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  • What is the cabinet installation method?

    It is best if the previous picture is a folding foot, that is, you have not pushed the foot completely into the base, there is an intentional slot in the foot, and you can push the pillar of the foot slightly into the card slot.

  • How to build a brick cabinet? How to install cabinet doors, etc.?

    The first step is to build cabinet feet, materials, red brick, cement, and sand. The second step is to use woodboard to make the mold for the pouring table. The white step is used to support the third step. The fourth step, after the cement is dry, remove the wood board all the fifth step, paste the tile material cement, tile the sixth step, hit the wooden frame, the drawer This is the detailed steps of the brick cabinet, ...

  • Marble cabinet installation door: Is it good to install directly on the mason cabinet? Or first open a square hole, embedded in the wood block for security ...

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  • How to use the pull basket of the cabinet? What is the installation method?

    Hello basket can not only use the built-in space to the maximum, but also make full use of the waste space around the corner to maximize the use value. The long, narrow pull basket has a narrow storage space, which is very suitable for storing pot-shaped or bottle-shaped items. The three-story pull-out side narrow drawers make use of the corner space of the cabinets to store small bottles, jars, small utensils, etc. in the kitchen. The large-capacity drawer can orderly store and place food preparation ingredients, which will ...

  • How to install the pull basket of the cabinet ? Is it good to pull the basket? What does it do? for...

    The pull basket is very useful. It can be classified into different types and then placed, so that it will be better the next time you take it, and we know that sometimes it is more neat and hygienic. There are installation instructions. Just follow step by step as he said, or find a carpenter who has done it, just like a drawer. Not difficult. First, attach the slide rail. Measure the size, determine the up and down position, and when it is safe, prevent the basket from being pulled above ...

  • What is the cabinet installation process?

    Lay the carpet first to prevent damage or scratches to the floor during unpacking and installation to reduce unnecessary losses. Differentiate different categories, such as cabinet body panels, side panels, cabinet door panels, etc. After finishing the classification, take out the small parts of the cabinet body, the parts include wooden tenons, three-in-one link, aluminum pull bag seat, There are also door hinges. Don't underestimate these things. These small parts can play a role in linking the cabinet. Once the linked parts are in place, the cabinet assembly begins ...

  • What are the cabinet installation methods

    As the furniture occupying most of the kitchen area, the importance of cabinets in the kitchen is self-evident. Because different people's kitchens have different layouts, the cabinets are generally customized.

  • Cabinet installation methods

    Cabinets are necessary kitchen furniture for our kitchens. Now the popularity of cabinets in China's medium-sized cities is quite widespread. Nowadays, there are many consumers who do not know much about any cabinet installation and what needs to be paid attention to. * The editor here feels that it is necessary to explain to you how to install the cabinet when we install the cabinet in our daily life is correct, and what problems we need to pay attention to when we install the cabinet,

  • What is the price list of cabinet doors? What is the installation method of cabinet doors?

    Now when people decorate their homes, in order to be able to use space, people choose to install cabinet doors. But people are not very familiar with the price of cabinet doors, so I never know whether to install. What is the price list of cabinet doors? What is the installation method of cabinet doors? I hope you can understand.

  • Installation method and skills of cabinet pull basket

    We all know that the cabinet pull basket is generally composed of three places: the basket body, bones and rails. At present, the stainless steel pull basket is more and more sought after by consumers, and it is gradually replacing the iron chrome pull basket. Although the price is higher, it is not easy to rust because of its good texture. Let me introduce the installation method and technique of cabinet pull basket for everyone.

  • Selection and installation method of integrated cabinet sink

    The sink is a necessity for home kitchen and bathroom life. The kitchen sink looks like only the finishing of ingredients, the washing of tableware, and the waste water outlet. It is like a heart of the whole kitchen. And so on. So be sure to pay attention when choosing a cabinet. Do n’t worry, if you have this need, you may come with me to learn about the purchase and installation of the overall cabinet sink, and I hope to help you choose!

  • How to install cabinets and integrated stoves, installation methods of cabinets and integrated stoves

    Integrated stoves are becoming more and more popular nowadays, and are loved by many families. Unlike ordinary range hoods, integrated stoves are a complex system, so how to install cabinets and integrated stoves is a problem that needs attention. If you want to buy an integrated stove when decorating your home, then let's take a look at how to install cabinets and integrated stoves.

  • Cabinet steel door installation method, how to install cabinet steel door

    In order to make the kitchen beautiful and beautiful, everyone will think of various methods when decorating, and the choice of cabinet door panels is also one of the core. The cabinet crystal steel door panel has a beautiful atmosphere, which is the object of choice for many owners, but many friends are not sure how to install the cabinet crystal steel door panel, so please take a look at the cabinet crystal steel door panel installation method.

  • How to install the Roman column in the cabinet, how to install the Roman column in the cabinet

    In order to highlight the decorative effect, many of the cabinets are designed with Roman columns. For the installation of cabinet Roman columns, not only some owners are not very clear, even some decoration workers, it is not clear how to install the cabinet Roman columns. So how to install the Roman column of the cabinet? Let's take a look at the installation method of the Roman column of the cabinet.

  • What are the types of cabinet door hinges? How to install the hinge?

    When installing a cabinet, you must use some small parts, such as cabinet door hinges. There are many types of cabinet door hinges. Different door hinges have different installation methods, so what are the types of cabinet door hinges? How about it? What is the installation method of the hinge? Let me give you a detailed introduction, I hope to help everyone.

  • How to install tile cabinet door? What is the manufacturing method of tile cabinets?

    Cabinets are an indispensable corner of every kitchen. With cabinets, the whole kitchen will feel more like cooking. So how do you install tiled cabinet doors? What is the manufacturing method of tile cabinets? The following is a detailed introduction for everyone, and friends who want to know will take a look at this article together.

  • What is the price of installing anti-theft windows? How to choose plastic steel anti-theft windows

    Don't think that if you live in a high-rise building and lock the door, you won't be stolen. The thieves nowadays are particularly brave. In the cold winter, people are sleeping in the quilt, and their vigilance is lower than usual, so the thief moves his mind. The role of anti-theft windows appeared at this time. Do you know the price of installing anti-theft windows? Do you know how to buy plastic anti-theft windows?

  • What are the installation methods of flat solar water heaters? What are the precautions for installing flat solar water heaters?

    When people need to install flat solar water heaters, people generally pay more attention to the installation methods of flat solar water heaters and what are the precautions for installation, so that based on the understanding of these installation information of flat solar water heaters, they can perform flat and fast Solar water heater installation. Now that I want to know the installation information of the flat-panel solar water heater, let's take a look at the information with Xiaobian in the following text.

  • How much is the height of the shower? How to install the shower?

    The shower is a bathroom product and one of the essential products.With it, you can make the bath more comfortable. Therefore, the choice of shower is very important. In addition, most customers only choose The shower head is interested, but the height of the shower head is often ignored. In fact, if you want to use it better, the height of the shower head must be designed. Some people ask, how much is the height of the shower head?

  • How to calculate the overall cabinet price

    The cabinet is an important product in our home decoration. Now many friends will choose the overall cabinet. I don't know if you will think that you have a big head for the overall cabinet. There are many products in the overall cabinet. How to calculate the overall cabinet? The following is Let me introduce the overall introduction of the overall cabinet, I hope it will be helpful for everyone to understand the overall cabinet! Come and understand it together!?

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