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  • What is a school district house? What are the precautions when buying a school district house?

    What is a school district room? 1. School district housing. In a sense, school district housing is a derivative of the real estate market. The monopoly of educational resources results in the solidification of classes and is the main obstacle to modern education reform. With the development of modern science and technology, the content of textbook disciplines set by countries in the last century has not kept pace with the needs of the times. 2. The emergence of school district housing reflects the shortcomings of the education system, mainly reflected in the very uneven distribution of education resources in a city, causing ...

  • What is a school district room and what are the precautions when buying a school district room?

    Once a school district room is open, friends who buy a house will always line up to fight for it regardless of others. Friends who are not very clear about this will be wondering. Why do people love school district rooms so much? To understand this problem, we understand the school district housing in Xi'an. The school district housing is mainly related to school study. So, what are the advantages of the school district housing? What are the precautions for buying a school district room? What are the advantages of the school district room 1, rich educational resources: Speaking of the school district room the first time ...

  • How about Jinshi Meiyuan in New Atlantic City? Is it a school room? Which school is near

    Hello, the average price of this property is pre-registered, you need to go to the site to check the actual price of each house

  • Purple Tea Elementary School District Fang Lv Yin Golf Balcony is near the road, will it be affected by the noise at night when sleeping? [Encyclopedia ...

    The Purple Tea Golf School in the Purple Tea Primary School is about 150 meters away from the main road of Jiangqiao Road, while the properties such as Xinghui Mingting and Harbour Plaza are bottom-selling businesses, and the road is downstairs. There are large commercial buildings and pedestrian streets in front of us. Next to it is a 20-meter-wide green belt and an auxiliary road, paved with asphalt concrete at least 10 cm thick, and the thickest part is up to 33 cm, which can reduce noise, and the speed limit will be 60 km / h. After full construction, super heavy vehicles are not allowed The ...

  • Do I have to buy a school room next to a prestigious school?

    Going to a famous school is the great wish of many families, but there are no famous schools near the community. To this "name" character, do you have to relocate your home so that it can attract teachers? The answer is: not necessarily. Well-known schools have gathered a large number of highly capable teachers, and the educational environment is excellent, and many other factors have certainly provided hard conditions for children's education. However, these external conditions are not the only factors that determine a child's performance. Family, social education, and living environment are the keys that cannot be ignored. So before buying a house ...

  • Is Times City a school district room?

    High-speed Times City Phase 1 1 #, 2 #, 7 #, 8 # 33 floors, 6 # 28 floors, 3 # 18 floors, 9 # 22 floors, a total of 8 buildings. The 84-140 square meter unit was launched, with more than 1,100 suites. The first phase is expected to be launched in June as a whole.

  • Can I buy a school district room? Why buy a school district?

    The ability to do what you can do is to enjoy the educational resources of core schools. This has become the main concern of the school district housing. The real estate project itself also has better supporting resources. School district housing projects are often located in the more developed areas of the city, and their commercial facilities and transportation facilities have good qualifications, but they have been slightly ignored by the purchasers under the more prominent educational resources. Buying a home, even if it is in favor of the school district, you have to test ...

  • Is it a school room?

  • What to pay attention to when buying a school district house

    When buying a school district, you need to pay attention to: 1. Know the admission policy. 2. Understand household issues. 3. The school district location needs to be written into the contract. 4. Consider the comprehensive quality of the house. 1. Understand admission policies. Before you buy a school district room, you must know in advance whether the community you live in belongs to the school district of the school of interest. Sometimes, although it is separated by a wall, your community is not a school district room. Belongs to this ...

  • Is there a requirement for school room size? Small school district rooms are not eligible for admission?

    Seeing the policies of districts, cities (districts, counties), some districts require an area of less than 40 square meters and residential properties (commercial housing, apartments, shops are all acceptable). As for the relocation, it is required that both the parents and the children must relocate to the area.

  • How about the Green Tea Golf Unit in Zicha Primary School School District? [Project Encyclopedia]

    About 71 square units, 1 + 1 rooms, two halls, one bathroom, the unit features north-south convection, two-way landscape, who said that small units can not look at the panoramic golf landscape and the city's bustling business district. The main balcony faces north with 5.5 square meters of activity space, and the south direction has 6 square meters of kitchen. The L-shaped flow-type worktable can only be used to achieve north-south convection when the kitchen windows are opened after work. The platform is for a family of three to have fun; the 3.7-meter balcony is similar to the living room and dining room ...

  • Is it a school district room?

  • What is school district room fever

    Behind the school district's housing fever, there is both anxiety from parents and anxiety from the education department. To promote the balanced development of education, we must not only introduce policies, but also solve the key issue of "selecting teachers." As a result, the school district's housing fever can really cool down.

  • Is it necessary to buy a school district room? Are you buying a school district room? Do you think it is necessary?

    One: For the sake of children, don't let children lose in the starting line school district room is no longer a simple distance, it has become a place for students to attend prestigious schools. When I go to school. Like No.1 Middle School and Yanzhong Middle School, they have to go to the exam. Everyone goes to school based on their grades. Except for some individuals who have spent money to get in, all of them are top students. now what? Those in the school district went to No. 1 Middle School and Salt School, and those who went to school at No. 1 Middle School and Salt School only spent money to buy a house, and those who spent money directly went in. that...

  • Is Zhenjiang Runkang City a double school district room?

  • What are the school district rooms in Zhengdong New District?

    The slicing range in 86 is the area east of Zhongzhou Avenue, south of Jinshui East Road, west of Huanghe East Road, and north of Yongping Road. The scoring area in 96 is east of Huanghe East Road, south of Jinshui East Road, north of Shangdu Road, and west of Zhongxing Road. The scoring scope of the Middle School of Foreign Language School is east of Zhongzhou Avenue, south of Huanghe East Road, and north of Jinshui East Road. The scoring range of the middle school of the Eighth Middle School is east of Zhongzhou Avenue, south of Dongfeng Canal, north of Kunli River and west of Xiong'er River. you...

  • Is it a school room?

  • Is it okay to pay school fees without a school district room?

    The hukou should be counted in the school district, because if you do not have a house in this place, the hukou is not relocatable. Some schools are strict.

  • Questions about second-hand housing sale in Beijing school district (school district quota)

    Yes, if you want to prevent being deceived when buying a second-hand house, you can go to my space to see it. There is an article: [Purchase Topic] The second-hand house sale and transaction process explains the following in detail: Which methods are best when buying a second-hand house? Details of factors to pay attention to when reviewing second-hand houses Is there any doubt about second-hand property rights information? How to quickly and authoritatively query second-hand property rights?