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  • Can the resettlement room be fitted with a security door?

    Engineering doors, prices ranging from 200 to 250

  • What are the precautions for the installation of security doors?

    When choosing an anti-theft door, you should know from all sides, choose a well-known brand with strong strength and excellent product quality, and check the product inspection report provided by the operator. Anti-counterfeiting. I hope that consumers will pay attention to this link. When installing, check the appearance of the security door carefully. If necessary, remove the protective film for a comprehensive inspection, and ask for documents such as warranty cards, invoices, etc., so that you can protect your rights in the event of problems in the future. related...

  • What is the installation door installation tutorial?

    Tips and tricks for installing door sets. 1. Check whether the hole size meets the installation requirements, and non-compliance should be dealt with as necessary. 2. Unpack and check whether the door frame, door cover line, door stop strip, sealing strip and parts are all in order. 3. Assembling the door frame When the door frame is assembled, the overlap between the vertical frame and the horizontal frame must be coated with glue, and then fixed with self-tapping. 4. Position the door frame. The door frame is in place according to the indoor level line.

  • What is the interior door installation method?

    The wooden door has a certain deformation, especially in summer, but manufacturers will consider these problems during production. If the door deforms too much, it will not close, it is a problem of the quality of the door. The solid wood door is very tight in summer, but it will not close. In short, the wooden door cannot be bought with poor quality. The door cover is fixed with expansion glue and wooden tips. The gap is treated with glue. The door cover has a small volume and little deformation, so there is no need to consider so much.

  • What is the security door installation method?

    Installation method: First, expansion bolt installation method 1. First, measure whether the size of the opening is consistent with the size of the door frame. If it is smaller than the size of the door frame, remove the excess gray skin. 2. Position the entrance of the security door upright so that the decorative edges of the frame are closely attached to the wall. After drawing marks on the six φ14.5 holes on the side of the frame, move the door frame out of the opening and use φ14.5 drill to drill the door. Push into the hole, drive in the M10 steel expansion bolt, and tighten the nut with a socket wrench. ...

  • Greenland Nights | Food with fireworks, this is the most must-see feast in spring!

    Fireworks Night Greenland Night, Greenland Suqian Intercity Space Station · Fireworks International Food Festival, grand opening this weekend (4.20-4.21)

  • After the welfare of the people of Huzhou is here, it will be more convenient to go to Huzhou East Station! This fast track is expected to be completed within the year

    Yesterday, we learned from Huzhou Wuxing Urban Investment Development Group Co., Ltd. that the Balitian Interconnection Reconstruction Project is progressing smoothly. It is expected to be completed and opened to traffic this year. After completion, it will open a "vertical passage" to Huzhou East Station. In addition to the Qufu Road Bridge and Shengshan Bridge, residents in the eastern area will have another option in the future.

  • Is Yanjiao Seoul Sweet City an item worth buying?

    Is Yanjiao Seoul Sweet City an item worth buying? The most worthwhile item in Yanjiao is Seoul Sweet City. Seoul Sweet City is not only limited to purchase, but also has a superior location and convenient transportation. Very suitable for people from the north and investors.

  • Are you suitable for buying an apartment in Yongqing Yishangkong? What talent is suitable for buying?

    Apartment houses are still quite common now. I believe that people often hear single apartments, white-collar apartments, etc. In fact, these are several types of housing subdivided from apartment houses. There is definitely a difference between apartment houses and houses.

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