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  • New Article Five: How should my house be transferred?

    1. If you do not want to sell in the future, you only need to apply for a notarization of inheritance (pay the notarization fee), and then bring your identity certificate, notarization certificate, house deed certificate, etc. to the housing management department to apply for change. A fee of 1 yuan per square meter and registration fee 80 Yuan% 7E2, if you want to sell in the future, it is best to transfer, because the inheritance of real estate sales requires 20% tax, etc.% 7E transfer procedures, fees and taxes are as follows: you and your mother with identity certificate, real estate certificate, etc. to the housing management department to sign ...

  • How do experts interpret the Five Articles?

    Experts interpret the effect of the Five New Deals: No retaliatory rebound in house prices Possible topic 1: Will house prices retaliate? Nie Meisheng, chairman of the Real Estate Chamber of Commerce of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce pointed out that due to the continued rise in CPI, inflation expectations, RMB appreciation expectations, and other factors trigger hot money inflows Pushing up housing prices, the regulation effect of the "National Ten Articles" was digested by the rebound of the real estate market. Under the premise of the stabilization of housing prices as the control goal, compared to the "National Ten Articles", the purchase restriction performance was more clear in the "National Five Articles". ...

  • Does the New Article Five Work?

    Five new nations have little effect. There is still room for house prices to rise. Wei Jing, I love my group. Vice president Hu Jinghui also believes that the "new five nations" was introduced in early March and detailed rules were implemented in April. However, supply indicators such as the number of new starts and land purchase area are still Significantly improved, the sales area of commercial housing hit a new high in the year, and the confidence of development enterprises was obviously restored.

  • What is the Article Five?

    Article 5 of the State refers to the five policies and measures to strengthen the regulation and control of the real estate market determined by the State Council executive meeting on February 20, 2013. The executive meeting of the State Council issued five regulatory policies and measures, requiring municipalities, planned cities and capital cities other than Lhasa to formulate and publish annual price control targets for newly-built commercial housing in accordance with the principle of maintaining stable housing prices. Assessment of accountability system. Strictly implement the purchase restrictions on commodity housing, ...

  • Can the Five Articles really protect just needed?

    The original intention was to suppress the rapid growth of house prices and bring down house prices, but the specific details did not know whether it was protected.

  • * Topic: Can the Real Estate Market Control the Five Ways to Lose the Sheep Country?

    Editor's note: Since the New Year, housing prices in some cities have rebounded. In late February, the State Council held an executive meeting. Premier Wen Jiabao announced five real estate control measures, mainly for the purpose of controlling demand and suppressing housing prices, with the intention of reversing market expectations of rising housing prices. Among them, the most severe one is the value-added part of house sales. 20% tax. On March 1st, the New Article 5 was formally introduced, which immediately caused market turmoil, and many city residents lined up all night to catch the closing bus. Welcome to pay attention to the real estate market regulation and control of the dead sheep.

  • The new "National Five Articles" detailed rules are yet to be issued. The property tax should be expanded as soon as possible to 1.55 million high-quality housing in Lintie!

    Hu Cunzhi, deputy minister of the Ministry of Land and Resources, said that the new "National Five" will crack down on cities with faster house price increases and highlight the differences. It is reported that first-tier cities such as Beijing's new "National Five" detailed rules have been written, only to be issued at an appropriate time. Yu Fenghui believes that the pilot expansion of real estate tax should be started as soon as possible, and first-tier cities such as Beijing should implement the real estate tax as soon as possible.

  • China's five articles cause second-hand housing sales to be cold

    The restraint of Beijing ’s “National Five” rules on the overheated property market is particularly evident in the second-hand housing market. Monitoring from intermediary agencies shows that since the detailed rules were issued, the sales volume of the second-hand housing market has fallen by more than half.

  • What percentage of the down payment for the second house in Tianjin after the Five Articles of the New China?

    The promulgation of five new country rules in 2013 caused speculation about an increase in the down payment ratio for second home loans. So what is the current down payment ratio for the second house in Tianjin?

  • Zhengzhou Municipal Government Issues Implementation Opinions on Implementing the "National Five" (Full Text)

    In order to implement the spirit of the “Notice of the General Office of the State Council on Continuing the Real Estate Market Regulation and Control Work” (Guobanfa [2013] No. 17), consolidate the results of real estate market regulation, stabilize housing prices, and promote the steady and healthy development of the real estate market. Actually, the relevant issues are notified as follows.

  • After the detailed rules of "National Five Articles", the first soil auction Blu-ray premium 80% won the "Emperor of Qinglong"

    [Abstract] March 8 Chengdu Land Bureau will organize the transfer of two state-owned construction land use rights by auction, including the 4th group of Wanshou Village, the 4th group of Jitou Village, Jitou Street Office of Wuhou District, and Qinglong Street of Chenghua District The total area of the first and second group of plots in Xinshan Community is about 132.7 mu.

  • "National Five" promulgated, buy a house in one step, choose Jindi Langyue

    After the Spring Festival, the property market in various places has heated up significantly, and a new real estate policy is on the horizon. On February 20, the State Council's executive meeting issued a new "National Five Articles" to regulate the property market. After a week, on the evening of March 1st, the "National Five Articles" strengthened the detailed rules. Among them, the new policy of stabilizing house prices includes five aspects: improving the responsibility system for stabilizing house prices, resolutely curbing speculative housing purchases, increasing the supply of ordinary commodity housing and land, accelerating the planning and construction of affordable housing projects, and strengthening market supervision. In particular, the content of "20% of the income from the sale of self-owned houses for sale" has aroused widespread debate in the market. There is a trending market opinion that this provision may lead to a significant decline in the supply of second-hand housing market, the transfer of purchase demand to new commercial housing, further exacerbating the contradiction between supply and demand of new housing, and pushing up the price of new housing. here

  • It is said that the ministries and commissions held a meeting to deploy the five detailed policies of the country

    [Abstract] February 25th news, after the State Council deployed the real estate market regulation and control five policy measures, the relevant departments are intensively launching preparations. A number of ministries and agencies have held meetings to summarize the investigation, put forward policy recommendations, and make arrangements for the regulation of the property market. The industry believes that, as house prices continue to rise and the regulatory overweight is expected to be strong, relevant ministries and local governments may issue detailed policies in the near future.

  • "National Five" has not yet landed 20% of the real estate tax is not a new policy

    At 9 o'clock yesterday, the reporter came to the core sub-core of the Chengdu Municipal Government Service Core Real Estate located in Houzimen. The tax hall on the first floor was already full of people who came to handle business or consulting policies. After questioning, I learned that most citizens heard that a 20% personal income tax would be levied on the sale of second-hand houses. Although they are not very clear about the specific regulations, in order to reduce unnecessary trouble, they should go through the transfer procedures before the "New Deal" is implemented.

  • "New Country Five Articles" Introduced in the Rental Housing Market, Why Are Prices Rising?

    [Abstract] The "New Country Five Articles" seems to have little to do with rental housing, but a lot of helpless practices of improved buyers who rent, sell, and buy again have started to heat up the rental market and prices have risen. Mr. Liu, who lives in Anshan West Road, Nankai District, currently owns a set of 70 square meters, because it is unavoidable to buy a two-bedroom apartment to take over his parents to see the children, but the release of the "New Country Five Articles" has made him very anxious .

  • New "National Five Articles" have shown their power to test the real estate market transactions in Xi'an

    On March 1, the General Office of the State Council issued the "Notice on Continuing to Do a Good Job in the Real Estate Market Regulation and Control", of which * the two that have shaken the market are: 1. requesting a further increase in the down payment ratio and loan interest rate for the second set of housing loans; 2. Individual income tax on transfer of own housing is calculated at 20%. Although the policy has not yet been implemented in Xi'an, its impact has already begun to appear in the Xi'an market. What impact will the re-regulation have on the Xi'an market? How will the Xi'an property market develop? The reporter visited all parties in the market to observe market trends and comprehensively Interpretation of the current situation of Xi'an property market after the introduction of the New Deal.

  • Beijing's "Five-Article" detailed rules are a combination of weightless boxing

    After Guangdong first announced the detailed rules, on March 30 and March 31, Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Jinan, Dalian, Hefei and other cities issued the local version of the detailed regulations for the regulation of the property market on time. A series of "central-regional linkage" policy combination boxing "boxing" is rapid. Among these combination boxing, Beijing's "National Five" detailed rules are particularly significant.

  • [Issues of the "New Country Five Articles" Implementation Rules] Industry experts "New Country Five Articles" Interpretation of Various Conjectures

    At the time of the "rise" in the property market, the State Council Executive Meeting on the 20th promulgated the "National Five Regulations" on property market regulation. After an interval of one week, * the "Article Five of the National" strengthened the detailed implementation in the evening.

  • Li Fan Fan Yuanshu: "National Five" has little impact on Chongqing's property market is the core

    On February 20, Premier Wen Jiabao of the State Council hosted an executive meeting of the State Council to study and deploy and continue to do a good job of regulating the real estate market. The meeting decided to resolutely curb speculative housing purchases, strictly implement measures to restrict the purchase of commercial housing, and expand the scope of the pilot reform of individual housing property tax reform. SouFun interviewed the five measures introduced.

  • China's five articles make real estate dare not speak up, Guangzhou housing management calls for rational purchase of houses

    "National Five Articles" introduced real estate dare not raise high-profile words, Guangzhou will announce price control targets for new commercial housing

  • Judge Reminds: "New Country Five Articles" Promulgated or Triggered False Actions

    After the State Council introduced a new policy on real estate regulation in early March ("New Country Five Articles"), the transaction cost of second-hand housing has greatly increased. Judging from judicial practice, it is possible to trigger five types of false lawsuits to circumvent purchase restrictions and second-hand housing transaction taxes.

  • Guowu Article to drive to buy a house should be plumped as soon as possible

    The "New Country Five Articles" were promulgated. The five policies and measures are to improve the stability of the housing price responsibility system, resolutely curb speculative housing purchases, increase the supply of ordinary commodity housing and land, accelerate the planning and construction of affordable housing projects, and strengthen market supervision. Will the property price be reduced after the promulgation? Let's take a look at the low price of Tangshan Fengrun District.