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  • How to create beautiful and practical home porch decorative elements

    The porch, as the first scenic line of entry, plays a vital role in the impression given to the entire home. What are the elements of a well-equipped porch decoration? The following 12 porch decorations share the ingenuity of small apartment porches. Decorative TIPS: The space for hanging clothes and the space for footwear are cleverly distinguished by a slightly modified plate in the middle, which simply and flexibly separates the functional space, while ...

  • How to design the door entrance shoe cabinet renderings, what kind of door entrance shoe cabinet renderings are good? If you listen to Feng Shui at home, please ...

    The shoe cabinet is generally placed in the porch. A beautiful shoe cabinet can not only make the porch look beautiful, but also adapt to the home feng shui. provides some decoration pictures of shoe cabinets, let's take a look together. Keywords: shoe cabinet renderings?

  • Where to buy this porch shoe cabinet Where to buy this porch shoe cabinet ...

    Hello, it may be difficult to get the exact same cabinet. You can provide pictures for manufacturers to customize, and you can do it like this. There is also a site where workers can make frames and cabinet door manufacturers customize. The effect is definitely customized by the manufacturer!

  • My house was facing the toilet as soon as I entered the house. Install a porch or what kind of cabinet ...

    Hello, the most common is to install a porch or a screen at the entrance. If you feel unfavorable, you can directly change the direction of the bathroom door! It's just troublesome!

  • Is there any feng shui taboo in building a shoe cabinet in the porch?

    1. It is not advisable to face the entrance because most of the shoe cabinets in the family are designed at the entrance of the porch. This is how the porch shoe cabinet comes. It may be arranged on the left side of the door. 2. The number of layers in the shoe cabinet When designing and purchasing a shoe cabinet, friends should try to choose five layers or less. "Five means five elements." Yes...

  • Jiaxing Park Price Phone

    Nankang Jiaxing Park is located at the junction of Nanshan Avenue and Yingbin Avenue South in Nankang District. The project has a floor area ratio of 2.6 and a building occupation rate of 20%. It consists of 4 31-storey high-rises and 6 18-storey small high-rises. The number of households is 844. The new product of Building 3 # is coming soon. Sales Phone: 400-6690-048 ext. 741

  • Vanke Art Tour 丨 Junwang Jiadi Building is about 140㎡

    From April 13th to 14th, a rich national culture and art tie-dyed hand-crafted tour and Pu Fan embroidery were held in Vanke Hongyang Junwangjiadi Marketing Center. Vanke Hongyang Junwang Jiadi, adhering to the design concept of "painting in Wuyuan, Nalong City's return to the king", a river roll, two Wangwang streets, three kinds of mountains, four roads, alleys, five entrance gates, Jiuzhong painting Interpretation of the new Chinese-style courtyard residence. One axis, two rings, and four lines of the garden axis are the first wind, giving people a noble experience of returning home and the philosophy of oriental life.

  • The wealthy people love to hang the paintings in the entrance hallway.

    Seeing calligraphy and painting at the entrance of the living room has always been a tradition of Chinese home decoration. As soon as you walk in, you can see a good painting and calligraphy work, which not only reflects the cultural heritage of the residents, but also brings good luck to the family.

  • Qinhuangdao Vanke Future City location, I heard it is a hardcover room, how is the decoration, I want to see if the decoration style is my dish

    What is the location of Vanke Future City in Qinhuangdao? I heard that it is a hardcover room and how it is decorated. I want to see if the decoration style is my cuisine. Vanke Future City Phase II is located about 800 meters west of the intersection of Beigang Street and Minzu North Road.

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