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  • What are the Mediterranean styles of the rooms? What are the characteristics of the Mediterranean style in interior design?

    Mediterranean civilization has always been covered with mystery in many people's hearts. Ancient and distant, quiet and deep. The ubiquitous romanticism and eclectic cultural tastes, with its very friendly pastoral style, were quickly accepted by people in the vast regions outside the Mediterranean. For those who live in the city for a long time and are accustomed to the hustle and bustle of the modern city, the Mediterranean style gives people the feeling of returning to their true feelings and embodies the requirements for a higher quality of life. Expert solution ...

  • What are the characteristics of a Mediterranean style mansion decoration?

    For the Mediterranean, white and blue are the two mainstays. It is best to have chic arcades and small gravels. In creating a Mediterranean-style home, color matching is a major aspect to give people a sunny and natural feel. The main color sources are white, blue, yellow, green, and khaki and reddish-brown. These are the most pristine elements from nature. In terms of styling in the Mediterranean style, generally smooth lines are selected, and the arc shape is ...

  • What are the characteristics of a Mediterranean-style house?

    1. Arches and half arch windows and doors, white walls. 2. Blue and white: This is a more typical Mediterranean color match. 3. The outline of the house or furniture is more natural, forming a round shape. 4. Mosaic, pebbles, shellfish, glass pieces, glass beads, etc. for decoration. Interior design characteristics of Mediterranean styleEND characteristics three: 15. Curtains, table towels, sofa covers are made of low-chroma cotton. Or use a small fine flower striped grid pattern. 6.install ...

  • What are the characteristics of a small Mediterranean-style apartment?

    The pressures in life make people yearn for a simpler lifestyle. When it comes to home renovations, many owners also tend to choose a more fresh and elegant but simple and stylish simple style. The simple style is adopted to form a simple and elegant feeling without losing the agility and freshness. Layout defects: The living room is not well lit, the restaurant area is too small. The designer recommends: The two-bedroom, one-lobby small-sized wedding room has not been greatly changed in structure. Guest meal ...

  • What are the characteristics of a large Mediterranean-style apartment?

    The following set of 180-level Mediterranean-style homes does not strengthen a large area of blue, but uses a slightly yellowish beige to match the fresh and simple blue, as well as a unique arched door and iron decoration. , Embodying the essence of Mediterranean decoration. Wallpapers, sofas, and coffee tables all use a warm and mellow beige color to create a sense of yellowing. The brown stone floor tiles are deep and shallow, and the texture is like pebbles rounded by seawater. As if you can't take the Aegean ...

  • Weixing Huantai Phase III New Product 160-240 ㎡ Luxurious Decoration Pingshu Grand Opening on April 20

    There is a kind of beauty that is enough to transcend time and space and become a yearbook of art. It is more and more bright in the time-hardening. Like the star platform, it shows the dignified atmosphere of its sky-lined facade with world design, international texture and artistic brushwork , Achieve the glory of architectural aesthetics.

  • Xu Jiayin leads 4.07 billion charity list, Evergrande leads 60.2 billion tax payment list

    On April 16, the 2019 China Charity Entrepreneur List was released. Xu Jiayin, Ma Huateng, Yang Guoqiang's family, Li Yanhong / Ma Dongmin couples, Huang Chaoyang, Chen Fashu, Gong Junlong, Lu Zhiqiang, Wang Wenxue, and Wu Yuanxi / Wu Yuangang brothers were among the top ten on the list.

  • Sun Moon Lake, Mansion House

    — [Jumbo Island, Yongjinghe Mansion] — Inherit the Shangqiu style and charm to create a new Chinese-style oriental mansion 108-140㎡ by the lake and the moon

  • Country Garden decoration room is worth your choice!

    Country Garden decoration room is worth your choice! Many people will choose to buy decoration room instead of rough. The advantages of time and labor saving of decoration room have become the choice of many people. Let's find out today the benefits of Country Garden decoration room.

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