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  • Does the tower open the window without opening the door? Will the door be vented?

    Foreword: I saw a sentence a few days ago that was very interesting --- "When everyone thinks life should be like that, the designer appeared." Beijing Hengtai Plaza is another completed project in the Imperial Capital after Jintai International Plaza located on the East Fourth Ring Road. One day in July 2012, when the owner of the Beijing Hengtai Plaza (at that time only named the plot number as C9), the owner of the project in the West Second Ring Road told us the design requirements, facing such a ...

  • Will the tower be ventilated without opening the windows? Will high-rise buildings fail to ventilate due to opening windows?

    At present, the construction of residential projects is generally divided into small high-rise and high-rise. How to define it? We usually refer to residential buildings with 7-11 floors as small high-rises, and high-rise buildings with 10 floors and above. What should we choose when buying a house? First: Small high-rise Generally speaking, there are many types of small high-rise rooms, the building coefficient is close to multiple floors, the spacing is large, the actual area is high, the ventilation is good, and the lighting conditions are superior. It can make multi-balconies and multi-terraces to make the effective use of residential areas ...

  • How about the southeast plan of the tower? How should you distinguish between the slab and the tower? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

    How to determine the orientation of the house? The problem to pay attention to when choosing the house orientation-most people pay great attention to the orientation when buying a house. Generally, the south direction is the best. At the same time, when choosing a house, you should also pay attention to the spacing of the building. , The depth of the house should not be too large, otherwise it will affect the owner's quality of life. I. The method of determining the orientation of a house is as follows: When determining the orientation of a house, you can determine the orientation of the house through the main space. Watching ...

  • Why is the tower bigger than the boardroom?

    The taller towers in the high-rise residential buildings are larger than the boards because the public evacuation passages and fire-fighting passages in the towers account for a larger proportion than the boards. The pooling factor is the rate at which a house is acquired. The standard of the housing acquisition rate is as follows: High-rise tower houses (75%-78%), the sharing factor is (22%-25%). High-rise residential buildings (78%-85%), the sharing factor is (15%-2 ...

  • How many households are there in a tower? Which is better, one elevator with two households and one elevator with four households?

    When we buy a house, we will make a strict selection of the unit type, so we should pay special attention to the unit type when buying a house. Because this is indeed a very error-prone place, let the professional sales staff to explain for you on the day After all, how to choose the right apartment type, if you don't buy it, it will be an inestimable loss for many families. This structure is more convenient and suitable, so the advantages and disadvantages of this house are obvious ...

  • Is the northeast of the tower cold in winter?

    If the heating is not good, it will be cold in winter

  • What is a high-rise tower

    There are several households in the tower type. Generally more than four or five households surround or surround a set of public vertical transportation. The length and width of the plane are approximately the same. The height of this type of building ranges from 12 to 35 floors and exceeds 35 floors It is a super high-rise building, and the towers are generally one elevator and four households to one elevator and 12 households. There are more than 6 households on each floor of the tower, and even as many as 12 households. Hundreds of people are crowded into a large tower. Of course, the living environment is not as good as that of the board. And, the tower ...

  • What is a tower? Does anyone know?

    A tower is a tower-like building, and its plane shape is generally square and its evolution situation. Many high-rise residential buildings use towers. The towers and slabs can be understood from the floor plan of the building. The floor plan of the tower is characterized by: several households, generally more than four or five households, surrounding or surrounding a group of public vertical traffic. The length and width of the plane are approximately the same. The height of such a building ranges from 12 to 35 floors. Over 35 floors are super high-rises, and the towers are generally one ladder and four ...

  • Are towers all frame structures? What is a slab and what is a tower?

    When leading to pay attention to buying a house, everyone may have heard of some terms, that is, towers and slabs. I often hear the words "slab" and "tower" popping up in the mouth of sales staff. And started to wonder whether to buy a block or a tower? So what is the difference between the two before? Which is more suitable for living? In fact, these are two completely different building forms. Compared with the towering tower, the gentle slab has more advantages. This article has a large ...

  • There are overhead floors in several floors.

    The overhead layer is required to be 500mm from the ceiling, and the fire protection requirements are based on the size of the house and the opinions of the management department. They must report to the fire station in accordance with regulations.

  • Is the apartment in the middle of the tower okay? How to choose a unit

    ※ Is it easy to buy a suite in Zhengzhou? The answers are certainly different. Rich people attacked and won N sets in minutes, not bad money! Those who have no money can do everything together carefully and cautiously. Various factors, such as price, location, transportation, environment, supporting facilities, and apartment type, must be compared several times, just to choose a good house that is satisfactory. Last month I went with my friends to see the house and saw a dozen real estate in the afternoon. In addition to tiredness, the eyes also look at the flowers ...

  • Does anyone know what is the difference between tower slabs?

    China's high-rise buildings are generally divided into two types: point-type buildings and point-type buildings There are all in the west, so some units do not see the sun throughout the year, commonly known as buckets. The slab buildings are generally multi-storey and small high-rises, each of which has the same orientation and is composed of many units. All are arranged side by side, the units are transparent, the ventilation and lighting are good, ...

  • What does a tower mean? Why is it called a tower?

    Slabs and towers are two different architectural forms. Upright towers and flat slabs each have their own characteristics. Of course, developers are selling themselves and boasting, but buyers are temporarily unsure of which product is more suitable for them. How about it? It seems that we have to think about it carefully. Four advantages of the board building 1. North-south transparency, convenient for lighting and ventilation. The plate-type houses are mostly in the north-south direction, with a depth of about 15 meters and north-south transparency, which is convenient for daylighting and ventilation.

  • May I ask which board tower is better?

    Slabs have natural advantages in room types, and towers have various changes to increase the range of options.

  • The advantages and disadvantages of the tower

    Four advantages of the tower 1. Save land resources and lower house prices. Due to the higher building density of the tower community, it can save valuable land resources, effectively reduce the price per square meter, and allow more people to live in peace.

  • What are the characteristics of the slab tower

    The appearance of slab towers is due to the limited height of pure slabs on the one hand, which can increase the plot ratio and ensure comfort.

  • Gesture-controlled multiplayer asynchronous action new tour "tower escape" hits in May

    The upcoming new tour, Combo Crew, is a cartoon-style action game. The developer of Tower Escape is The Game Bakers from France. Everyone may be familiar with their previous turn-based RPG game Squids series. In addition to exquisite graphics and interesting content, asynchronous mode is a big highlight of Tower Escape. When you reach the third level, your friends can start from the third level instead of starting from the first level. The game supports multi-platform, multi-system login. Whether you use iOS or Android system, tablet or mobile phone, you can connect to the game anytime, anywhere. It ’s a big regret to use Facebook account to log in to the game. Of course, if you will be scientific

  • Notes for buying a house! Difference between board and tower

    For novice buyers, slabs and towers are a must to understand. Only after understanding the slabs and towers, knowing their advantages and disadvantages, and confirming the type of building they like. Then you can choose the location and type of the real estate. Below we will compare the advantages and disadvantages of the slab and the tower in detail. What is a slab? What is a tower?

  • Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of towers

    A tower is a name for a building structure. What is a tower? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the tower and what are its advantages? This article answers these questions.

  • Tower slabs are slightly different. What should you pay attention to when buying a tower?

    Generally speaking, towers are cheaper than multi-storey houses and slabs. We want to buy towers around the third and fourth ring roads based on our own situation. So what aspects should you pay attention to when buying a tower? Because the structure and management functions of the tower have some special characteristics, you should pay attention to the following aspects when choosing: