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  • What about English-style bungalows? good or not? Is it worth buying? What to buy in Pure English Garden House

    The price of each unit is based on the difference between the vertical position (floor) and horizontal position (position on the first floor) of each unit and the different coefficients (good orientation) of the orientation, lighting, and ventilation of each unit. (The coefficient of a well-located apartment is of course high). Then multiply the average price and the coefficient prepared by this building to get the price per square meter for each household, and then multiply it by the area of each household. The total price. Therefore, when you choose a house, you will use the "average price" ...

  • Can I buy a British house? Guide to buying a home: pay attention to these when buying a house

    The young couple, Zhang Luo, bought a house and got married, but it was really worrying to face the high housing prices. What to do if you do n’t have enough money? At this time, many young couples are thinking about whether to buy cheap commercial and residential dual-use houses. Can I buy a commercial and residential house? How about buying a commercial and residential dual-use house? 1. Commercial and residential dual-use house definition The so-called commercial and residential dual-use house is a product that can work and live at the same time. It belongs to the house, ...

  • What are the characteristics of British-style room decoration?

    First, what are the characteristics of the British style decoration of the family? The gorgeous British style with aristocratic attributes is innate, and the gorgeous decoration features are indispensable. Gold is often used in the British style decoration. Whether it is furniture, ceilings, decoration, etc., gold is everywhere in the home, and it all reflects the royal model's pride. Second, what are the characteristics of the fresh British style decoration of the family? The British style is not only a rich aristocratic model, but also has a fresh, natural, and bright rural characteristics ...

  • What is the British style decoration? What is the British style decoration? What are the characteristics

    The British style decoration design is simple and generous, without too much article design. In terms of color, the color of each furniture is relatively pure and natural. White and woody colors are the use of classic British style colors. The lines are very beautiful. The symmetrical beauty of the space layout is emphasized. Showing a strong British flavor. Femininity is mainstream, but very concise.

  • What is the style of an English villa?

    The English villa style has always upheld the principles of symmetry and harmony of classicism, emphasized the decorative nature of the porch, paid attention to the details, and created a gorgeous and exquisite image temperament, which reflects an elegant and noble life.

  • Foshan Electric Construction Real Estate Yue Yue Huafu apartment model

    According to the latest news, Power Construction Real Estate Yue Yue Huafu is expected to open a sales center in April. The project plans to have 16 residences, specific products and prices to be determined.

  • Vanke Art Tour 丨 Junwang Jiadi Building is about 140㎡

    From April 13th to 14th, a rich national culture and art tie-dyed hand-crafted tour and Pu Fan embroidery were held in Vanke Hongyang Junwangjiadi Marketing Center. Vanke Hongyang Junwang Jiadi, adhering to the design concept of "painting in Wuyuan, Nalong City's return to the king", a river roll, two Wangwang streets, three kinds of mountains, four roads, alleys, five entrance gates, Jiuzhong painting Interpretation of the new Chinese-style courtyard residence. One axis, two rings, and four lines of the garden axis are the first wind, giving people a noble experience of returning home and the philosophy of oriental life.

  • Qinhuangdao Vanke Future City location, I heard it is a hardcover room, how is the decoration, I want to see if the decoration style is my dish

    What is the location of Vanke Future City in Qinhuangdao? I heard that it is a hardcover room and how it is decorated. I want to see if the decoration style is my cuisine. Vanke Future City Phase II is located about 800 meters west of the intersection of Beigang Street and Minzu North Road.

  • How good is the greening of Funanhui Golden Taoyuan? How about the landscape design of Funanhui Jintaoyuan? Appreciation of Funanhui Golden Taoyuan Real Pictures!

    How good is the greening of Funanhui Golden Taoyuan? How about the landscape design of Funanhui Jintaoyuan? Appreciation of Funanhui Golden Taoyuan Real Pictures!

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