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  • Is there a decoration plan for new rural houses? Rural single room decoration design requires bedrooms and kitchens, without ...

    There should be no beams above the head of the bedroom. If you can change the position of the bed, do not directly face the bedrooms: living room decoration, do not install spotlights on the sofa, directly above the head to lose money, the living room is best to put leaves and flowers , Very lucky. Do not point the bathroom at the kitchen or the entrance door. If there is, you can do blocking or the like.

  • The price of a 86 square meter house decoration design in Shanghai is about how much it costs. I am about to renovate so that I have a number ...

    Hello! Thank you for your interest in Sunshine Crystal City! some. For details, please dial: 400-7055-111 ext. 12455

  • How to review the house decoration design drawings?

    In addition to reviewing the plan design drawings, it is also important to review the construction drawings to see if their design dimensions and practices meet the size of the family room, whether the decoration of each facade meets the requirements of the family, and whether the design of each decorative engineering sub-project is standardized and in accordance with If there are discrepancies in family requirements, further modifications should be made.

  • What are the key points of the two-bedroom house decoration design?

    The decoration of a small apartment is mainly the use of space, which is to save space. Then how to design the decoration, I can also give you a few suggestions: 1. Upward development If the height of the house is high enough, you can use its excess height to isolate Ceiling mezzanine, plus folding ladder for storage room. The high-rise house can be made into mezzanine floor slabs, with one or two extra rooms. 2. Go down for the use of double-level, elevated floor ladders designed as drawers, shoe cabinets, etc. will...

  • How much is the house decoration design fee?

    The house decoration design is about one square meter; if it is a hardcover design (100-120 square meters), it usually costs 6000-8000 yuan. . . If it is a hardcover design, the decoration requires renderings of 7500-8000 yuan; if no renderings are provided, only decoration plans and instructions are required, and the cost is 6000-7000 yuan. If it is an ordinary simple open type, generally it can be done at 4000-5000 yuan; if it is ...

  • Analysis of precautions for decoration and hydropower acceptance? Precautions for decoration design

    There are two aspects in this article. On the one hand, the analysis of water and electricity acceptance considerations, and on the other hand, are the considerations of house decoration design. There are really a lot of issues that need attention in house decoration design. I have mentioned them in the following. I hope everyone can take a good look at the content below me.

  • What about pastoral decoration style? How to choose a house decoration design style?

    In fact, in house decoration, the most important thing is the style of house decoration design. Once the style of house decoration design is determined, it will be possible to decorate a good house. *, I will tell you about it, I will talk about the style of pastoral decoration, and how to choose the style of house decoration design.

  • What is the style of house decoration design

    Nowadays, the home improvement crowd is getting wider and wider, and people's pursuit of beauty is not limited to the original models. More decoration styles are beginning to be integrated into home decoration. The following editors list a few of the more trendy decorative styles to see which one of your home's decorative styles belongs to.

  • How much is one meter for tile baseboards? Analysis of key points in house decoration design?

    *, Xiaobian shared with you a new question, how much is one meter of tile skirting? This is really a brand new question, because I have not mentioned it to you before. In the following, I will talk about the main points of house decoration design. I hope everyone can take a good look at it. I think this will be helpful to everyone.

  • How to use soft outfits to decorate your home

    As we all know, when housing prices are high, buying a house is a big thing in life for many people, so decoration is another big thing after buying a house. It is true that home renovation is a very troublesome task, often laborious. After hard-furnishing the house, in order to pursue a more comfortable life, we also carried out a detailed design. Soft outfits are very popular now, and the effect of soft outfits is also very good. So, how to use soft outfits to complement the home decoration?

  • Can waterproof putty powder be painted on plasterboard? Precautions for house decoration design?

    There are many problems in house decoration. There are many problems with light wall decoration. For example, what materials are used for wall decoration? There are tile materials and cement surfaces. Of course, there are putty powders. Well, after reading this article, I think everyone must know, I hope it will be helpful to everyone, this is what I want to see.

  • Is the modern minimalist style decoration good? What are the main points of rural house decoration design?

    * Recently, many friends have reacted to me with such a thing. Why do you keep talking about the main points of house decoration design and why ca n’t you write about the decoration design of rural houses? So, * I will respond to everyone's request. I will write about modern minimalist style decoration, and also talk about the main points of rural house decoration design.

  • All-inclusive or half-inclusive? What are the house decoration design styles?

    Speaking of house decoration, I don't think few people know it, because house decoration is the most common problem in our lives. But when it comes to whether the decoration is all-inclusive or half-inclusive, everyone doesn't understand it very well, so * Xiaobian will give you a good answer based on this question, hoping to bring you help.

  • Panasonic revolving door price analysis? What are the main points of house decoration design?

    * The theme of the article is still related to the decoration of the house. It is a problem of doors and windows, such as the price analysis of Panasonic revolving doors, and what are the relevant issues of the main points of the decoration of the house. These questions are very useful. article.

  • Second-hand house decoration Feng Shui precautions? What are the main points of house decoration design?

    Now there are more and more second-hand houses to buy, so there are many problems that come with it, such as precautions for second-hand house decoration Feng Shui. In the following, I will also tell you about the main points of the house decoration design. I hope my text can give you some practical help. This is what I want to see.

  • What is included in the decoration half pack? House decoration design style inventory?

    First of all, I want to ask you a question, which is what is included in the decoration half pack. If you don't know these, and you want to understand this problem, look at the text below me ugly, I think the following The introduction will definitely satisfy everyone. In addition to this content, I will also tell you about the inventory of house decoration design styles.

  • Nordic style decoration budget analysis? What are the house decoration design?

    *, I will tell you two things, one is the analysis of the Nordic style decoration budget, and the other is the house decoration design. If you have been interested in the style of house decoration design, then you must not miss this article.

  • What is the decoration design of a small apartment? What are the decoration styles?

    We have a lot of attention when we are designing the house decoration. Especially for small units, when designing the decoration, it is necessary to make the most of the space, otherwise it will appear very crowded. Next I will introduce to you how to design a small apartment decoration, what are the decoration styles, I believe we can give you some help.

  • Analysis of the characteristics of neo-classical style? What are the styles of house decoration design?

    House decoration is really important, because after finishing the house decoration, each of us will be comfortable. *, I will tell you what are the house decoration design styles, mainly about the analysis of the characteristics of neo-classical style. I hope my text can really help you, as long as it is a little help, I will Contented.

  • October 14th Focus One Hundred Persons Visiting House Send Home Decoration Design Plan

    In order to thank the netizens for their long-term support for us, Jiujiang stood back to the netizens who loved and supported us for a long time during the October house-seeing group activity.

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