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  • Find the renderings of the decoration of a small apartment of 30 square meters! The new house is only 30 square meters, I would like to ask what decoration style is ...

    Hello Ms. Yao, I'm a home improvement designer. I just recently made a small apartment design for a repeat customer. I'll post the pictures to you. I hope I can help you a little. Note: The house is located in Sanya, and its positioning is Southeast Asian leisure style.

  • How much does a liquid wallpaper cost? Seeking liquid wallpaper effect picture Because the daughter-in-law is pregnant, the decoration master suggested that the home decoration liquid ...

    Liquid wallpaper, also called wallpaper paint, is a new type of environmentally friendly water-based paint. It is rich in colors, has a lot of user selectivity, and has a strong sense of decoration. It integrates the characteristics of wallpaper and paint, and is smooth and smooth. Easy to clean, moisture and stain resistant. I use liquid wallpaper in my home. Any kind of paint will contain some formaldehyde and other toxic materials, but liquid wallpaper is very environmentally friendly, and the content of VOC and other substances is very low.

  • What are the corridor decoration renderings

    The corridor is an important location, often overlooked, but it plays an important role in home decoration. Here are three recommended corridor decoration solutions for you, including Mediterranean style, American style, modern minimalist style, different styles, build * Beautiful scenery at the door.

  • What are the decoration effects of home corridors

    The entrance door is the only way for people to enter the home, so it is very important for its location and decoration. It is better to open the door to the door, so that the door faces the wall of the film and television, and the wall is stained with red wall painting, which has a cohesive effect on the wealth of the home.

  • What are the better pictures of the living room corridor decoration?

    The beautiful and stylish living room hallway corridor decoration can improve the taste of home decoration. You will never feel monotonous and boring after walking through the carefully decorated living room corridor. So how do you design and decorate the living room hallway corridor? Let's take a look at the living room below Aisle corridor decoration design tips.

  • What are the modern minimalist corridor decoration renderings

    Corridors, both in offices and homes. Some corridors are longer, some are shorter, some are just stairs, and some are just living rooms to bedrooms.

  • Corridor ceiling decoration Daquan 2016 what are the renderings

    There are many styles of corridor ceilings. The following are the decoration renderings of various corridor ceilings. I hope everyone likes them.

  • European corridor ceiling decoration renderings appreciation

    The corridor is so beautifully decorated! European corridor creates home landscape

  • Nujiang living room decoration renderings TV background wall appreciation

    2015 Nujiang living room decoration popular style? Living room decoration renderings Daquan 2015 new, Nujiang editor compiled a new popular TV background wall decoration renderings.

  • 6w would dare to install Baiping two bedroom novice owner decoration renderings appreciation

    Different units have different decoration methods, the same style, different units can also be installed in a different style, the following editor of the conscience compiled a case study of two-bedroom decoration, I hope that every owner in need There is a slight help.

  • What are the bedroom cabinet decoration renderings

    Modern minimalist bedroom cabinet decoration renderings.

  • 2015 TV background wall renderings Daquan living room decoration must see (Figure)

    The TV background wall is the protagonist of the decoration of the living room. Through the change of different design elements, the decoration effect of the TV background wall of the living room is also ever-changing, creating a different decoration effect for your living room. New upsurge in the decoration industry, 2015 awesome living room TV

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