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  • Is Beijing Yueyue International a big property house?

    It is a commercial house with a property right of 50 years.

  • What are the precautions for buying small property houses

    In recent years, with the transformation of old villages, the acceleration of the construction of small towns, and the sharp increase in the demand for land for national infrastructure construction, the phenomenon of land acquisition is more common, resulting in an endless stream of small property houses in urban suburbs. A large part of this is self-occupied buildings purchased by rural villagers at preferential prices after demolition. Some of these small property houses were bought by urban residents through means such as sale. Then, with the appreciation of small property houses, some sellers sue ...

  • Can small property houses turn right?

    It is unlikely that small property rights houses have not been approved by the state and have not paid land payment fees.

  • Nanlin Waterfront did not have a pre-sale certificate, and said nothing.

    This property is not complete without a pre-sale permit

  • Can I buy a small property house? Will there be hidden dangers after buying it? What should I pay attention to? "Is this legal protection? ...

    I think you can buy it, but you are buying it for yourself. In the future, it will be a little troublesome because the country does not protect it. But there are too many such houses with small property rights, and the state has no ability to manage them, so they are not mentioned now. Governance is nothing more than two points. First, forcible demolition. Do you think it is feasible? It's impossible. You can't let people live on the road. People who buy a house don't break the law, but people who build a house or sell a house are breaking the law, or they and the government department jointly violate it ...

  • Is there a contract to buy or sell an untitled house?

    Hello, you can buy and sell, but you can't transfer, the buyer is more risky, you can notarize the contract or witness the lawyer.

  • Can small property courts seize it?

    1. The original owner of the small property right house (that is, the "owner of the production certificate") can be seized by the court. 2. Other residents of small property houses cannot be seized by the court because of the following reasons: (1) small property houses are houses forbidden to be sold by law; (2) small property houses cannot apply for a production certificate; (3) residents Although I spent money to buy a house, I can't apply for a production certificate, so I can't confirm its ownership, so it is difficult for the court to seize it; (4) But ...

  • Is there any difference between a small property house and a market commercial house?

    Small property houses do not have a red copy, commercial buildings have a red copy

  • Can a small property house judged by the court be bought? What are the risks?

    As long as there is a real estate certificate, there is no risk. There are risks to a house without a production certificate! ... There are several situations where you have no property rights, depending on the actual situation, and some of the property rights that have just been handed over to the developer ...

  • What is the difference between commercial housing, welfare housing, small property housing and fund-raising housing

    Commercial houses are houses developed by developers.% 7E land is a small property house that has paid land transfer fees. It is a house fund-raising house that has only the property right certificate of the entire house and cannot be divided into households. A type of welfare house divided into employees of the unit. A collective house is a type of house constructed by the unit and allocated to the unit's employees. The ownership of the unit belongs to the unit. The employees only have the right of residence and no ownership.

  • Can Shenzhen's small property houses be loaned? Are there any changes in the current policy?

    "Several Opinions on Registration and Issuance of Certificates on Rural Collective Land" clearly states that small property houses cannot be registered and issued. The prerequisite for bank mortgages is that they must provide proof of real estate. Therefore, it is not possible to mortgage a small property house with a bank unless you have a property right certificate after converting the small property house into a large property house. However, this does not mean that small property houses cannot handle mortgage loans. Purchasers of small property houses can apply for a mortgage loan or a private guarantee company ...

  • Is it risky to buy a small property house

    Risky, but can't apply for real estate certificate! Housing quality!

  • Is this building just starting to build? Should I pay the deposit in advance or something? Is it a big property house?

    Delivery time: May 31, 2014, specific recommendations to the local Housing Authority.

  • Small property room: how deep you love you, how deep you hate you

    As the urbanization process continues to accelerate and real estate development is further promoted, small property houses have begun to sprout in the state capital? Growth, there is currently a tendency to grow wildly. What is a small property house? How did it come about? What harm? What are the laws and regulations? With these questions in mind, the reporter interviewed relevant people recently.

  • Can use "property tax" to solve the problem of small property houses

    Recently, in the suburbs of many cities, some collective economic organizations have constructed peasant residential buildings on collective land. In addition to being used to house members of the collective economic organization, they have also been sold to members of the collective economic organization at a lower price. These houses are commonly known as small houses. Title room. According to unofficial data, the area of small property houses nationwide amounts to 6 billion square meters.

  • Small property houses have little time to renovate: controversial sold houses

    The fate of a small property house that has been carrying an "illegal identity" for many years is running out of time.

  • Which houses belong to small property houses can be divided into several categories

    Which houses belong to small property houses and what types of small property houses can be divided into? Many of my friends may be too unclear, so I compiled some relevant information for everyone here, I hope these materials can help everyone, let's take a look with the editor.

  • Yantai supplies common property houses, experts say it will drive down prices

    "Shared property houses" are no longer "special products" in Beijing and Shanghai. Statistics show that up to now, five cities in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Yantai and Fuzhou have started to supply shared property houses. Experts say "shared property houses" will have a big impact on future property market regulation

  • Do you dare to buy a small property house? Six major shortcomings of small property houses

    In recent years, small property houses can be said to be the "fragrant incense" of the property market. However, because small property houses are not legal in nature, purchasing small property houses will have certain risks.