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  • What are the common sense of rosewood furniture maintenance?

    1. The mahogany furniture surface of mahogany furniture is generally brittle. To prevent injuries and cracks, do not drag it hard when carrying or moving it. Lift it off the ground to avoid damage to the tenon-and-mortise structure. Once you find a tenon at the place of force, be sure to re-glue and seal before using. 2. Redwood furniture is different from general furniture. It should be damp and dry, so it should be placed in a place that avoids direct sunlight and strong air circulation. It should not be near heating in winter and air conditioning in summer. 3. ...

  • How to maintain mahogany furniture

    Things that are too hot, such as hot water cups, are best not placed directly on the mahogany furniture. In order to protect the panel of the mahogany furniture from being scratched and to show its texture, generally a thick glass plate should be placed on the countertop, and a small suction pad Separated. Avoid placing heavy items on the surface of mahogany furniture for a long time. Be careful when placing decorative items such as porcelain, bronze, etc. It is best to pad a soft cloth.

  • How to maintain painted mahogany furniture How to maintain painted mahogany furniture, who knows the detailed maintenance methods of mahogany furniture ...

    Avoid direct sunlight, especially in autumn and winter, prolonged sun exposure, and the already dry climate. Ultraviolet rays can easily cause cracks and discoloration of wooden furniture in the room due to excessive drying.

  • How much is a mahogany floor? How to maintain mahogany furniture?

    Rosewood has always been recognized as a relatively precious wood, so whether it is rosewood furniture or rosewood flooring, it is more popular. So, how precious is mahogany flooring? How about rosewood floor price list? These are the issues that consumers are more concerned about. Let's introduce them to you and talk about the maintenance methods of mahogany furniture.

  • What is the common sense of furniture maintenance

    Some furniture is prone to worms, especially solid wood furniture, such as cabinets, corners, gaps, and bottoms in boxes. You should regularly move them outside to dry.

  • How about the quality of Jinniu Sanitary Ware?

    There are many bathroom brands, of course, the quality is different between brands, so when choosing a brand, you must understand the brand, and then consider whether it is what you need. Recently, Jinniu bathroom has been widely consumed. However, Jinniu Sanitary Ware is not a brand product. Consumers have some concerns about quality issues. Therefore, we need to understand how about Jinniu Sanitary Ware. Only by understanding these can we better understand Jinniu Sanitary Ware.

  • What are the treatment methods for mahogany furniture cracking?

    Some friends like Chinese-style decoration style, and many friends also choose mahogany furniture. Mahogany furniture is a very expensive product, so what should be done when the mahogany furniture is cracked? What are the treatment methods for cracking of mahogany furniture? Let's introduce the information about the cracking method of mahogany furniture. Come and take a look!

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