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  • What's new in the two-limit housing policy in 2018?

    Buyers of price-limited homes are not allowed to sell if they have not obtained the house ownership certificate or deed tax payment certificate for less than 5 years. Government depreciation that does need to be sold will be repurchased. After 5 years, the purchaser shall submit the land proceeds at the rate of 35% of the difference between the price of the ordinary commercial housing and the price-limited housing in the same area, which can be transferred after the submission.

  • How many years does the latest policy land transaction require contracting?

    Rural land contracting refers to the use of family contracting methods within rural collective economic organizations. Rural land such as barren hills, ditches, barren hills, and deserted beaches, which are not suitable for family contracting, can be contracted by means of tendering, auctioning, and public consultation. The nature of land ownership remains unchanged after the contracting of rural land, and the contracted land shall not be sold. New Rural Land Contracting Policy for 2018: The second round of land contract extension will be extended for another 30 years.

  • Can the first deed tax be waived? How is the latest deed tax policy?

    1. Property Right Investigation First of all, you must go to the Housing Management Bureau to check the current situation of the house. You must also carefully check the owner's real estate certificate. Pay attention to the signatures of several people on the real estate certificate. If there are two people, they will need to have their names when signing the subsequent contract. Secondly, look at the relevant evidence when buying a house, such as a house purchase invoice, deed tax invoice, etc., to confirm the ownership of the property. When signing the real estate sales contract, if the co-owners cannot be present, they need to issue a notarized power of attorney and their agents ...

  • What are the policies for selling new homes? Can you guys help me think about it?

    Deed tax: The base tax rate is 3%, and the preferential tax rates are 1.5% and 1%. The levy rate for ordinary houses is 1.5% of the transaction price, and the non-ordinary house is 4% of the transaction price. Specific levy ratio: ordinary residential buildings below 90 square meters (1% of the first apartment, 3% of the second one); ordinary residences of 90 to 140 square meters (1.5% of the first apartment, 3% of the second one); non-ordinary houses such as villas (transaction price) 4%).

  • New two-limit housing policy How to purchase two-limit housing?

    Two-family housing is a commodity house with limited price and suite type. The purchase of two-family housing must comply with local two-family housing application standards and policies. With the approval of the urban people ’s government, the two limited housing units will determine the unit of residential project development and construction by bidding on the basis of limiting the set ratio and the limited sales price. Medium- and low-priced, medium- and small-sized ordinary commodity houses sold to eligible residents.

  • Do n’t you watch the latest policy on two-sale houses?

    In order to solve the housing problem of some families, the government has introduced various types of housing with guaranteed properties. The selling price is relatively lower than that of general commercial housing, and some people are given priority to purchase. Two-limit housing is one of them. The concept of two-family housing began to spread in 2007, and it became a social housing as the market developed. For this type of house, many people want to know its buying and selling policies.

  • Yantai Fushan new tax policy for second-hand housing released

    [Abstract] The detailed provisions of the "Article 5 of the State" clearly levy a 20% tax on the transfer of second-hand housing, which has become the focus of attention of all circles for a while. Yesterday, the reporter learned that Fushan District, Yantai City, Shandong Province, was the first to collect a tax according to the difference of 20%. However, after the implementation of the policy on March 4, it was called for an emergency stop yesterday morning.

  • Policies support the rapid rise of high-tech zones

    With the support of the Weifang Municipal Government to the policy and technology of the Hi-tech Zone, in the first three quarters of this year, the total high-tech output value of the Hi-tech zone ranks first in the city, the local financial revenue growth rate ranks first in the city, and the scientific development of public satisfaction telephone random assessment results rank first in the city . With the victory of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the high-tech zone is moving towards "higher quality education, more stable work, more satisfactory income, more solid security, better medical care for the people, more comfortable living, and more beautiful "The environment" striving forward. This shows that the development potential of the high-tech zone is increasing, and the real estate in the financial core of the high-tech zone is hot.