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  • How to remove the decorative paint?

    First, pineapple slices are placed in the corner of each room in the room. Second, plants and other plants are placed indoors. This is a long time. Third, the brand adopts a net taste eliminating agent, and the brand decides on its own. Finally, I add that the smell of paint is really not easy to eliminate. The advertisements are basically not very easy to use, and it costs a lot more, alas, that is ...

  • What paint is good for decoration?

    If you want a brighter visual effect, use Dulux. If you think about the future baby, you still choose wallpaper, the advantages are as follows: 1. The overall effect of the wallpaper is very good, and it can achieve the desired visual effect. 2. The wallpaper gives a consistent feeling of warm tones. 3, wallpaper is only used when the iron is not used outside the dispensing of chemicals, relatively safe. Just open the window for a few days to ventilate. 4. The wallpaper feels warm to the touch. 5. Improve the grade of house decoration ...

  • What are the precautions for decoration painter acceptance?

    1. Whether the surface of furniture mixed oil is flat and saturated. Make sure there are no blistering, no cracks, and that the paint thickness is uniform and consistent in color. 2. Whether the thickness of the furniture varnish surface is the same, the paint surface is saturated, clean, and free of particles. 3. Whether the surface of the latex paint on the wall is flat and has even reflection, and there is no hollowing, blistering or cracking. 4. The paint of wooden and gypsum board ceilings is generally latex paint. The surface should be flat and there should be no cracks at the joints. 5 ...

  • The problem with the price of decoration painters?

    Generally calculated by area. If you want to get rid of the kitchen and bathroom area of 120, it is basically between 120 * 2.5-120 * 3. In general, latex paint workers, the package material (general Dulux, Laiwei) 25-40 one square meter, without package is 8-12 one square meter, including the bottom treatment

  • So troublesome to decorate the house? How to choose paint?

    Looking at the appearance, the paint generally contains less impurities, and the paint showing milky white lines when stirred is a good paint. Look at the colors. Good-quality paint is naturally divided into three layers. The surface layer is soy sauce or pig liver color, the middle layer is light yellow, and the bottom layer is off-white. All the paint is fake. Smell the smell, good quality paint has an aromatic or sour scent, if there is rot or other strange smell, it is a deteriorated paint or fake paint. A lacquer that does not dry for a long time after being exposed to the air, no matter how good it is, is a bad lacquer.

  • Weixing Wuhu yard price announced 198㎡, 203㎡ villas for sale

    The Weixing Wuhu yard is currently on sale for 116 square meters, 131 square meters, 143 square meters, etc., the reference price is about 15,800 yuan / square meter, there are white billets and hardcover. The project is expected to be delivered in December 2020, some of which are expected to be delivered in July 2020. In addition, LP-1 # -LP-16 # villa project is on sale, with an area of 198 square meters and 203 square meters.

  • What hospitals are there near Honghe Jiadu? What is the greening rate of Honghe Jiadu?

    Honghe Jiadu is located at the intersection of Baigu Line and Wenhua Road, Baidian Town, Hai'an County, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province.

  • What are the conditions for buying a house abroad? What should be paid attention to when buying a house abroad?

    For some friends with better economic conditions, they will choose to buy a house abroad. This will change the environment and improve the quality of life. However, there is a big difference between buying a house and buying a house in China. The conditions for buying a house are also different. The conditions for buying a house abroad are stricter. If you want to buy a house abroad, it is not just to understand what are the conditions for buying a house abroad. You also need to know what to pay attention to when buying a house abroad. In this way, buying a house abroad can be smoother.

  • What should we pay attention to when buying a house offsite? Buy existing houses in Lishui Kangcheng, Bazhou, buy and live now, unlimited purchase in other places-average price 9000!

    For foreigners, if they want to “settle down” in their own work place, the first thing to do is to buy a house, especially for foreigners working in first-tier cities, because when they are here to pursue work, life, and dreams, they must I have thought about taking root in this city, and being a stranger in a foreign country. Without a home, I always feel that I have not settled down, especially in the past few years when the house price has risen. Those who have not bought a house are really sad. What is it