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  • Which floor is good?

    Hello, between 3/1 and 3/2.

  • What are the disadvantages of the board building?

    1. Low building density and high housing prices. What is a slab building? The slab building community is mostly low-rise and low-density, with a low plot ratio. Although the residential comfort is strong, the housing price will be high, especially in urban areas where the land is rich. The product is still a tower, and a small number of non-working-class residents can afford it. 2. It is not appropriate to remodel the slab building, especially the brick-concrete structure slab. Most of the walls in the house are lifting and cannot be changed. This is not as good as the tower's remodelability.

  • Excuse me, which is better in the east and west of the board building?

    Donghu is definitely better. The lighting is much better than Xihu. Are you a dog or a pig? I will go to the Zhouyi Shujing to calculate it for you. If you choose a house type, it is still Donghu. You wo n’t have any regrets.

  • Is there a house for sale on the 11th floor?

    Shui Shiguang On November 11, 2012, the fourth phase of the townhouse has been opened, with a unit area of 230 square meters -270 square meters, there is no board building.

  • What is a board building? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the board building?

    What are the four major advantages of the board building? North and South are transparent, which is convenient for daylighting and ventilation. The plate-type houses are mostly in the north-south direction, with a depth of about 15 meters. suitable. Generally speaking, due to the generous width of the slab, the apartment design is easier to produce quality products. The flats are very good. At the moment, the small flats with two households in the next floor are very favored. It is precisely because of the advantages and disadvantages of the various types of units in the entire flat ...

  • What is a board building? What is the difference between a board and a tower?

    The density of board houses is relatively small, and one elevator does not exceed 3 households, and the unit type is generally good; the tower house density is high, and there is generally no north-south unit type. The tower is relatively tall and square, and the slab is relatively short and long. The use of towers is lower than that of slabs.

  • What are the advantages of board building?

    The biggest advantage of the board building is the rules of the house, the small cross-view, ventilation, and good sunlight. Therefore, try to choose a straight board building. For U-shaped and Z-shaped board buildings, consider carefully the conditions of sunlight and cross-view. However, fewer types of apartments are also a disadvantage of slabs.

  • How many floors are high-rise slabs good for? Hope you guys say I listen?

    The 17th floor is the most expensive, and of course the best, but the price is much higher. It is recommended to consider the 12-15 floor.

  • What is the difference between board floor and steel concrete?

    The current house structures are as follows: 1. Brick-concrete structure: Houses made of brick and concrete are generally used in multi-storey old houses and houses in villages and villages. 2. Frame structure: a house constructed by pouring reinforced concrete into load-bearing beams and columns, and then using prefabricated aerated concrete, expanded perlite, pumice stone, vermiculite, pottery and other light-weight plate partition walls. Suitable for large-scale industrial construction, higher efficiency and better engineering quality. The frame structure consists of beams and columns ...

  • Building category slab

    Explanation: The slab building is the name for the structure of the building structure. The general building number of the slab building will not exceed 12 floors. In the plan view of the board building, the length is obviously larger than the width. There are two types of board building. One is a long corridor, and each household is connected by a long corridor. The second is a unit type splicing. Several units are connected together. Make a board. Advantages: rules of the apartment, small mutual view, ventilation, good sunlight. Disadvantages: low building density and high house prices; the layout of the units should not be remodeled. ...

  • Is the boardroom good? Does any netizen help explain it?

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of the board building? The advantages and disadvantages of the board building The board building refers to the building type of "long east-west and short north-south". Generally, there are two to four households on the same floor of the board. Transparent and convenient for daylighting and ventilation; the unit is square and the layout is reasonable; there are not many residents in the same floor and the home is quiet; the management cost is low and the area utilization rate is high. Disadvantages: High house prices and immutable indoor layout.

  • Basic knowledge of buying a house: slabs and towers

    Slabs and towers are names for structures of different building structures.

  • Differences, advantages and disadvantages of board, tower, and board combination

    We know that the building structure has a combination of slabs, towers, and towers. In terms of the structure of the house we live in, there are nothing but these three types. So, do you know the difference between them?

  • Fengtai Donghai Yiyuan Hardcover 60-104 flat building average price 23000 (Figure)

    Donghai Yiyuan is located in the fifth ring road outside the West Fourth Ring Road in Beijing, and in the Fengyi Homes on Zhangyi Village Road, Fengtai District. The project is fully furnished, with 60 square meters in one house, 80 square meters in two houses, and 104 square meters in three houses. The architectural design of the panel building is transparent from north to south. The average price is 23,000 yuan / square meter, which is expected to open in June.

  • Is the building good or the tower good? Difference between board and tower

    Towers are better than slabs. In fact, both have their own advantages and disadvantages. It is difficult to say which one is better. * It is important that consumers understand the difference between slabs and towers and choose according to their hobbies.

  • Yuchai Bowang Garden has 5 floors of old buildings and new awards of 30,000

    Dynamics: Yuchai Bowang Garden has six years of mature lake views and enjoys ten unique views. The existing house in Haolou Lakeshore Art Villa in the core lake area is currently in the heart of an appointment. There are 5 floors of boards to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the lakeshore, starting at 6000 yuan / m2. Buying a house can enjoy a 98% discount on the full amount, a 99% discount on the loan, and an old belt with a new higher 30,000 reward. Wait for the high-speed rail double terminal, ultra-low density, and start a quality life.

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