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  • It ’s best to buy small high-rises

    Generally speaking, the small and high-level people refer to the 7-11 floors. In China, as long as houses built after 2000 have more than 7 floors, there are elevators. Below the 12th floor, there is only one elevator. For this type of house. 1-2 layers are basically the cheapest. It can be said with certainty that the higher this type of house is, the more expensive it is. But the top layer is not necessarily the most expensive. Mainly look at the roof. In general, only flat roofs that cannot be accessed are more expensive than the penultimate floor. Such as...

  • How many floors are there in the small high-rise? How many households are there? Is there a north-south penetration plan around 60 square meters? Looking at the house? thank

    There are 13 residential buildings with 8-17 floors. The planned area of No. 2, No. 3, No. 6, No. 7 under construction in the first phase is basically from 48 square meters to more than 160 square meters. For specific floor plans, please refer to the sales office. .

  • Buy a small high-rise building, how many floors do you want to live in?

    1. Since it is a small high-rise building on the 21st floor, you choose a higher floor, so that the lighting, ventilation, and landscape are good. (This one gives you a rough selection area) 2. Have you noticed the changes in the living room balcony? Nowadays, developers usually adopt the change of parity floor in living room balcony. Usually even-floor living rooms have balconies, odd-floor living rooms do not have balconies, and the balconies are in the master bedroom. The balcony in the living room is suitable for public living habits. The price is slightly higher. You can choose ...

  • What are the advantages of small high-rise residences?

    Small high-rise residences abandon the shortcomings of high-rise residences (more than 11 floors), while maintaining the advantages of multi-story residences. It is not only in line with the current national technical design specifications, but also conducive to development and construction, and at the same time adapted to the actual economic level of current buyers. Small high-rise houses also have the following advantages: ① save land and scale. Small high-rise houses are also a kind of high-rise houses. Compared with multi-storey houses, they have the obvious effect of saving land. Its architectural scale is also ...

  • What is the difference between small and high-level? Which is better?

    Small high-rise houses refer to elevator houses with 8-11 floors. Advantages: 1. Under the same conditions (building area, land area, etc.), the greening rate of small high-rises, the community environment is better, and the supporting facilities are more complete. 2. The housing acquisition rate should be high, and there is not much difference between the apartment area and the building area. 3. The character density is not large. 4. It is easier to escape if there is an earthquake and a fire house. Disadvantages: 1. The vision is not wide enough. 2. The noise is relatively louder. 3.Some community elevators have only one (if electricity ...

  • When will the small high-rise building 49 get the keys?

  • Do you have a small high-rise apartment now?

  • What time does it open on December? what price? How many floors are there for small high-rises? ? ?

    It is expected to open in December 2012. The price is currently undecided, with 6 floors in multiple floors and 20 floors in high floors.

  • Small high-rise in Laika town 83-89 flat 5200 yuan

    The third phase of Laika Town is selling small high-rise houses of 37 #, with two-bedrooms of 83-89㎡, with an average price of 5,200 yuan / ㎡; 26 # building of 88㎡, with an average price of 5,500 yuan / ㎡. There are still more than one hundred suite sources, the delivery time of the house is June 30, 2013.

  • High-level flowers in Huanian County have been capped and the opening time of 2012 is to be determined

    Fantasia · Shenzhen East · Xinhua County is located in the core of the administrative and business district of Daya Bay Economic Development Zone. It is adjacent to Aoxia Avenue in the south. 10,000 square meters of international Shanhai City. Fantasia · Shenzhen East · Xinhua County covers an area of 40,000 square meters, with a total construction area of 147,237.525 square meters. It is surrounded by 18 noble buildings.

  • Bright No.1, a large high-rise building, there are only two stairs and two households in Huian

    Sunlight high-rise, transparent from north to south Bright No.1, sunlight high-rise, transparent from north to south 3-4 open rooms facing south, nearly 7 meters wide balcony

  • Huai'nan Jindi Yuepan Bay 108m2 Small D1 Units

    Jindi Yuepanwan Project D1 unit type, the property type is small high-rise, one ladder and three households. The construction area of this project is about 108 square meters. The unit is a two-bedroom, two-living room, one bathroom, and a garden.

  • Photovoltaic eases Nanjing's grid-connecting boom

    On August 20th, the 6KW photovoltaic power station of Mr. Zou's family, Mr. Zou's house in Nanjing Lancui Villa, was officially connected to the grid. This is the fifth grid-connected project completed in Nanjing this month.