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  • What are the state's real estate control policies?

    2011 property market regulation and control policy: April: The implementation of the new policy until April, the implementation of local policies are more stringent. Since April, credit policies have been further tightened, the central government has reintroduced policies to interfere with the order of commercial housing transactions, and the tone of policy tightening continues. May: It has been 4 months since the introduction of the National Eighth Article in January. From the recent policies such as one-bedroom-one-price, the direct impact on the market is relatively limited due to the difficulty in implementation and supervision. total...

  • 2018 real estate regulation and control policy refreshed historical height 444 times

    In 2018, the real estate regulation and control policy was 444 times, refreshing its historical height. According to incomplete statistics, the country's various real estate control policies in 2018 have reached 444 times, breaking the historical control record and becoming the most intensive real estate control policy in history. So did house prices eventually fall?

  • Jones Lang LaSalle: "National Five" Highlights Continuation of Government Real Estate Regulation Policy

    [Abstract] Jones Lang LaSalle believes that the new policy is expected to stabilize the housing market expectations, curb excessive increases in house prices, and highlight the continuity of regulatory policies.

  • Cancel real estate control policies, will house prices rise in the future?

    Cancel real estate control policies, will house prices rise in the future?

  • What are the five influences of the country? Interpretation of 2013 Real Estate Regulation Policy Details

    On March 1st, the General Office of the State Council issued the “Notice on Continuing to Do a Good Job in the Real Estate Market Regulation and Control”, which was considered to be the “Article 5 of the National Rules”. In addition to the upgrade of purchase restriction orders and second-home loan policies that were originally anticipated by the market, the notice stated that "the individual income tax that should be levied on the sale of own homes in accordance with regulations can be verified through historical information such as tax collection and house registration, It should be levied in strict accordance with the 20% of the income from the transfer according to law, "causing market uproar.

  • China Real Estate Regulation Policy and Market Trends Forum Held in Hangzhou

    On the afternoon of May 5th, a real estate summit forum with the theme of "2012's Great Changes-China's Real Estate Control Policies and Market Trends" was held in Hangzhou Huanglong Hotel.

  • Tianjin: Strictly implement real estate regulation and control policies and do a good job in the supply of new commercial housing

    On the 5th, it was learned from the website of the Tianjin Municipal People's Government that the General Office of the Tianjin Municipal People's Government issued a notice to further improve the regulation of the real estate market. Supervision.

  • Experts from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences: Differentiation of real estate regulation and control policies is the trend

    From the perspective of 2019, the keynote of real estate regulation and control policies is maintaining stability, differentiation, and decentralization. The healthy and stable development is the top priority of the real estate market; the differentiation of real estate regulation and control policies is the general trend; and more attention is paid to the expansion of main government responsibility and autonomy in real estate regulation.

  • In 2012, the domestic real estate industry's real estate control policy was challenged

    Although purchase restrictions have remained in place since 2012, sales of commercial housing have continued to pick up. At present, the year-on-year growth in sales area and sales of commercial housing in June is still negative, but the data in this regard has gradually moved closer to positive growth. Compared with May, the sales area in June rose from -13.5% year-on-year to -11.2%; sales year-on-year growth increased from -9.1% *-5.2%.

  • What are the real estate control policies in 2016

    The sales of commercial housing continued to maintain a high growth rate, the floor space of commercial housing for sale continued to decrease, and initial results were achieved in destocking.

  • Liao Yonglin: Unswervingly Adhering to Real Estate Regulation Policies to Promote Market Stability

    The Ministry of Land and Resources will conscientiously implement the spirit of the core economic work conference, continue to adhere to the real estate regulation and control policy, and continue to strictly control the tone of the regulation, supervise the implementation of existing policies and measures in various places, and implement classified guidance for different types of cities. , Strengthen pertinence, highlight differences, and emphasize timeliness.

  • Market said on Tuesday | Changes in the market trend from the real estate control policy in September of the last three years

    After the "control tide" in September of the previous two years, local level control in September of this year seemed particularly calm.

  • China Banking Regulatory Commission: the second half of the year will resolutely implement the real estate control policy

    Summary: Shang Fulin, chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, recently pointed out that in the second half of this year, the CBRC will resolutely implement the national real estate regulation and control policy, continue to strengthen the risk prevention and control of real estate loans, and strengthen the risk management of real estate trusts. Shang Fulin also said that it is necessary to accelerate the reform and transformation of the banking industry, carefully formulate and implement capital compliance plans in conjunction with the implementation of the "Capital Management Measures for Commercial Banks (Trial)", expand sources of capital supplementation through multiple channels, optimize asset structure, and control the scale of risky assets.

  • Real estate control policies introduced over the years

    After the "National Five", where does the property market go? This problem has yet to be tested in time, and the detailed control policies issued over the years, we may find from this the introduction of some policies and the trend of the property market.

  • New Changes in Real Estate Regulation Policies in 2012

    Since entering the Year of the Dragon, the relevant state departments have maintained the same tune to adhere to real estate control, giving the impression that the state's real estate control policy will not be relaxed. However, if people carefully sort out related policies, they find that under this big hat of regulation and control policies, many things have actually quietly changed a lot, but government departments are not willing to admit it.

  • China Real Estate Research Association: New Trends in Real Estate Regulation Policies Expected

    The recent meeting of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China ’s core political party called for “actively and steadily advancing the new urbanization with people as the core to promote the steady and healthy development of the real estate market.

  • The top 10 real estate control policies of 2018 determine the future trend of house prices and whether or not to buy a house

    When it comes to the property market regulation and control policy, many people are opposed to it. Why is there still a market economy regulation? Is this still a market economy? Market economy, of course. Who says market economy is not

  • Real estate regulation and control policy has achieved success

    Real estate regulation and control policy has achieved success

  • 15 places intensive release of real estate control policies to prevent overheating in the property market

    Since late March, Hainan, Shenzhen and other places have successively issued real estate control policies. According to incomplete statistics from reporters, since the end of the two sessions, 15 provinces and cities have introduced real estate related control policies that involve restrictions on purchases, sales, and down payment. , Just need to prioritize multiple content.