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  • How to maintain the leather sofa?

    1. After sitting for a long time, you should pat the sitting part and the edge to restore the original state, and reduce the slight depression of mechanical fatigue due to the concentration of sitting power. 2. The leather sofa should be kept away from heat-dissipating objects to prevent the leather from cracking and fading due to direct sunlight. 3. It is best to wipe gently with distilled water and soft cloth every week, and use colorless shoe wax or light wax once a month for maintenance. 4. If there is dirt on the leather, wipe it with a clean wet sponge and mild detergent, then let it ...

  • How to maintain the leather sofa?

    Compared with fabric sofas, leather sofas are more difficult to take care of. Therefore, the following city renovation will tell you four steps, and follow these four steps to do a good job of maintaining and taking care of the leather sofa at home. 1First prepare three dry, clean, white cotton soft cloths and expired skin care products. 2 Wet one of the cotton cloths with clean water to wipe the leather parts. 3 After wiping clean, dry it with another dry cotton soft cloth. 4 Then ...

  • How to maintain a leather sofa?

    Leather sofas are afraid of drying. Use a semi-dry towel to moisten the soil.

  • How to maintain the leather sofa?

    When the leather sofa is new, or after cleaning, the leather maintained by the leather simulation oil is more than twice as soft, beautiful and durable. It is difficult for children to paint various pen oils, and there is no problem that it will be difficult to clean them with any product in the future. It is also effective in preventing mildew in humid areas. If the leather sofa has dirt that is difficult to clean, just use the skin simulation oil formula, Galega or Meijiewang to remove the heavy dirt, and the epidermal simulation oil can be cleaned.

  • How to maintain a leather sofa?

    How to maintain a leather sofa 1. For a newly purchased leather sofa, first wash the wet towel with water, wipe it off and wipe off the dust and dirt on the sofa surface, and then gently wipe the sofa surface once or twice with a care agent (do not use waxy Care products), so that a protective film is formed on the surface of the dermis, so that dirt in the future will not easily penetrate into the pores of the dermis, which will facilitate future cleaning. 2. Avoid sharp objects scratching the leather. ...

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    Fireworks Night Greenland Night, Greenland Suqian Intercity Space Station · Fireworks International Food Festival, grand opening this weekend (4.20-4.21)

  • After the welfare of the people of Huzhou is here, it will be more convenient to go to Huzhou East Station! This fast track is expected to be completed within the year

    Yesterday, we learned from Huzhou Wuxing Urban Investment Development Group Co., Ltd. that the Balitian Interconnection Reconstruction Project is progressing smoothly. It is expected to be completed and opened to traffic this year. After completion, it will open a "vertical passage" to Huzhou East Station. In addition to the Qufu Road Bridge and Shengshan Bridge, residents in the eastern area will have another option in the future.

  • Is Yanjiao Seoul Sweet City an item worth buying?

    Is Yanjiao Seoul Sweet City an item worth buying? The most worthwhile item in Yanjiao is Seoul Sweet City. Seoul Sweet City is not only limited to purchase, but also has a superior location and convenient transportation. Very suitable for people from the north and investors.

  • How to buy a house with a monthly salary of 5,000 yuan

    Tuoji Dingyuan Mansion officially started to raise funds for houses in Buildings 19 and 20 on April 13. The estimated price is 7000 ~ 7500 yuan / ㎡, and 4000 yuan will be paid to open the house and the purchase price will be reduced by 4000. In addition, it will be worth 6000 yuan for home appliances. Mansion Sales Hotline: 400-7055-808 ext. 363

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