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  • Can the resettlement room be fitted with a security door?

    Engineering doors, prices ranging from 200 to 250

  • Can the resettlement room be fitted with a security door?

    Engineering doors, prices ranging from 200 to 250

  • Do you need to install anti-theft network

    The "New Regulations for the Installation of Security Networks" requires that the security network installations should not protrude from the building facade and should be installed inside the sash; the security network design should leave escape openings and install security locks; the same building should use similar materials, colors and style products; In principle, dwelling nets are not allowed in residential buildings. Among them, anti-theft nets must not be set on balconies, outer corridors and railings. If security protection is really needed, invisible anti-theft nets with a wire diameter of not more than 2mm can be installed without affecting the urban landscape, or ...

  • What are the precautions for the installation of security doors?

    When choosing an anti-theft door, you should know from all sides, choose a well-known brand with strong strength and excellent product quality, and check the product inspection report provided by the operator. Anti-counterfeiting. I hope that consumers will pay attention to this link. When installing, check the appearance of the security door carefully. If necessary, remove the protective film for a comprehensive inspection, and ask for documents such as warranty cards, invoices, etc., so that you can protect your rights in the event of a problem in the future. related...

  • What is the security door installation method?

    Installation method: First, expansion bolt installation method 1. First, measure whether the size of the opening is consistent with the size of the door frame. If it is smaller than the size of the door frame, remove the excess gray skin. 2. Position the entrance of the security door upright so that the decorative edges of the frame are closely attached to the wall. After drawing marks on the six φ14.5 holes on the side of the frame, move the door frame out of the opening and drill with a φ14.5 drill. Push into the hole, drive in the M10 steel expansion bolt, and tighten the nut with a socket wrench. ...

  • The first additional elevator in the old tower of the clock tower will be installed soon

    The pilot project of retrofitting elevators in the existing buildings in Zhonglou District, the retrofitting of elevators in Wanbo Huayuan, is progressing smoothly.

  • Central government formulates new system to regulate the use of natural resources

    Beijing, April 14th. Recently, the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the General Office of the State Council issued and issued the Guiding Opinions on Coordinated Promotion of the Reform of the Property Rights System of Natural Resources Assets, and issued a notice requesting that all localities and departments carefully implement them in accordance with actual conditions.

  • Is the smart door lock installed in Hohhot Chengfa Green Park safe?

    With the growing demand for smart and comfortable homes, as well as the development of science and technology, product perfection and price competition, smart homes are gradually moving towards ordinary home users. In the context of the rapid development of smart homes, the development speed of the smart lock industry is surging. So, is the smart door lock installed in Hohhot Chengfa Green Park safe?

  • Do I need to change the security door when decorating my house? What's so good about changing the security door?

    The entrance door is related to the safety of people and property in the home, so we must be careful and careful when choosing and installing the entrance door, but when we buy a house, the entrance door is installed by the developer Most owners do not pay too much attention to the problem of the entrance door, and directly move in after installation. So, should the security door of the developer be replaced?

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