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  • What is a Gothic Sun Room? Seeking pictures

    Hello, the real estate delivery time is 2013-07-31

  • The 11-storey duplex upstairs balcony is about 70 square meters, with walls on four sides and load-bearing beams in the middle. The three walls are more than 4 meters in length, and adjacent ...

    If it is a bit difficult to understand literally, it is recommended that a professional designer visit the site.

  • What about the sun room on the top floor, what are the advantages and disadvantages?

    There are advantages and disadvantages.Advantages: large utilization space, wide field of vision, and good lighting

  • How much is a square room decoration price? How much is the budget for decorating a sun room of about 90 square meters?

    It will never be so expensive. This is the decoration company that blackmails your sunny room. The ceiling glass generally uses 8mm tempered glass 60 yuan / square meter 5 + 5 laminated tempered glass 110 yuan / square meter 6 + 6 laminated glass 130 yuan / flat. ..

  • How much is a square meter of Huigu Sunshine House?

    What if you buy a house in that neighborhood?

  • Is it illegal to build a sun room on the villa terrace?

    It is not illegal to build a sun room on the terrace of a single villa.

  • What kind of curtains are suitable for the sun room? What types of sun rooms are there? What material should I choose ...

    I personally think that I prefer the leisure type curtains, the smaller patterns, the one with the lace, which is taller. Types of sunrooms: The types of sunrooms can be divided into two types on the top platform of the apartment or in low-rise low-density residential courtyards such as private villas based on architectural characteristics. Considering the restrictions on the appearance of the building and the clean and maintained roof Convenience level, the design requirements of the two kinds of sun room are very different. Divided from structural materials, it can be divided into: steel structure sunlight ...

  • Is the demolition of the rooftop sun room a construction area?

    Include, but not all.

  • Can garden houses be built as sun rooms?

    1. After making a sunny room on the first floor courtyard, the neighbor upstairs will worry about anti-theft issues and find trouble. Those who are concerned about the decoration should know that there is an owner who made a sunny room in the courtyard on the first floor of his house, and the neighbor on the second floor asked him to Pay him for a security net or report it. 2. The property is a big trouble. Although the property is for the owner, but you have to take a sun room, the property is the first barrier to block you. In fact, the property is afraid of the relevant departments to investigate, because you are only on the first floor ...

  • Is it illegal to build a sun room on your own terrace?

    Earlier real estate may be able to do this, but now many communities do not allow it. Some are built privately, which has destroyed the appearance of the community and will be frozen.

  • Why is a sun room called a sun room? Why is a sun room called a sun room? What are the characteristics of the sun room

    The sun room is also called a glass room. It is a completely non-traditional building built with glass and metal frames to achieve the purpose of enjoying the sun and getting close to nature. It is a building admired by people pursuing nature and fashion at home and abroad. The sun room needs to be designed and constructed according to the needs of the place and personal preferences. The interior layout can be decorated according to personal preferences. The balcony or terrace conservatory is in the entire living room, so visual connectivity is very important. Need to consider its overall style with the building ...

  • My sun room has floor-to-ceiling aluminum glass windows. The lower part of the aluminum alloy is made of frosted glass. The length of the curtains is now ...

    It's pretty beautiful

  • How much is a color steel roof sun room for one square meter

    Suzhou Color Steel Roof Sun Room Price | Suzhou Color Steel Roof Sun Room Price: Color Steel Roof Sun Room Shape: Tailored according to customer requirements | Wind resistance: Strong | Sash size: complete size | Window frame size: size. ..

  • Fall in love with the small idea of leisurely and slow life to create a refreshing sunny room

    The sun room is commonly known as the glass room, which is a non-traditional building. Its building facade is generally made of sunlight panels, and glass can also be selected. A cup of strong tea, a lounge chair, a piece of sunshine, an afternoon. This is how many busy city people yearn for a leisurely life. With the increase of living pressure, the concept of setting up a sun room at home and transforming a balcony into a sun room has become more and more popular in Jiangcheng.

  • Notes on the decoration of the terrace sun room

    Many villas and owners of the top floor of the apartment have a large terrace of about 20 square meters. The closed terrace uses this space to turn into a glass and transparent terrace sun room. There is one more sun space in the home. It's also good.

  • What are the materials for sun room decoration

    With the improvement of living standards, people now pay more attention to comfort, so when designing a house, they will design a sun room for their own house. When we bathe in the sun, we will bring a sense of relaxation to our whole body.

  • The rooftop reappears the "pool" and "sunshine room" that appear on the rooftop of the illegal building.

    Following the construction of Beijing Niu Niu, a “swimming pool” has been built on the roof of a building in Guangzhou. In the Pazhou Subdistrict Office where the district is located, the staff of the Urban Management Division stated that the day before yesterday had come to the scene to verify that the pool on the top of the building was illegal, and issued a notice to dismantle it within the deadline. But yesterday morning, the reporter went to the top of the building and found that the workers were still working.

  • Sunshine Real Estate Fund's property occupancy rate fell slightly to 97.7% in the first quarter of fiscal year 18/19

    The current rent of the entire property portfolio of Sunshine Real Estate Fund was HK $ 47.1 per square foot as of September 30, 2018, an increase of 1.3% quarter-to-quarter.

  • Demolition of the Sun Room in Linjiang Street, Hangzhou

    Recently, the demolition work of the Sunshine Room in Jiayuan District of Hangzhou Linjiang Street is in full swing.

  • Is it true that the illegal construction of the Sunshine Room in Nanjing New District is unmanaged?

    It is reported that Sohu Focus comprehensively summarized that in the recent cases of illegal construction investigated and punished, the Sunshine Room was not a small number. In a home decoration city in Kazimen, a row of shops operating closed balconies and sun rooms. Entering a store, the manager Ms. Zhang said that the orders for the sun room they have taken have increased by more than 30% this year. "Various

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