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  • How to write a roof waterproof construction plan?

    Building roof waterproof construction scheme I. Construction sequence: First remove the aging waterproof layer of the roof to be constructed and clean the roof surface. Base layer treatment: 30 thick 1: 3 cement mortar screed layer, 2% slope stakeout gap, location along the trench, roof air hole, SGF perlite board to find slope paving, 1: 1 cement mortar trench (including subdivide Sewing oil ...

  • Exterior wall coating construction plan

    Repairing → Cleaning → Filling Putty, Partially Putty Putting → Flattening → Applying Fiberglass Cloth → Full Putty Putting → Flattening → Primer Construction → First Topcoat Construction → Second Topcoat Construction

  • Who has an interior decoration construction plan?

    1. Enter, demolition, masonry. 2, bathroom, kitchen floor to do 24-hour water test (requires the developer to complete this task). 3. Chisel trough, hydropower transformation and acceptance. 4. Concealed hydropower retrofit project for buried troughs. Watertighting works were started without leakage in the closed water experiment. 5, toilet, kitchen wall stickers, paving tiles, solid wood or composite wood flooring, waterproof marble strips, skirtings (careful to protect the floor after this step). 6, woodworking approach, hanging ...

  • What are the examples of roof waterproof construction solutions

    Before construction of the waterproof membrane, the asphalt should be firstly prepared according to the workload of the day, and strictly measured by a scale.

  • Roof waterproof construction scheme and practice

    In this article, we will focus on three types of roof waterproofing construction schemes and practices, so that everyone can be safe when choosing a roofing waterproofing scheme. Roofing waterproofing should be considered in the design of the house because the roofing The aspect can also affect the effect of the entire engineering building. At the same time, during construction, pay attention to the burden of the scheme introduced to you as much as possible.

  • What to pay attention to for roof waterproofing

    We put too much effort into the house, so we all feel very distressed for a little damage to the house. * Tell everyone about the waterproofing of the house. In the face of the beloved house waterproof problem, we are * not sloppy. If you are not particularly familiar with the problem of waterproofing your house, come and see it with me.

  • What are the waterproof materials for waterproof membrane construction prices?

    For home improvement, waterproofing is a very large project, and the waterproof materials needed in different places are not the same. Nowadays, with the development of technology, waterproof materials are gradually increasing, giving consumers more choices. But many friends don't know how much the waterproof construction price is. Let's take a look at the waterproof coil construction price and what are the waterproof materials.

  • What is the construction scheme of steel structure glass canopy

    What is a steel structure glass canopy? Xiaobian feels that many friends are definitely new to the term steel structure glass canopy, but we can see steel structure glass canopies in many buildings and malls.

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