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  • What types of interior wall decoration materials are there? What are the wall decoration materials? Ask for answers, eager to buy materials, not ...

    Wire mainly refers to wood, gypsum, metal, polyurethane steel, aluminum alloy and plastic products; stone is marble, granite; fireproof gypsum board, three plywood, five plywood, nine plywood, particleboard, composite board, and then color board, There are Fraxinus mandshurica, rosewood board, white birch board, white fir king, and Polaroid board; there are wall paint, wallpaper, wall cloth, glazed tile, lime mortar, large white mortar, and toner, which can be used for room doors Cover ...

  • What materials are better for decorating a house for walls?

    All materials are environmentally friendly and non-environmental, and generally any brand of paint can be used, such as Nippon, Dulux, China Resources, Dufang, Fenlin, etc .. The more economical are the first and second generation products of these brands, except for the feel Poor, it does not hinder the use at all, and the price is very cheap ..

  • During the renovation, there were differences in the areas of floor tiles and wall painting. Is the area calculated by the decoration company or real ...

    Calculated according to the actual measurement!

  • What kind of hotel lobby decoration are there for wall and ceiling decoration materials, what wall and ceiling materials can I use?

    The decoration of walls and ceilings can make the whole hall or living room look more brilliant, so now in the process of engineering decoration and home improvement, more and more people decorate the walls and ceiling together, and the decoration is bright. There are many materials to decorate the walls and ceilings. In addition to the latex paint and wallpaper that we are familiar with, there are many materials that can be used for decoration. Can be roughly divided into coatings, wallpaper wall coverings, artificial decorative boards, stone, ceramics, glass and so on. Tu ...

  • What materials are needed for new house wall decoration?

    1. The wall of a new house generally only needs to be sanded with coarse sandpaper, and the original paint layer does not need to be removed. 2. The walls of ordinary old houses generally need to be removed from the original paint. The method is to first wet the surface with water, and then use a trowel or electric planer to remove the surface. 3. For the old wall surface which has been in disrepair for a long time, the surface has been severely peeled off, and the batch ironing layer is powdered. You need to remove the paint layer and the entire batch ironing until you see cement batch ironing or brick layer. ...

  • What materials are needed for the new house wall decoration?

    1. Use diatom mud to get rid of aldehydes when you have money. 2. Use wall cloth for aesthetics. Strong 3D sense of 3. 3. Use wallpaper at low points. Personally, it ’s better to use wall paint.

  • I would like to ask the decoration company whether we should tell us the wall paint color swatches after we have determined the rendering plan, ok ...

    Well, when you signed the contract and said that there are other colors in the room, you should take a color card to let you pick the color. If you do n’t say it, they will be painted white. So, you have to ask the decoration company as soon as possible.

  • Kitchen wall decoration materials are better

    The kitchen is the most concentrated space in daily household chores. Due to its special use function and air environment, it has high requirements for diet and environmental hygiene.

  • What are the wall decoration materials? Stop wasting money!

    The choice of wall materials is very important. It is more important to choose the right one. How to choose it? Come and take a look at the little knowledge of these wall decoration materials with Xiaobian. It can help you choose the right material for you and spend the right money.

  • What are the wall decoration materials, precautions for wall coating construction

    In order to make modern living rooms more beautiful and make people's living more comfortable, decoration is an indispensable project. * I will discuss wall decoration with everyone. Good wall decoration can show a good three-dimensional effect. So what are the wall decoration materials and what are the precautions for wall coating construction? Let's understand together. ?

  • How to decorate the wall of the rough room

    Today's excessively high house prices make it possible to buy a house in Alexandria, so many friends will choose a rough house without basic decoration. Firstly, the price is relatively cheap, and secondly, it is better to design the decoration style yourself. There are a lot of considerations for the wall decoration of the rough room. Let's take a look at how the wall decoration of the rough room and the wall decoration materials are.

  • What is the price of interior wall paint brushes and what are the interior wall decoration materials?

    The interior wall flour painting is an important operation process. The decorative effect of the wall directly affects the characteristics of the entire space, so what is the price of the interior wall flour painting? Because of the different materials used, of course, there is a certain gap in price. As for, The specific price, the detailed answers made by Xiaobian below, let's take a look together, then what are the interior wall decoration materials? In fact, there are many materials, the following Xiaobian also introduced a few for everyone, I hope to have something for you help.

  • Price and Type of Wall Decoration Materials

    Different wall decoration materials will have different decoration effects. Various wall decoration materials have their own advantages. Wall decoration can choose different decoration materials according to the functional requirements of different rooms. Here are some of the materials for wall decoration.

  • 3 common wall decoration materials you need to know what your home is

    When choosing decoration materials, not only should you consider the price, you should pay attention to factors such as product quality and environmental performance. This requires a general understanding of the product. For wall materials, there are three common types. This article will Make a detailed introduction.

  • What kind of wallpaper latex paint to choose for wall decoration material

    After finishing the putty on the wall, you can choose the wall material for wall decoration. Now the mainstream wall materials on the market mainly include wallpaper, latex paint and diatom mud, so many people are caught in the difficulty of choosing. So, how to choose these three wall materials?

  • Just as diatom mud: wall decoration material for you to really save money

    Introduction: Take a house of 100 square meters as an example, every additional 100,000 yuan for decoration, which is equivalent to a price increase of 1,000 yuan / square meter. Spending money is easy and difficult to make money. It does not affect the beauty of the decoration, but also guarantees environmental protection and safety, and saves money. Is there such a material?

  • What are the wall decoration materials? Stop wasting money!

    The choice of wall materials is very important. It is more important to choose the right one. How to choose it? Come and take a look at the little knowledge of these wall decoration materials with Xiaobian, but it can help you choose the right material for you, and spend the right money?

  • Detailed explanation of common wall and floor materials for decoration

    General home decoration materials can be divided into five categories: wall materials, floor materials, decorative lines, top materials and door (window) cover materials.

  • What are the decorative wall decoration materials for wallpaper or latex paint?

    Generally speaking, what material do you choose as the wall decoration material? Is it a wallpaper or a latex paint on the wall? Many people will encounter this problem when choosing the wall decoration material. In order to let everyone better understand the differences between wallpaper and latex paint, let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of wallpaper and latex paint, and see if the wallpaper for decoration is better than the latex paint.

  • What material is integrated wall? The decoration process of integrated wall

    Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to environmentally-friendly and healthy decoration materials, which make integrated walls popular, which has many advantages such as non-toxic health, moisture-proof, noise-proof, beautiful and fashionable. So what are the integrated wall materials? Next, let's take a look at the materials of the integrated wall and the decoration process of the integrated wall.