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  • Shenzhen Bao'an more than 80 square meters of small restaurant decoration renderings and how much is the budget? In Shenzhen Baoan rented more than 80 square meters ...

    It is recommended that you directly consult the sales office at 400-7055-111 ext. 18012

  • There are three weights here in the aisle. The dining room on the left and the living room on the right. Do you need a ceiling at the three beams in the middle ...

    I suggest you post the task on the decoration website, so there will be 3 decoration companies to give you free design solutions.

  • How much does 90 square meters simple decoration cost? Seeking effect map!

    Hello, landlord! About 50,000 to 100,000, the specific unit has to be measured in the field, and then according to your project and your requirements, you can calculate how much it will cost, and help you to design and budget.

  • Where to see pictures of small apartment decoration in Shanghai? Where to see pictures of small apartment decoration in Shanghai? Please recommend a better Shanghai decoration ...

    Look at the decoration online

  • Using the lighting to design the restaurant ceiling decoration renderings

    [Citation] Good restaurant decoration needs good lighting. It can be romantic, but bright or mix and match. A chic ceiling light can not only bring visual lighting experience to the home decoration, but also Bring different artistic effects to the decoration. Lighting decoration has become more and more popular. First of all, a bright indoor environment will give people a sense of security and soft light will give people a sense of romance. The following editors will introduce you to several ceiling decoration effects such as home improvement ceiling lights and decorative lights. Dress up your home decor easily. Decoration ceiling decoration picture. Use the lighting to make the home feel more artistic.

  • Highly recommended: 2014 restaurant ceiling decoration renderings

    Restaurant ceiling renderings encyclopedia of knowledge sharing, although the restaurant ceiling decoration is a part that many owners will ignore. But restaurant decoration is also a very important home space. Creating a suitable restaurant decoration style requires a ceiling to help. Xiao Bian brings you 8 unique restaurant ceiling renderings design cases, adding a touch of bright colors to your restaurant, so that you can enjoy the taste on the tongue.

  • What are the renderings of how the restaurant ceiling is decorated

    Retro restaurant ceiling decoration decoration effect picture Home improvement restaurant ceiling decoration effect picture Home decoration restaurant ceiling decoration effect picture Daquan home improvement restaurant ceiling decoration effect picture 80 flat new house restaurant ceiling decoration effect picture European style restaurant ceiling decoration effect picture One room one hall restaurant ceiling decoration effect picture 75 flat

  • Home improvement ceiling design renderingsLiving room, dining room, bedroom decoration look together

    Editor's note: The renderings of home improvement ceiling design. For home decoration, whether it is living room space, dining room space or bedroom space, wonderful ceiling decoration can always add a lot of points, which can make the home space more stylish. Home improvement ceiling design renderings. The living room, dining room, and bedroom ceiling decoration cases can be seen again and again, so that the home space is stylish and temperamental. Home decoration ceiling design renderings, let's take a look at the decoration cases.

  • Chinese style ceiling decoration renderings create a rustic style restaurant

    The restaurant is an important place in home life. A well-designed restaurant will make you appetite. The Chinese style ceiling decoration renderings are modeled after the Chinese classical style. Different Chinese tastes create a simple and elegant restaurant design.

  • 18 simple and simple living room decoration renderings

    Simple European style, with European style exquisite, but abandoned the European style of luxury, delicate and elegant, it is in line with modern people's aesthetic standards. The following editors choose 18 simple European-style living rooms for you. This is the 2016 trend, and you will be out without looking at you.

  • Bayan living room decoration renderings TV background wall appreciation

    What style of 2015 Bayan living room decoration is popular? The living room decoration renderings are all new in 2015. Xiaoyan Bayan has compiled a new popular TV background wall decoration renderings for everyone.

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