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  • How to take good care of mahogany furniture?

    (1) No matter the mahogany products using the lacquer process or the smooth-blanking process, they should be wiped with a soft dry cloth. To prevent dust from sticking, they can be sprayed with "Bi Li Zhu". Long-term wiping with a soft cloth can make mahogany products. The surface is more and more shiny, which is one of the important characteristics of mahogany products. (II) In view of the fact that mahogany is a high-grade hard solid wood, it is not easy to achieve the completely ideal effect at one time during the drying process of the wood during the production process. After a period of use, a certain degree of ...

  • What are the precautions for mahogany furniture maintenance?

    Mahogany furniture is different from general furniture. It should be damp and dry, so mahogany furniture should not be exposed to the sun. Do not blow air conditioner on the furniture. The mahogany furniture must be moderately stored. Do not store objects in the cabinet beyond the door frame. If the furniture is often squeezed hard, it will cause the cabinet door to deform. The mahogany furniture of mahogany furniture is generally brittle, such as table tops and chair surfaces. Always pay attention to prevent injuries and cracks. If you find that the tenon appears when you use or move it, be sure to re-glue it ...

  • What are the maintenance methods of mahogany furniture?

    Mahogany furniture waxing and maintenance method The mahogany furniture waxing and maintenance is to dry the wax on the surface of the furniture, and then use a hot hair dryer to blow the wax into a liquid state. The film removes the floating wax on the surface, and finally "shakes" and polishes with a brown brush and cloth. This is a more professional and difficult method. If you don't make it, you will make the package "new". It is not recommended for amateurs and novices. Rosewood furniture waxing maintenance steps ...

  • What are the common sense of rosewood furniture maintenance?

    1. The mahogany furniture surface of mahogany furniture is generally brittle. To prevent injuries and cracks, do not drag it hard when carrying or moving it. Lift it off the ground to avoid damage to the tenon-and-mortise structure. Once you find a tenon at the place of force, be sure to re-glue and seal before using. 2. Redwood furniture is different from general furniture. It should be damp and dry, so it should be placed in a place that avoids direct sunlight and strong air circulation. It should not be near heating in winter and air conditioning in summer. 3. ...

  • How to maintain mahogany furniture?

    The maintenance of mahogany furniture is very important: 1. The location of the mahogany furniture in the room should be far away from places with strong air flow such as doorways, windows, and air outlets, and not to be exposed to sunlight. 2. Don't put it near the heater in winter, and avoid overheating indoor temperature. 3. Keep the indoor air dry in the three seasons of spring, autumn, and winter, and spray with a humidifier. Indoor fish and flower cultivation can also adjust the indoor air humidity. 4, summer is coming, ...

  • Adjusted tax calculation method for residents without residence after adjustment

    After the amendment of the personal income tax law, the salaries and salaries of individuals without residence should be combined into comprehensive income, and the tax amount will no longer be calculated separately. The applicable tax rate and tax burden are reduced, and the tax calculation method is more reasonable.

  • Do n’t use these methods to decorate formaldehyde anymore, Doctor of Environmental Protection teaches you 4 scientific methods

    Usually we can't move in immediately after the decoration, at least one month later, but we still worry about the pollution of decoration formaldehyde and often worry about it. How to quickly and effectively remove the decoration formaldehyde? I believe you have tried a lot of tricks, but formaldehyde is still overbearing. Today, I will introduce to you how to quickly and effectively remove formaldehyde after decoration.

  • State Administration of Taxation: Adjusted tax calculation method for residents without residence after adjustment is more reasonable

    On the 12th of the State Administration of Taxation's website, the Department of Taxation of the Ministry of Finance, the Department of Taxation of the State Administration of Taxation, and the Department of International Taxation of the State Administration of Taxation released answers to personal income tax policies for non-resident individuals and residents without residence (referred to as "answers"). The content of the "Announcement on Personal Income Tax Policies for Non-Resident Individuals and Individuals without Residence" was made clear. Among them, specific explanations were given to the calculation of taxation of salaries, salaries and comprehensive incomes of individuals without residence.

  • Langfang buys a house to pay attention to the common sense of real estate-real estate mortgage requirements

    Langfang buys a house to pay attention to the common sense of real estate-real estate mortgage requirements

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