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  • Seeking European-style decoration renderings in 2015? The home is ready to be decorated into the most popular European style this year, but I want to mention ...

    The following is the effect chart for you, you can refer to it. The specific design should be combined with the floor plan. Hope to adopt!

  • See the online rendering of the European-style decoration background wall with coffee color and silver mirror, what is this mirror

    Tea mirror

  • What are the characteristics of European club decoration? Find the effect map

    Pursue physical change and layering. The indoor and outdoor colors are colorful, and the light and shadow changes are abundant. Wallpapers, carpets, curtains, bedspreads, and tent curtains, as well as classical decorative paintings or objects, are often used indoors. In order to reflect the gorgeous style, the furniture, doors, and windows are painted white, and the lines of the furniture and picture frames are decorated with gold threads and gold edges.

  • Looking for the European-style villa living room decoration renderings? Who has the European-style villa living room decoration renderings? Preferably 3 ...

    You can go to the decoration company's website to see the decoration case fish fillets. It should be helpful for you. , Cheng Youjia decoration, you make a reference.

  • What brand of crystal lamp is good? Shenzhen villa decoration recommended brand-name crystal lamp recommended? I took a look, the current top ten crystal lamps ...

    Natural crystals are expensive and have many flaws, so they are not suitable for batch use. At present, the resources on the market are seriously insufficient. Now the crystal lamps on the market are all synthetic products. Whether it is imported or domestic, it is almost the same. You Rich, natural crystal lamps, you can hardly buy them, even if you buy them, I am afraid they are more artificial. Crystal from the chemical composition analysis is synthesized from glass and some metal lead, when the content of lead in the glass reaches 24% can be said ...

  • What is the effect of European-style decoration

    European style luxurious atmosphere, loved by successful people

  • What are the small apartment European-style decoration renderings

    The simple and elegant beauty of the simple European style decoration effect: the classic European style has both comfort, romance and elegance. It is often widely used in large room or villa decoration. Small and medium-sized owners often choose a simpler simple European style. Decoration, space looks atmospheric.

  • European-style decoration renderings recently (with plans)

    This set of recent European-style decoration renderings in 2012 was from designer He Yamei, and the main style is European classical style. In this case, a lot of colors and typical European-style decoration symbols are used inside, making full use of details to set off the atmosphere. The whole set of renderings achieves the elegant and luxurious decoration effect with gorgeous decoration, strong colors and exquisite shapes. Needless to say, let's enjoy the recent European-style decoration renderings now!

  • What are the European-style decoration renderings?

    The style of European decoration comes from ancient Greece and Rome, and also includes some ancient Persian architectural styles. In Europe, there is no profession of interior designer, only the profession of architect. European-style decoration is actually borrowing a lot of elements of classical architecture to obtain similar characteristics of European life, so as to get the same feeling as living in Europe.

  • What are the European-style decoration renderings

    The style of European decoration comes from ancient Greece and Rome, and also includes some ancient Persian architectural styles. In Europe, there is no profession of interior designer, only the profession of architect. European-style decoration is actually borrowing a lot of elements of classical architecture to obtain similar characteristics of European life, so as to get the same feeling as living in Europe.

  • Simple Nordic European-style decoration effect Daquan 2011 pictures

    [Abstract] A characteristic of the Nordic style is the use of black and white. Black and white match all-round, can match with any color on any occasion. But in Nordic-style home improvement, black and white are often used as the main color or important embellishment color. In this case, the walls and floors are off-white, while the sofas, bookshelves, and coffee tables are bright white, and the linen carpets are black. In addition to this, the Nordic style also advocates the charm of logs. Opposite the sofa, it specially matches 2 logs.

  • Century Jinyuan Yufu 60-flat European-style decoration renderings luxury and romance dance together

    The luxurious European style is a dream in many people's hearts. It turns European into a luxurious and romantic space. This romantic color is very exciting.

  • Encyclopedia of European-style decoration effects (picture)

    European style, as the name implies, refers to the style from Europe. There are several styles, including French style, Italian style, Spanish style, British style, Mediterranean style, and Nordic style. Xiaobian recommends a variety of European-style decoration renderings, showing the high-end atmosphere, allowing you to enjoy the European-style romance, elegance and quality of life.

  • The rendering of a luxurious European style villa with a popular decoration case

    Editor's note: The renderings of luxury European villas are free to share! The renderings of the two popular luxury European villas in 2012 not only show you the trend of fashionable home furnishings in 2012, but also provide you with more decoration references for those who like European style! Don't miss the rendering of luxury European villas!

  • 52 popular! European living room TV background wall decoration effect map Daquan

    Busy *, returning home is like lying on the sofa. At this time, watching TV and listening to music is the best enjoyment. If there is a European-style living room design, the sofa must be soft and comfortable, and if you look at the European-style living room, the TV background wall decoration is almost luxurious. Is this scene very beautiful?

  • Restaurant hand-painted effect map 12 European style decoration temperament dining environment

    Editor's note: The hand-painted rendering of the restaurant. The restaurant is where we enjoy food every day, so we must design it well. * Xiaobian brings you a unique hand-painted wall design to make the restaurant unique! The restaurant's hand-painted renderings, 12 European-style decoration cases to appreciate, help you create a romantic dining environment full of temperament.

  • What is the effect of European home decoration

    European style can be divided into northern Europe, simple Europe and traditional European style according to different regional cultures. European-style rooms are not just luxurious, but more cozy and romantic.

  • Inventory 2015 European style living room marble TV background wall renderings Fashion home improvement selection

    How should this year's living room TV background wall be decorated? If you want to decorate your home stylishly and leave a deep impression on your guests, then take a look at the 2015 European-style living room marble TV background wall renderings, a selection of stylish home decoration! Here, there is always a dish for you! related search:

  • How to choose a European-style bedroom wardrobe? Designers interpret bedroom renderings

    When we decorate the bedroom, what style should the bedroom wardrobe choose? In general, although most of the wardrobes are customized, the style should also be determined according to the overall decoration style of the house. Therefore, European-style bedrooms should choose European-style wardrobes.

  • The beauty turned over these 36 European-style TV background wall decoration renderings

    I wonder if you like European-style decoration? I wonder if you have dazzled in many decoration pictures? Then quickly look at the 36 European-style TV background wall decoration renderings considered classic, luxury without losing its connotation, hurry to collect it, it is beautiful.

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