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  • Who can provide a price list for decoration carpentry?

    Hello, the decoration of the wood production, the price and materials are almost the same, so you can probably estimate your wardrobe, 6.25 square meters, the labor cost is about 600, about 3.75 square shoes, the labor cost is about 300, but the shape is more It may take about 500. It is recommended to buy a TV cabinet. The effect is better than it is done, and the TV wall is a very important place for decoration.

  • How about Nobel anti-slip floor tiles? Is it expensive? At home bathroom decoration floor tiles, friends recommend our home to use Nuo ...

    Nobel anti-slip floor tiles are the brand of Hangzhou. It is one of the top ten ceramic tile brands in China. The quality and craftsmanship are very good. The price is a bit expensive compared to ordinary addresses. However, there are often price reduction activities. As for the price, according to the grade and style price There are differences, generally more than 100 yuan per square meter cheaper, more than 200 yuan per square meter in the mid-range, high-end is three or four hundred per square meter.

  • What is the main job of woodworking decoration?

    For example, the shape of the TV wall in the interior, the ceiling of the dining room, the wardrobe, the cabinet, the floor, etc. can be made by woodworkers.

  • What are the precautions for the decoration carpentry price list?

    For general decoration, the carpentry part is large, accounting for about 70% of the total project volume, of which the labor cost is 40% of the carpentry part;

  • Home decoration woodworking living decoration woodworking price list

    The quality and refinement of home decoration carpentry work basically directly affects the comfort of future use. The price list of decoration carpentry shared in this article is only a local standard, and the standards in different places will be different. Therefore, the specific should be based on the actual Treat by standards.

  • Things you must know about decoration

    What are the process requirements for woodworking? Many people are clear about this problem. In fact, a lot of woodworking is involved in the decoration process. Woodworking is a very important decoration project. Only by knowing the process requirements can you check whether the woodworking project is qualified. Is a very necessary thing, as everyone has no knowledge of this

  • How does the decoration carpenter accept? ——Woodworking acceptance standards and procedures

    Many families do n’t know how to accept woodworkers after decoration, so Xiaobian will collect knowledge on how to accept woodworkers for everyone. Criteria for acceptance of woodwork 1. Whether there is any defect in the decoration of woodworking projects. The surface of the woodworking project decoration shall be ensured to be flat and free from bulging or breakage. 2. Whether the decoration corner is accurate. Normal corners are all 90 degrees, special decoration

  • Interior decoration acceptance woodworking knowledge sharing, super little knowledge

    Woodworking decoration is an important part of home decoration. From the ceiling to the floor, traces of woodworking decoration can be seen everywhere, but many owners do not know the standard process of woodworking decoration. Interior decoration woodworking accounts for a very important proportion in home decoration. The decoration effect is often determined by some decoration details, so the editor reminds you to pay special attention to the interior decoration woodwork acceptance.