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  • Is the house with the deed tax a big property right? Does paying the deed tax mean turning into a big property house?

    The definition of the second house is based on the family (including the borrower, spouse and minor children). 1. As a supporting policy of the "New Country Ten Articles", the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the People's Bank of China, and the China Banking Regulatory Commission have jointly issued a document to standardize the standard for the identification of two suites (Jianfang [2010] No. 83), and apply for business The second home of the sex housing loan is determined to follow the principle of "taking a family as a unit, and acknowledging housing and loans". 2.If the family ...

  • Or is it possible to apply for a property ownership certificate

    Property Type: Residential Property Rights: 70 years

  • The first phase of Kangqiao New Garden, Jin'an District, Fuzhou City, is it a large property house or a small property house?

  • Can I buy large property houses? What are the disadvantages?

    Small property houses provide a shortcut for many people who cannot afford to buy a house but also have housing needs. However, the purchase of such houses is not guaranteed by laws and policies, and there are greater risks. The purchase of small property rights houses will face the following risks: 1. Without property certificates, property rights certificates Small property rights houses do not have land use certificates and pre-sale permits issued by the state. House purchase contracts cannot be filed with the Housing Authority. Therefore, it is not possible to own a property certificate. To apply for a property right certificate, you need a state-owned land use certificate, construction ...

  • What is a big property house?

    Large property houses are the relative words of “small property houses”, that is, buyers have both “House Ownership Certificate” and “Land Use Right Certificate”. Second-hand housing transactions can be legally carried out, and the houses bought can be built on legal construction land. Large property houses have four complete capabilities: possession, use, income and disposal.

  • What are the large property rights included?

    Five certificates for developers: (1) State-owned land use certificate (2) Construction project planning permit (3) Construction project land planning permit (4) Construction project construction permit (5) Commercial house pre-sale permit or sales license. Individuals need to obtain 3 certificates after buying a house: title certificate, deed tax certificate, land certificate.

  • New city garden, is it a big property house?

  • Is it a big property?

    Yes, Hongben commodity house

  • Who knows how to prove that the house is a big property house?

    The state issued a property right certificate is called large property rights. For example, after the developer has completed the legal project development formalities, the land transfer formalities are processed and paid to the state land transfer fee and use tax (fee) in accordance with the regulations. It is called a large property house. If the state does not issue a property right certificate, the township government issues a certificate called small property rights, that is, on the collective land of the peasant, only the township (town) government or village committee's seal is used to prove ...

  • How much cheaper is a small property house than a large one? Who said it?

    Generally speaking, the "small property rights house" is a house built on collective land. According to the current policy, the government generally does not support it, and only the township government and village level can issue property rights certificates for such houses. Therefore, it is called "township property house", also called "small property house". The so-called small property rights issued by the township government have no real property rights. This kind of house does not have a land use certificate and a pre-sale permit issued by the state, and the house purchase contract is not ...

  • Is Vanke Tiyu Tixiang a property house? How many years of property rights?

    Only then can I say that everything will change.

  • Huadu Jiayuan is a big property

  • Is Sun Yayuan's house a small property house or a large property house? Why did it drop from more than ten thousand one level to more than four thousand one ...

    No, you can refer to the transaction prices of similar land auctions in the surrounding area. There is a reference value based on the land property and plot ratio calculation. In my experience, the commodity price is over 6000, and the floor price is estimated to be about 1,000 yuan / square meter, just for reference. In addition, the change from small property rights to large property rights now has different policies in different parts of the country. Whether the government allows the conversion is the key to the problem.

  • Does the size and property of the house have a relationship with the age? Is the life of a large property the same as that of a small property?

    Houses with small title certificates were originally houses that could only live on their own, but could not be bought or sold. They were subsidized houses allowed by the state. As soon as the age is reached, the country will take back, that is, the house is not yours. If you like it, you can buy it and get a large title certificate. When the time comes, you only need to pay the property tax, and the house is still yours. Thank you

  • What is the difference between a large property house and a small property house? Can I buy a small property house?

    The large property right is the property right certificate issued by the house management department to the entire building after the house has been inspected and accepted by the relevant departments. The property owner is the developer. The large property right number is: ) No. XXX, the developer will buy the house and send it to the real estate transaction agency to complete the transfer formalities and issue a property right certificate to some buyers (some people call this a small property right). The number of the individual real estate certificate is: Jingfang title certificate X (district abbreviation) private word number XXX ...

  • Hello, is Impression Center a big property house?

  • Can a large property house loan? Which bank can a large property house mortgage loan be applied for?

    Except for the mortgage loan application for the house provided by the local government policy assistance, all other commercial houses are real estate with large property rights. Whether the real estate purchased is a property with large property rights can be determined directly with the developer. The mortgage loan application process is as follows: Before the borrower applies for the loan, please find out whether the purchased building has a bank mortgage loan commitment letter from the bank. Then, the borrower applies for a personal housing mortgage loan, fills out the "loan application approval form", Materials (Payment of first installment, sale ...

  • Is it a big property

  • What does size property mean? The difference between large property houses and small property houses

    We often say that there are big and small property rights. What is the difference between the two? Why are there two types of large property houses and small property houses in the real estate market? What are the characteristics and differences between large property houses and small property houses? Let ’s take a look with Xiaobian!

  • What to do if the property rights of the shops expire? What will happen to the property rights houses?

    The introduction of the method of dealing with the expiration of the property rights of the stores and the expiration of the large property rights houses, in fact, there are no clear rules. Land transfer fee is fine