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  • What are the steps to install a wardrobe?

    It ’s very simple. Generally speaking, new purchases will have instructions. If not, please refer to the following steps: 1. Put the half of the oil base first and fix it with screws. 2. A part of the hollow rod (the longer part) is inserted upside down on the base. 3, in the end, it is the same as the top link method (after the top is installed, the cover can be pulled down.

  • How to install cloth wardrobe without cloth wardrobe installation drawing?

    Check the packaging.First, when receiving the goods, whether it is express delivery or direct purchase, be sure to check whether the packaging is seriously damaged.If there is, it is likely that the steel pipe inside is also crushed. Such goods must not be signed for and purchased. Be sure to check it clearly. How to install the cloth closet / cloth closet How to install and check the accessories Open the package, and then check whether the accessories inside are complete, there is an instruction manual, verify it on the instruction manual, if there are few, it is estimated that you do not need to install ...

  • What is the installation method of cloth closet?

    The first is to assemble the bottom structure first, which serves as a cornerstone. The team leader's method is to tighten the connection buckle tightly and check the tightness. The bottom steel pipe is usually marked with the letter beginning with S and assembled in order. The bottom is placed horizontally on the ground, followed by the vertical steel pipe beginning with L. Remember, only one section of steel pipe is installed in this step, and the remaining steel pipes in the vertical direction are installed in the fourth step. Put on a cloth cover, the order is from top to bottom. Install the remaining steel pipes according to ...

  • What kind of board should I use to make a wardrobe? Cost-effective

    Oak board makes the cabinet durable and good-looking

  • The decoration company said that the wardrobe is practical. Is the wardrobe good or the decoration company good?

    Generally, there are two kinds of cabinets, one is integrated, and the other is made on the woodwork site. Integrated substrates are very different, including particleboard, MDF, and multilayer boards. Woodworking now generally uses wood core boards and finger joint boards. Compared with the two, the integrated edge is good, the integrity is strong, and the cost is relatively low. Woodworking site can better combine the fine size of the room, and the board is better. Both work well.

  • Greenland Nights | Food with fireworks, this is the most must-see feast in spring!

    Fireworks Night Greenland Night, Greenland Suqian Intercity Space Station · Fireworks International Food Festival, grand opening this weekend (4.20-4.21)

  • After the welfare of the people of Huzhou is here, it will be more convenient to go to Huzhou East Station! This fast track is expected to be completed within the year

    Yesterday, we learned from Huzhou Wuxing Urban Investment Development Group Co., Ltd. that the Balitian Interconnection Reconstruction Project is progressing smoothly. It is expected to be completed and opened to traffic this year. After completion, it will open a "vertical passage" to Huzhou East Station. In addition to the Qufu Road Bridge and Shengshan Bridge, residents in the eastern area will have another option in the future.

  • Is Yanjiao Seoul Sweet City an item worth buying?

    Is Yanjiao Seoul Sweet City an item worth buying? The most worthwhile item in Yanjiao is Seoul Sweet City. Seoul Sweet City is not only limited to purchase, but also has a superior location and convenient transportation. Very suitable for people from the north and investors.

  • Are you suitable for buying an apartment in Yongqing Yishangkong? What talent is suitable for buying?

    Apartment houses are still quite common now. I believe that people often hear single apartments, white-collar apartments, etc. In fact, these are several types of housing subdivided from apartment houses. There is definitely a difference between apartment houses and houses.

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