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  • Which looks good in the living room sofa? I want to decorate the living room. I don't know what kind of sofa to buy. Who can give me some customers ...

    Since the owner's home is a small apartment, the sofa is best to choose a sofa that can be easily moved, assembled, and disassembled. The decoration of the small apartment does not need too much, and it will appear crowded if it is too much. Consistent style and coordination, I hope my answer can help you.

  • Living room curtain effect map Where is the living room curtain effect picture? I want to see how the curtains in the living room are better.

    What style do you want to make? Show me the renderings of the living room curtains in a minimalist style, so that the living room looks bright:

  • What concept should be grasped in living room design? I would like to ask, what concept should the interior living room design adhere to?

    My living room is simple, you can decide according to your favorite style, look at the reference picture provided by the decoration company. Living room design concept: 1 functional partition sofa and coffee table are the material subjects for living room communication and family reunion. Therefore, the choice of sofa is good, comfortable, or not, and it will have a very important influence on the mood and atmosphere of the guests. Audiovisual space is the focus of visual attention in the living room. Modern homes pay more and more attention to the audiovisual area ...

  • 2013 living room decoration renderings Daquan American village PK modern simplicity

    Editor's note: We can often hear a sentence when refurbishing: "Light and hard loading and heavy soft loading." This decoration concept actually reflects people's emphasis on soft loading. The two sets of 2013 living room decorative effect patterns in this case belong to two different decoration styles-American country style and modern minimalist style. What will be the difference between the two sets of different styles of 2013 living room decorative effect pictures? Come and enjoy! [Sign up for the March 10th Seventh City Group Buying Event] [Sign up for the March 10th Group Buying Event]

  • European-style living room hand-painted effect drawing doodle decoration makes the living room turn gorgeously

    Editor's note: Hand-drawn graffiti has become popular in more and more families. Cool and beautiful European-style living room hand-painted renderings can bring unexpected decoration effects to the living room. European-style living room hand-painted renderings, according to the owner's hobbies and interests, to cater to the overall style of the home, its decorative effect * will make you stunning. [2013 Household Consumption Trend Survey] [Enroll in the Model House Direct Train to Win a Thousand Yuan Decoration Fund on December 9]

  • Modern minimalist small apartment living room decorative wall renderings to enjoy 2015 * tide living room!

    Come and see the renderings of the 2015 * tide modern minimalist small living room decorative wall with Xiaobian! The decoration of the small living room is very important because the living room decorative wall is well designed to attract most people who enter the living room. The main focus is that the narrowness of the small apartment is not so obvious.

  • What is the effect of simple European-style living room decoration

    Simple European-style living room decoration effect Daquan

  • The taboo of Feng Shui living room decorative painting? What kind of painting is suitable for Feng Shui living room?

    The living room is an important place for a family to entertain and temporarily rest and play. The layout of the living room is also very particular. I have to mention that the choice of Feng Shui painting in the living room. What kind of paintings are suitable for Fengshui living room? What are the particulars of decorative paintings for Fengshui living room? In the following article, we will discuss with you in detail the topic "What paintings are suitable for Fengshui living room".

  • 2015 decoration fashion avant-garde living room 36 modern minimalist TV background wall renderings

    The modern minimalist style is more and more loved by the young owners of the post-80s and post-90s, and the TV background wall is becoming the top priority of home decoration. A good TV background wall decoration can play a finishing touch and brighten the decoration taste of the entire home. So how to create a modern minimalist style TV background wall? Xiaobian as

  • What is the effect drawing of European-style living room decoration

    The hall is the most frequently used space in people's daily life. It is a place that integrates multiple functions such as meeting guests, parties, and entertainment.

  • Creative TV background wall decoration method to create a living room expression show

    Nowadays, the TV background wall has already become a bright spot in home design, and its expressions are becoming more and more colorful, making our home environment more personalized and artistic. Through the combination and change of different elements, you can bring different expressions to the living room. Let's get some creative TV background wall decoration methods with Xiaobian immediately.

  • Kitchen bathroom living room dining room decoration renderings in the history of the whole home decoration renderings

    Kitchen bathroom living room dining room decoration renderings, historically * home furnishing renderings! Nice decoration effect picture Generally, the indoor area is not small, how can small apartment decoration be better? In fact, good decoration can make the space infinitely larger. The original cottage with only 70 square meters, three bedrooms and one living room has been cleverly decorated and transformed into a super strong one.

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