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  • Is the house decoration tatami good?

    1. First of all, the Beijing style classic Japanese-style tatami room is a flexible pastoral decoration style, with the unique advantage of being casual and easy to take care of. 2. Japanese-style tatami room decoration mostly belongs to domestic decoration or effective use of space decoration (some of the owners Make it a special study and living room overall decoration), after several years of development, gradually form the mainstream style of domestic home improvement and party public places, as an accessory-because of its versatility (sleeping, games ---.... .

  • What kind of house is not suitable for tatami?

    Note 1. Purchase of tatami materials Now there are various tatami in the market. It is easy for us parents to pick flowers. No matter what kind of tatami you choose, the most important thing is to choose a plate. From the perspective of environmental protection Considering that parents want to leave the best things to their children, so don't be tempted by the cheap when choosing tatami materials. The board of the children's room should be made of natural environmental protection, easy to clean and wear-resistant. Some tatami plates smell ...

  • How much does it cost to change tatami in the study? About six or seven square

    The price of a single tatami is relatively simple, about 200-400 square meters, depending on the choice of materials and thickness, generally divided into straw and coconut palm. If you want to make a whole room, the quotation will be more complicated, because there are more materials to protect, there are floors, tatami, decorative boards, wardrobes, bookcases, doors, rails, bags, etc. It is best to visit the store , And the room is completely customized according to customer needs.

  • Tatami decoration precautions? What costs need to be considered?

    1. When tatami is decorating the bottom frame, we must remember to carry out insect-proof treatment and moisture-proof treatment, and we must reserve a vent hole. The surface plate of the tatami floor can be made of solid wood, or you can choose to use the review floor. Do not do the floor to be protected from moisture and insects. At the same time, pay attention to avoid destroying the original waterproof layer. 2. Don't damage the original waterproof layer, do a waterproof test before decorating the tatami. If there is a leak, the waterproof layer needs to be redone ...

  • How to save space on tatami decoration

    House prices remain high, and small units have become the top choice for most wage earners. The biggest problem with small units is that they have a small space and are difficult to store. The birth of tatami just solved this problem. Because of its practicality, it was also loved by more and more people. Today, Xiaobian, the editor of the decoration network, will bring you the decoration case of Mr. M's home. See how Mr. M used the tatami to save the indoor space and improve the storage function of the room when renovating the old house ...

  • The ideal life of Nanning Evergrande Huafu: the school is right at home and the park is near the balcony

    Hengfangtong Welfare Month, rewards upgrade! The old owner Hengfangtong will earn 2% commission bonus for the recommended transaction, and earn an additional maximum of 3,000 yuan / set! Wide view high-rise, will be added soon, the construction area of about 78 square meters elite two rooms / about 90-123 square meters wide view three rooms, to meet the needs of living in different stages of life, the first 50 people booked to enjoy 5% off the opening, limited quota, quickly grab the contract !!

  • Jiaxing Park Price Phone

    Nankang Jiaxing Park is located at the junction of Nanshan Avenue and Yingbin Avenue South in Nankang District. The project has a floor area ratio of 2.6 and a building occupation rate of 20%. The number of households is 844. The new product of Building 3 # is coming soon. Sales Phone: 400-6690-048 ext.

  • More and more people do n’t have beds and cabinets in their bedrooms. They prefer to install them. It ’s so smart.

    Now when many people buy a house, they like to buy a small house, mainly because the house price is too expensive, the price of a small house will be relatively cheaper, which can ease the pressure on life, but the area of the house is too small. It takes a lot of thought. Take the bedroom as an example. Generally, a lot of furniture is needed. If the area is small and not well arranged, it will affect our quality of life and sleep will worsen.

  • Vanke Art Tour 丨 Junwang Jiadi Building is about 140㎡

    From April 13th to 14th, a rich national culture and art tie-dyed hand-crafted tour and Pu Fan embroidery were held in Vanke Hongyang Junwangjiadi Marketing Center. Vanke Hongyang Junwang Jiadi, adhering to the design concept of "painting in Wuyuan, Nalong City's return to the king", a river roll, two Wangwang streets, three kinds of mountains, four roads, alleys, five entrance gates, Jiuzhong painting Interpretation of the new Chinese-style courtyard residence. One axis, two rings, and four lines of the garden axis are the first wind, giving people a noble experience of returning home and the philosophy of oriental life.

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