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  • What are the procedures for buying and selling stock houses? What should be paid attention to?

    Second-hand house transaction process: Step 1: Property rights review before sale First, carefully check the owner's real estate certificate, and note that there are several people's signatures on the real estate certificate. If there are two people, they need to have their names when signing the contract that follows; secondly, look at the relevant evidence when buying a house, such as a house purchase invoice, deed tax invoice, etc., as auxiliary evidence to initially confirm the ownership of the property. Risk reminder: The biggest risk in this link is the property right defect, so before paying the deposit, ...

  • What is a stock room? Can stock houses be traded?

    In the strict sense, the stock house is a stock asset. The stock house market is also called the first-level and semi-market, but according to the general understanding of the stock market in Chengdu and the scope of our operation, the stock house mainly includes developers developing real estate. The five major blocks, including the house mortgaged to the bank by the developer, the house owned by the creditor, the house (unlived) owned by the individual, the house seized by the court, and the house held by the intermediary agent are all unused houses Or non-residential ...

  • How long does it take to buy and sell stocks?

    The process of buying and selling a house is very complicated! If the buyer sells the entire transaction when selling the house, what is the seller's process of selling the house? How long can the process be completed? Yes! Different transaction methods, the transaction process is different! The six steps of signing, reviewing, online signing, fund supervision, tax payment and transfer, and obtaining the property ownership certificate are completed. Generally, the process can be completed in about one month. 1. Signing the contract The buyer and the seller sign the contract "Stock House Sale Contract" "Deposit Association ...

  • Is the stock room a second-hand house?

    Stock houses generally refer to unspent second-hand houses. Definitions of stock houses: stock houses are houses that have been purchased or self-built and have obtained a certificate of ownership, as opposed to incremental houses; incremental houses are real estate developers investing in newly constructed commercial houses. Stock houses are generally Refers to an unused second-hand house, which is generally referred to as "inventory for sale" real estate; the process of buying and selling a stock house is signed by the buyer and the buyer of the house, and the contract will be issued to the ...

  • How much transaction tax is required for the stock room

    Existing housing taxes and fees refer to all costs involved in second-hand housing transactions, divided into taxes and fees: (1) Tax deed tax: Starting November 1, 2008, individuals who purchase non-ordinary housing (villas and townhouses) Excluded) The deed tax rate is 3%, and the deed tax for individuals purchasing ordinary housing is 1.5%. For individuals purchasing ordinary housing of 90 square meters and below for the first time, the deed tax rate is temporarily reduced to 1%. Individuals who sell the family's only home and repurchase a home ...

  • How to manage the stock house property, do I need to pay the property fee?

    Residential community property does not require you to manage at all, nor can you manage it. A residential community is a social group consisting of every single unit. If each unit is wanton in accordance with its own lifestyle, it will inevitably disrupt others and society. As a social management agency (the neighborhood committee is hoping to have a management team to manage the residential district). Management is to regulate the behavior of all the residents in a residential area. The resident is the owner. Why should you abide by your rules? There are profound ...

  • Chongqing levies property tax on stock housing

    Sogou has been playing a leading role in this year's property market regulation. Following the pilot implementation of real estate taxes in Shanghai and Chongqing, new regulations have been introduced to levy real estate taxes on existing homes. This is the first case in the country. The Chongqing Municipal Bureau of Local Taxation recently announced that starting from October 1, individual housing real estate taxes will be levied on stocks of single-family commercial housing that meet the requirements in the main urban area. The tax-free area of single-family commercial houses purchased before January 28 is 180 square meters; the newly purchased single-family commercial houses and high-end housings have a tax-free area of 100 square meters. At the same time, in order to crack down on real estate speculation groups in other places, the tax-free area is not deducted for taxable houses of individuals who have no household registration, no business, and no work in Chongqing.

  • Say goodbye to the "Yin and Yang contract"? Upgrade of the online trading system for stock houses

    Recently, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development released news that the Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Commission is currently promoting the upgrading of two systems, including the online transaction system for stock houses and the credit management system for real estate agencies. Among them, the upgraded online housing transaction system (second-hand housing) can effectively reduce the "yin-yang contract" and will go online at the end of the year.

  • Zhengzhou Stock House Online Trading Launches New Regulations This Month

    On December 7, 2015, the Zhengzhou Housing Security and Real Estate Administration issued the "Administrative Measures for Online Trading and Settlement Funds of Zhengzhou Stock Houses", which will be implemented from December 10, 2015.

  • Qingdao's stock room close to 150,000 sets of price promotions is still the theme this year

    The start to 2012 was unfavorable. Qingdao sold 2,145 new homes in January, a decrease of 9090 units compared with a peak of 11,235 units in the same period last year, which is nearly 800 fewer units compared to February last year affected by the Spring Festival. However, the stock of houses has reached a historical high, with 147,182 units available for sale. Many insiders said that price promotions are still the theme of this year's property market.

  • How to supervise stock house transaction funds

    The supervision of stock room transaction funds mainly refers to the purchase of second-hand housing by the transaction funds into a special account for stock room transaction funds supervision (the house purchase loan is transferred from the bank to the special account). After the completion of the house transfer registration procedures, the supervision agency will transfer the supervision funds to The bank settlement account of the seller of second-hand housing is equivalent to providing "Alipay" function.

  • What is the power of attorney for inventory verification

    Power of Attorney for Existing Houses

  • What are the risks of buying stock in Guilin?

    The stock houses in Guilin real estate are generally stocks for sale. Many people want to know if there are any risks in buying stock houses in Guilin. In fact, stock houses refer to houses that have been purchased or self-built and have obtained the right certificate. Houses that are very likely to be traded, usually second-hand houses that have not lived, are in the secondary housing market

  • Centralized registration of real estate continues to heat up and some stock houses are forced out

    In a large market environment where the property market is sluggish and the real estate market is sluggish, Chengdu's housing prices have also changed with the market changes, and the trend of Chengdu's housing prices has also fluctuated. As the first director of the Real Estate Registration Bureau and Chongqing's declaration and payment of real estate tax since October, two news came out. Real estate registration has once again become the focus of attention from all walks of life.

  • What is the stock room? What to pay attention to when buying stocks

    Once you have the will to buy a house, the things you need to know start to increase. After knowing the type of real estate in advance, I know which type of house to buy is the most satisfactory. Because there are many types, the editor in this article introduces the stock room, including the meaning of the stock room, the right to the stock property, the stock room transaction and the issues to be aware of during the transaction. Let's take a look.

  • New "National Five" drive Weinan city's stock room transaction tax increases sharply

    In the first quarter, the city's stock housing transactions reached 957 units, and local taxes of 70.835 million yuan were levied. Compared with 152 units of the same period last year and actual local taxes of 348,000 yuan, the transaction volume increased by 5.3 times and tax revenue increased by nearly 20 times, both transaction volume and tax revenue hit a record high.

  • Knowledge of buying a house: what do the stock houses and incremental houses mean?

    Stock houses and incremental houses are nouns we will encounter in the real estate market, so what do they represent? What's the difference between stock room and incremental room? Let ’s take a look at the specific introduction of the concepts of stock room and incremental room below!

  • How the Shandong government turned stock houses into resettlement houses

    The government pays the single stock house into a resettlement house. In this year's Shandong shantytown reconstruction, Shandong Province will centrally purchase existing homes with superior locations, suitable prices and well-equipped supporting facilities, opening up access to commercial housing and social housing. How to digest the inventory has become the top priority of the real estate market in 2015.