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  • How much does it cost to decorate a 50 square meter apartment in Shanghai? I am in Shanghai and I have a house ready to be decorated.

    Hello, landlord! It is not good to design because there is no floor plan. You can contact Shanghai Zhengzhou Decoration Company. The 50 square meter house is simply decorated. If it is not a duplex, the decoration budget is about 3-5 million.

  • Seeking Korean-style small apartment decoration renderings to share! 68 square meters of two-bedroom small apartment, want to decorate into a Korean style, everyone can ...

    The Korean decoration style is mainly rural, you can go to to see here, there are many renderings, the following is my favorite Korean decoration renderings

  • Seeking 35 square meters of small apartment decoration renderings, the new house is only 35 square meters, how to decorate a spacious look in a small space ...

    If the landlord wants to decorate the house, it is better to find a good designer and communicate with the designer personally to advise you based on the specific situation of your house. This is also a respect for the designer, and the designer can give you the best solution. The rendering is just a manifestation of the design. I hope not to come up with the rendering, the designer must not be a draftsman, and the draftsman also needs time and energy to make a drawing. I hope the landlord will choose carefully. This is just a personal opinion.

  • 50 square meter small apartment decoration renderings 50 square meter small apartment decoration what style is good-looking, where to see the effect map, full ...

    Approximate price is 3-4 thousand

  • What are the examples of small apartment decoration renderings

    The tatami design of small apartment decoration is very popular, especially the small apartment decoration, the bedroom space is relatively small, and generally are willing to design a tatami bed, which is both practical and decorative.

  • 70 square meters of small apartment decoration renderings

    In this small apartment of 70 square meters, there is not much decoration, but every detail is carefully designed by the owner, and every piece of furniture is carefully selected by the owner.

  • 40 square meter small apartment decoration renderings single * free heaven

    As single people, many people have their own small world. How to create this small world? * Let's take a look at the small apartment decoration of about 40 square meters. Not to mention personality. Not to mention fashion. In general, it can be regarded as a successful case. * Let's take a look at the small apartment decoration renderings. 40 square meters small apartment decoration renderings single

  • 53 small apartment decoration renderings 40 flat houses do not lose 80 flats after decoration

    Who said the house couldn't live without it? Take a look at the 53 small apartment decoration designs below! Guaranteed to make you think that a house of 40 flat is really enough. Although the house is small, it has all the internal organs. Bedroom, living room, dining room, bathroom, study, everything is available!

  • 36 * creative small apartment decoration renderings are no longer afraid of small houses

    Who said that a small house cannot be refined and graceful? The smallest house can be comfortable and comfortable as long as it is well designed. Although the house is small and full of internal organs, sometimes the essence can be condensed. Take a look at the 36 small apartment decoration designs below! Bedroom, living room, dining room, bathroom, study room are all available! You will love

  • 54 small apartment decoration renderings do not lose 80 square meters after decoration

    Whoever said that the house is too small to live, take a look at these small apartment decoration designs below! Safekeeping makes you think that a house of 40 square meters is really enough. Although the house is small, it has all the internal organs. Bedroom, living room, dining room, bathroom, study are all available!

  • 45 square meters small apartment decoration renderings Daquan 2015 pictures small apartment big transformation

    In this era of high sky-high prices, it is the pursuit of many people to own their own house. How do you decorate your own house after you own it? How does the small apartment decoration design feel clean and tidy? The following is a picture of the 45 square meters of small apartment decoration renderings compiled by Xiaobian 2015 pictures for your reference.

  • Ultra-small apartment decoration effect picture reward 30 flat, 40 flat, 50 flat small apartment fresh home improvement

    Introduction: How to install ultra-small apartment type, * Xiaobian specially arranged a 30-, 40-, 50-square-meter home improvement case for everyone, to give you inspiration for small apartment decoration. Now follow the editor to enjoy the super small apartment decoration renderings!

  • 50 flat small apartment decoration renderings modern minimalist design look together

    Specifically speaking, the original state: the house faces southwest, the building is 70 square meters, the apartment is about 50, one bedroom, one living room, kitchen, bathroom, laundry room. The wooden floor was paved when bought; the wall was white-painted; the ceiling was ready with a light trough; the kitchen and bathroom were ready for direct use.

  • 50 flat home decoration decoration list to reveal the effect of small apartment decoration

    Editor's note: A small house of 50 square meters belongs to a typical small apartment! This apartment type is mostly purchased by house slaves with tight funds. Saving money for decoration is the first goal they are pursuing! * The two sets of cases to be introduced will cost 40,000 and 80,000 respectively for decoration. See what effect they can put on each? [Sign up for the March 10th Seventh City Group Buying Event] [Sign up for the March 10th Group Buying Event]

  • 33 flat wedding room small apartment decoration renderings without partition open space design

    [Abstract] The 33-flat ultra-small apartment is a newly-married and loving home for a young couple. There is no such thing as a small snail house. When you enter the room, you can find that it is a pure open space. All spaces except the bathroom are It is open, so there is no partition space so that the small apartment has a sense of atmosphere.

  • 60 flat small apartment decoration renderings make designers stunned (Figure)

    Editor's note: 60 small apartment decoration renderings, only the unexpected but not impossible, the exquisite storage design made the designers stunned. It is wonderful to force young people to live in a big house. Then, please follow me to visit my 60 flat snail house. [Reveal the eight kinds of houses in China's Feng Shui Lingyin Forbidden Land]

  • Small apartment decoration renderings Real IKEA style snail house

    There are millions of simple forms, and IKEA never blindly follows the trend, adhering to everything from the pragmatic, pay attention to the taste of life, here is a small apartment decoration effect case, appreciate the true IKEA simple style.

  • 54 small apartment decoration renderings rational use of space 40 square meters small room 80 square meters (picture)

    Small house wants 40 square meters and 80 square meters? feasible! After the small apartment is reasonably decorated, there is also a large space. Xiaobian compiled 54 small apartment decoration design renderings, small apartment decoration should be like this! These small apartment decoration renderings teach you how to make reasonable use of the house space. After the decoration, you will definitely feel that the house is 40 years old.

  • 30 square meters small apartment decoration renderings which look good

    Small units refer to apartments ranging from 20 square meters to 50 square meters, mostly one-bedroom and one-living apartments. Small units are welcomed by many young owners. How to decorate a small apartment of 30 square meters with super storage.

  • 20-40 square meters of small apartment decoration renderings

    Small apartment duplex villa one-bedroom two-bedroom three-bedroom four-bedroom four-bedroom or higher

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