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  • What are the characteristics of Chinese pastoral style? What are the characteristics of Chinese pastoral style? Please give me pointers

    Chinese style multi-purpose wooden structure. Different from the traditional Chinese style, the Chinese style garden uses a lighter wood color and more white. Gives a natural and calm feeling. The following is a comparison picture (picture 1 shows Chinese pastoral style, picture 2 shows traditional Chinese style), you can refer to it. Hope to adopt!

  • What are the characteristics of Chinese pastoral style? What is the Chinese pastoral style and what are the characteristics?

    The Chinese garden is mainly the style of the Jiangnan water village. The interior is decorated with a lot of wooden structures and soft, and the outdoor performance is mainly through rockery and goldfish ponds.

  • How to choose a European style floor lamp in the bedroom

    European-style lamps are dignified, distinguished, and durable. If you put them in the bedroom, you need to look at the light source. If you like to read, you should choose upward lighting. If only local lighting is required, the light source is relatively dark.

  • What are the characteristics of a large Mediterranean style apartment?

    I don't think anyone will reject the fresh style. The Mediterranean style is a favorite of many young people. It is simple and stylish, yet beautiful and romantic. The blue tone like the sky makes you feel cool and beautiful when you come home. The Mediterranean-style design case brought in this time creates a three-bedroom and two-living unit layout on a 110-square-foot space, making full use of bay window conditions, and setting up multiple leisure spaces, which are very romantic and warm. Design focus: space ...

  • What are the style characteristics of the facade of Aoyuan Yushan Lake? 【Details of Aoyuan Yushan Lake Project】

    The building facade is modern, more comfortable and beautiful. Aoyuan Yushan Lake Project Address: Dongshan Town, Quanlin Road, Aoyuan Yushan Lake Sales Center Tel: 400-6378-115

  • 10 sets of traditional Chinese style decoration cases give Chinese style a new height (Figure)

    [10 sets of cases of traditional Chinese style decoration make Chinese style take a new height (picture)] Chinese style decoration can also take a new height! Do n’t think that you will have a high decoration budget. The following cases have a high decoration cost of 150,000. If you want to experience the beauty of Chinese style, you can learn from it!

  • Spring warm blossom design rewards 86 square meters of pastoral style beauty family

    The pastoral style is a popular decoration style. Its main purpose is to show the pastoral atmosphere through decoration and decoration. It is a style close to nature and yearning for nature. The reason why it is called idyllic style is because the theme of idyllic style is close to nature, showing the breath of simple life. The larger characteristics of the pastoral style are: simple, kind and solid.

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