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  • How to use raw strips

    Raw material belt is a kind of auxiliary supplies commonly used in plumbing installations. It is used at the joints of pipe fittings to enhance the tightness of the joints of pipes.

  • What are the main applications of raw strips

    When installing tap water pipes, make sealing materials at the joints.

  • What is the raw material belt for

    When installing tap water pipes, make sealing materials at the joints.

  • How to use raw belt

    It is used to seal the screw interface of pipe fittings. The raw material tape is wound flat and tightly on the outer wire joint. The direction must be consistent with the direction of the fastening joint.

  • How to wrap the raw material tape

    The correct method is to wind the clockwise wire clockwise. The safest and best way to switch off is to close the main water valve in the corridor.

  • Bengbu New Town Yuetian will take you to every place in Bengbu

    Xincheng Yuechengtianzhu Project is a high-quality residential district in Huai Shang District, built by the 100 billion real estate company New City Holdings, next to Huai Shang Wanda Plaza, Yiwu Trade City, and Haijixing Market. The perfect interpretation of the ideal new living experience of "prosperity when you go out, tranquility when you enter"! Huge future appreciation space

  • Which floor is good to buy a house? How should I choose?

    The first is lighting. The height of the surrounding floors must be considered. Our northern hemisphere has a short period of light in the winter, the shortest day of the winter solstice, and the smallest angle of illumination. We must consider that the light can also enter the room in winter. The height of the floor should meet the lighting needs

  • Xiaogan Yunhu Shangjing, ignites the successful torch with tenacious character

    Yunhu Shangjing is located at the intersection of Beijing Road and Tianxian North Road in Xiaogan City. It covers an area of 33760.3㎡ and a building area of 134417.81㎡. The project is fully built by Renchang Real Estate, a subsidiary of Hubei Dragon King Hate Group. Chinese building composition.

  • How to choose a house in Zhongshan?

    The choice of money is definitely right!

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