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  • Can the old house be renamed for a new house? Can the house owner's name continue to be inherited?

    1. As the house demolition is first confirmed, and then compensated to the original property rights and property owners, in the process of compensation, the principle of "claiming who pays for whom" is strictly followed. Therefore, no compensation can be made during the demolition. If it is changed, if it is really necessary to change the property owner, it shall be transferred before compensation or compensation is made. 2. There are several forms of personal house transfer: real estate sales: the transferor transfers the real estate to the transferee, and the transferee acquires real estate property rights ...

  • Is the Collective Land House Demolition Applicable to the State-owned Land House Collection and Compensation Regulations?

    Hello, demolition of collective land houses is not applicable to the Regulations on the Collection and Compensation of State-owned Land Houses. However, relevant departments in China have said that before the introduction of the regulations on house expropriation and compensation on rural collective land and the amendment of the new Land Management Law, the demolition of collective land houses can refer to the Regulations on State-owned Land House Expropriation and Compensation. Reference definitions are just references.

  • Does the husband die automatically after the house demolition?

    (1) Since the old house is owned by your husband ’s parents and is also their parent in the demolition agreement, the name on the property right certificate can only be your husband ’s parent when applying for the property rights of the demolition and resettlement house. (2) If To change to your husband's name, then it involves the transfer of parents' property rights to the son. Generally, gifts, inheritance, and sales are used to transfer to your husband's name. When your husband's parents are alive, inheritance cannot be used, so transfer Need to pay related ...

  • What is the specific unit of the house demolition office?

    The main business scope of the house demolition office is to accept the commission of the demolisher, to mobilize the demolished, to organize the signing and implementation of compensation and resettlement agreements, and to demolish the house and its accessories.

  • How to deal with property rights after house demolition?

    This case seems to be happening in Anhui Province. I had a business trip to the Anhui Provincial High Court once in the past 2 months, and saw an old man at the gate of the hospital, crying at the gate. Because the person I contacted did not arrive and waited for him at the gate of the High Court of Anhui Province. After a while, I saw a judge coming from the court to see her. The old man told the judge something. . . . . . ? !! I remember our great Chairman Mao said, "Allow people to make mistakes, but also allow people to correct them."

  • Moving into the hukou, the income from house demolition has nothing to do with the moving into the household, how to write the agreement?

    It is recommended that it be appropriate to entrust a local lawyer to draft and formulate a family agreement for the analysis and division of property.

  • What is house demolition compensation?

    House demolition compensation refers to the compensation given by the demolisher to the owner of the demolished house in accordance with the "Regulations on the Administration of Urban House Demolition". The method of compensation for demolition can be monetary compensation or house property rights swap.

  • What are the standards for house demolition and resettlement?

    Compensation and resettlement for urban demolition in Quzhou City Article 23 The demolisher shall compensate the demolished person in accordance with the "Regulations on the Management of Urban House Demolition" of the State Council, the "Administrative Measures for the Implementation of the" Regulations on the Management of Urban House Demolition "in Hunan Province, and these Measures. The method of compensation for demolition can be monetary compensation or house property rights swap. The demolished person can choose the method of compensation for demolition, unless otherwise stipulated in these measures. Article 24 ...

  • Does anyone know what the format of "House Demolition" is?

    What is clear is that after the house demolition, the original house lease relationship is still valid, and both parties should continue to perform the original lease contract. Article 27, paragraph 1, of the "Regulations on the Administration of the Demolition of Urban Houses" stipulates: "If a house is demolished and demolished and the tenancy relationship is released from the house tenant, or the house demolisher is resettled by the house demolisher, the house demolisher shall demolish the house. People give compensation. "In this incident you described, you and Huang have not released the lease relationship ...

  • Is the land demolition certificate for housing demolition on state-owned land useful or how is the demolition expired?

    Hello, at present, the compensation for house demolition on state-owned land will be much higher than the compensation for house demolition on collective land. As for the nature of the land certificate that you have, you cannot change it, because collective land can only become state-owned land after it has been requisitioned and requisitioned by the state government.

  • What are the new compensation regulations for house demolition in 2018?

    (1) House compensation fee is used to compensate the owner of the requisitioned house for the losses. It is based on the structure and depreciation of the requisitioned house, and is calculated based on the unit price of square meters. (2) Turnover compensation fee is used to compensate for the inconvenience of the temporary housing of the resident of the requisitioned house or to find a temporary residence by themselves, and the temporary living conditions are filed, and the monthly subsidy is based on the population of the requisitioned house. (3) Incentive compensation fees are used to encourage the residents of the requisitioned houses to actively assist the house requisition or to give up ...

  • How to compensate for house demolition? What is the general compensation for house demolition?

    1. The specific standards and amounts of various land acquisition compensation fees are stipulated by the land acquisition compensation and resettlement plan approved by the municipal and county governments according to law. 2. The determination of the average annual output value (compensation standards for land compensation fees and resettlement subsidies) in the three years before land acquisition shall be based on the statistical annual report of the most basic unit approved by the local statistical department and the unit price approved by the price department. 3. The land compensation fees and resettlement subsidies paid in accordance with the regulations have not yet enabled the farmers to be resettled to maintain their original living standards ...

  • House demolition and resettlement

    With regard to the demolition of your house, compensation for ground attachments, that is, house compensation. Article 26 of the "Regulations for the Implementation of the Land Administration Law" of the State shall be owned by the rural collective economic organizations; compensation for attachments to the ground and young crops shall be owned by the owners of attachments and young crops on the ground. The resettlement subsidy for land requisition must be used exclusively and not for other purposes. If the persons needing resettlement are resettled by the rural collective economic organization, the resettlement subsidy shall be paid to ...

  • Will the hukou factor be considered during house demolition?

    Hello, the head of the household and the owner are not much related, you said that the son-in-law and the elderly live together now, but! If their hukou is not here, people live here, and now the house will be demolished. They can't get a penny. The money is taken by the elderly alone. If the account is here, and their account is registered here for 3 years (the account book should have), then they have the right to share the subsidy, the subsidy is the average, that is, how many people divided by several, and ... .

  • What is the calculation standard for house demolition compensation? Want to know what the formula is?

    Various compensations paid by the demolition unit to the owner or user of the demolished house in accordance with the prescribed standards. Generally there are: (1) House compensation fee (house replacement fee), which is used to compensate the loss of the owner of the demolished house, and is based on the structure and depreciation level of the demolished house, calculated based on the unit price of square meters. (2) Turnover compensation fee is used to compensate for the inconvenience of the temporary residence of the demolished house dwellers or to find a temporary residence on their own.

  • How to calculate the amount of compensation for house demolition

    Demolition compensation refers to the house requisitioning department itself or the entrusted house requisition implementing unit in accordance with China's collective land and state-owned house demolition compensation standards, when requisitioning units and individuals on national collective land, the owner of the requisitioned house (hereinafter referred to as The expropriated person) will give fair compensation.

  • What are the compensations for demolition of rural land and houses? Know these calculations

    Regarding the compensation of some peasants' houses, we need to understand the calculation or standards of these compensations. We hope that people concerned with these will pay careful attention and not be deceived. If these problems cannot be solved, we can seek other relevant departments to solve them.

  • What are the house demolition compensation regulations?

    The Regulations on the Collection and Compensation of Houses on State-owned Land is intended to regulate the collection and compensation of houses on state-owned land, safeguard public interests, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of the requisitioned persons. According to the Property Law and the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, Decision of the People's Republic of China on Urban Real Estate Management Law ", adopted by the 141st executive meeting of the State Council on January 19, 2011

  • How to calculate house demolition compensation? What aspects are covered by demolition compensation?

    Many people are not clear about the demolition compensation fees and who should own them, which has led to many misunderstandings and disputes. With the intensification of the transformation of the old city, more and more old houses are facing the problem of demolition, and the compensation for demolition has become the focus of attention of many residents. These two issues are introduced below, and I hope to give you some tips.

  • Compensation standards and methods for house demolition compensation

    Compensation rates for demolition of unlicensed houses vary, and the amount of compensation depends on the situation. This article analyzes the legal property rights of unlicensed houses and teaches you how to determine the compensation for unlicensed houses. In addition, there are classifications and compensation methods for house demolition compensation. I hope it will help you.