem is still a headache, and it is also a technical problem. Failure to deal with it will have a great impact on our own lives. of. In the following, I will also mention the precautions for purchasing ceramic tiles, I hope it can be helpful to everyone.

  • What to do if the self-built houses in the countryside are demolished

    Article 28 of the "Regulations on the Collection and Compensation of Houses on State-owned Lands" stipulates that if the requisitioned person does not apply for administrative reconsideration or file an administrative lawsuit within the statutory period, and does not move within the period specified in the compensation decision, house expropriation The people's governments at the city and county levels decided to apply to the people's court for enforcement according to law.

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