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  • Zhengzhou house price chart what is the interpretation of housing price trends

    On June 3, 2013, China Index Research Institute released the "2013 China Real Estate Index System Hundred Cities Price Index Report". Among them, Zhengzhou's average new house price in May was 8,637 yuan / square meter, a drop of 0.78% from April. This is also the first time in 4 consecutive months that prices have fallen in Zhengzhou. Zhengzhou's house prices have basically maintained a large increase since 2013. According to the China Index Academy released the price of 100 cities ...

  • Yuanfang, you have to tell me what happened to Zhuhai's housing prices in 2013? Let the end of the world be more violent

    Rest assured, housing prices in Zhuhai will not rise in 2013.

  • Is there any latest news on housing prices? [Latest News on Housing Price Trends]

    The latest news of Heshan real estate in 2018: Xianghe Xuefu (unlimited purchase) 2018 latest price: 6,900 yuan / ㎡ Xianghe Xuefu is located opposite the provincial primary school. There is no restriction on purchases, the city central living facilities are all available, and the subscription is in full swing! Xianghe Academy Project Address: Sales Center of Xianghe Academy next to Central Primary School, Gonghe Town, Heshan City Tel: 400-6390-363 Heshan Xinhua City (Unlimited Purchase) 2018 Latest Price: 9000 Yuan / ㎡ For Guangfo ...

  • In the winter of the property market, in-depth games, the capital chain of developers are under heavy pressure, and the trend of house prices welcomes key nodes! Henan Zhumadian Shangcai County ...

    I wait to buy a house at a reduced price

  • Heshan house price trend in Jiangmen, Guangdong _ [Heshan house price trend in Jiangmen, Guangdong]

    Heshan House, Jiangmen, Guangdong: Overseas Chinese Town Summer Palace (unlimited purchase) 2018 latest price: 5980 yuan / Pingqi Overseas Chinese Town Summer Palace on sale: 88-100㎡, hot sales! Overseas Chinese Town Yijingyuan Project Address: Gongjian Road (1km east of the Jianghe Expressway Republican Exit) Sales Center of Overseas Chinese Town Yijingyuan Tel: 400-6576-327 Times Yanshan Lake (Unlimited Purchase) 2018 Latest Price: Hardcover 7900 yuan / Pingqi era Yanshan Lake apartment type for sale ...

  • Urumqi's 2013 house price trend forecast, is it true that house prices surged in 2013?

    Said to rise is to rise, where is the shit. . Are you listening to the experts?

  • The trend of housing prices in 2013 is hotly debated. Will the real estate market be better this year?

    Evergrande Real Estate Chairman Xu Jiayin, when meeting with several fund executives in Hong Kong on November 20, revealed that Evergrande has been actively destocking since September. In October, it reduced prices by 10% to 15% across 168 projects across the country. . At the same time, Xu Jiayin pointed out that since November, Evergrande has slightly raised the average price by about 3%, but the increase in housing prices in third- and fourth-tier cities has been limited. Xu Jiayin also said that due to the control policies, the operating environment of third and fourth tier cities is difficult, so the group must not ...

  • How will China's house prices rise in 2016?

    In 2015, house prices in many cities across the country stopped falling and rose. Is your house price rising in your city? But this is not important anymore, and more importantly, everyone is concerned: the trend of house prices in 2016. There are many factors that affect the trend of housing prices: including population, urbanization, economic growth, residents' income, monetary and credit policies, fiscal and tax policies, real estate control policies, housing construction, and housing demand. Even the U.S. raises interest rates, Bao Nengqiang ...

  • Dongguan house prices in 2015 reveal 14 common mistakes made in buying a house

    The trend of house prices has naturally become a topic of concern to the masses. Will house prices trend in 2015? What will happen to house prices in 2015? This series of issues related to housing prices has affected the nerves of the Chinese masses. Let's take a look at the 14 common mistakes made in buying a house with Xiaobian.

  • 2012 house price trends revealed, don't make 14 mistakes when buying a house this year

    The future of housing prices reveals 14 common mistakes made in buying a house

  • 20 dark scenes in Lujiang property market teach you to understand the trend of housing prices in 2016

    Some people say that China's property market is like a mystery film. The process is a mystery. No one can predict the outcome. We can only see the nature behind certain phenomena through heavy fog. We must expose 20 shady scenes in the Chinese property market! Should I enter the market in 2016? There are rumors that you can prepare cannon fodder when you buy it! you

  • Xuzhou and other first-tier and second-tier housing prices have initially stabilized.

    On March 19, data released by the National Bureau of Statistics showed that of the 15 first-tier and second-tier hotspot cities, house prices fell in 12 cities, of which Shenzhen led the country.

  • Recent property price trends of various districts in Huadu District, Guangzhou

    As the northern gate and back garden of Guangzhou City, Huadu District has unique resources and environment for real estate development. Good things are always robbed. To buy a house in Huadu Real Estate, we must understand the recent trends in real estate prices in various districts of Huadu District, Guangzhou, make career plans in advance, and spend a reasonable price to buy better real estate.

  • 2016 house price trends recently news Baicheng house prices continue to rise in August

    The 100-city price index rose for 5 consecutive months. The residential price index of the top ten cities in December exposed the recent news of housing prices in 2016. 2015 has come to an end, and the trend of house prices in 2016 has affected the hearts of buyers. 2016 house price * or *? Ranking of China's 100 cities in December 2015.

  • Zhengzhou house price trend 2012

    In the first half of 2012, under the urgency of the situation, Zhengzhou's property market was richer and more expressive. Happiness, worry, coldness and heat have never been more obvious than they are now. The demand for small units and low total prices has finally plunged the market after the developers dropped, and sales have been rising all the way. In the past six months, a group of experts predicting the trend of the property market this year have been ashamed, and developers who were once overwhelmed by the regulation have a slight stretch of their brows, breathed a sigh of relief. The pressure on commercial funds has eased, and the outlook for the market outlook has also shifted from pessimism at the beginning of the year to cautious optimism.

  • How to predict the trend of house prices? Ten ways to understand the trend of housing prices in Yantai

    The trend of house prices in different cities is different. House prices have risen "steally" and house prices have fallen "regretlessly." Seeing various situations, do you also want to know the trend of house prices in Yantai? Don't worry, here are ten tips for you to easily solve the problem of housing prices.

  • Predicting the trend of house prices in Nanchang in 2014? Netizens screamed: Will rise!

    Netcom's property market in Nanchang in 2014 may be a year of "a hundred flowers blooming", and it will also be a "tested year." At the end of 2013, the "Chang Liu Articles" and the "Pre-sale Certificate Ban" blew up the "restriction on purchases and sales" in the Nanchang property market.

  • How can house prices in the second half of the year be bought?

    How can house prices in the second half of the year be bought?

  • 2016 Anqiu house price trends recently news Chengdu housing prices * disk are there?

    2015 Anqiu house prices trend recent news! 2015 was a year of picking up in the property market. In order to save the property market, the central bank cut interest rates six times during the year, fully opened the two-child policy, lowered the down payment threshold, and increased the provident fund loan limit. A series of policies have affected the trend of housing prices. Stimulated by these policies, the property market's

  • Recent property price trends in Guangzhou Yuexiu District and its various districts

    In the Yuexiu District, there are many different area sections. If you want to buy a house or buy a real estate, simply understanding the entire area is too general, and it is easy to cause price misunderstanding. In order to understand the recent real estate price trends in Guangzhou Yuexiu District and its districts, you must understand them one by one. For example, in addition to the overall real estate house prices in Yuexiu District, you must understand each district in a targeted manner, such as the Beijing Road District, Yangxincheng area and so on.