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  • Where is the proof of purchase single? What materials are needed?

    At present, applying for a house loan generally does not require a single to prove the conditions of personal housing mortgage loans: 1. Have a permanent resident account in the city or valid residence status; 2. Have stable employment and income, good credit, and the ability to return the principal and interest of the loan on time; Self-raised funds with more than 30% of the total price of the purchased house, and guaranteed to pay the down payment of the purchased house; 4. Units with assets recognized by the bank as collateral or pledge, or units with sufficient repayment capacity ...

  • Do singles need to apply for a single certificate when buying a house?

    Women over 20 years of age or male singles over 22 years of age must provide proof of singles when buying a house.

  • Where can I buy a single certificate?

    Civil Affairs Bureau handles single certificate

  • Do you need a single certificate for the real estate certificate?

    According to the relevant provisions of the Property Law, there are as many real estate certificates as there are individuals owning them. If you are married, the Housing Authority will issue corresponding forms when applying for real estate certificates. If your spouse is not part of yourself , Then he / she must fill in the voluntary waiver on the form, and issue a corresponding statement and sign and press the fingerprint. If the property is before marriage, then you have the full right to dispose of it without the consent of your spouse. To prove single, then ...

  • What to do without buying a single certificate

    No single certificate is required for transfer. Single certificate is used for bank loan and deed tax exemption.

  • How to provide single proof for housing provident fund loan?

    When applying for a housing provident fund loan, the single employee can sign the formatted "I declare" provided by the branch center.

  • Do I need a single certificate for the property certificate? Any netizens know?

    A house bought before marriage is a pre-marital property that does not need to be fair, but it also belongs to the buyer. Therefore, you need to issue a "No Marriage Registration Certificate" (single certificate); if you provide this certificate, the real estate certificate can only write your name. If there is a property dispute, it is also your problem, and the Land, Housing and Management Bureau will have no responsibility.

  • Does anyone know how to buy a house with a single certificate?

    If you are single, you need to issue a single certificate. Conditions for buying a house loan: 1. Natural person aged 18-60 (Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, and foreign nationals are also available); 2. Able to have a stable occupation, stable income, and the ability to repay the loan principal and interest on schedule; 3. The actual age of the borrower plus the loan application period Should not be over 70 years of age; 4. Have legal and valid contracts, agreements for purchase, construction and overhaul of housing, and other supporting documents required by the loan bank;

  • How do I get a single certificate when buying a house? What procedures are required?

    A single purchase certificate is issued at the Civil Affairs Bureau. To issue a single certificate, you need to bring your ID card and hukou to the civil affairs bureau counter. The process of buying a house by mortgage is: (1) signing a sales contract. (2) conducting bank evaluation. (3) Sign a loan contract with the bank. (4) Exchange transfer (pay down payment). (5) Get the property rights in your own name. (6) Bank mortgages and loans. (7) Handing over the property and receiving the house.

  • Where is the single certificate?

    Civil Affairs Bureau where the hukou is located

  • Can I get a mortgage without a single certificate?

    In the real estate transaction process, the individual's real estate information inquiry, transaction taxation and production certificate processing and other links require the proof of marriage relationship. Due to the long process, the issuance of a single certificate is often issued more than once.

  • Buying a house requires a single certificate, but divorced very early. The Civil Affairs Bureau does not have my divorce record. How do I open this ...

    In some small places, there may be cases where the marriage records of many years ago are not entered into the system. You can go directly to the neighborhood committee where your residence is located to issue a marriage certificate, and then go to the Civil Affairs Bureau with this certificate and relevant documents to issue it.

  • What documents do I need to buy a mortgage? If you are not married, do you need to provide proof of singleness?

    Buyers should apply for the following materials in advance when applying for a mortgage loan: 1. Application for personal housing loan; 2. Copy of ID card (resident ID card, household registration book, military certificate, overseas residence permit in Mainland China, foreign natural person as passport Residence permits, family visit permits, homecoming permits, or other identity documents); 3. Borrower's certificate of stable economic income or other debt-recovery capability certificates issued by authorized departments recognized by the office; 4. Legal housing purchase contracts, ...

  • Buying a house and showing singles where to go

    Since the calculation is based on the family, the procedure will be much simpler if you are single to buy a house. According to the current regulations on the issue of marriage registration record certificates, a citizen's personal marriage record certificate can be submitted by the original identity card, the original household registration booklet, and a two-inch crown-free photo. Photo), then go to the civil affairs bureau where the permanent residence is located, that is, the marriage registration authority to check the marriage file, and according to ...

  • It seems that I need a single certificate, but the Civil Affairs Bureau said that I don't need to do it if I am under the age of marriage.

    Can apply for a real estate certificate. No unmarried certificate is required before the legal marriage age. The legal marriage age stipulated by the Marriage Law is 22 years old for men and 20 years old for women. For those who have not reached the age of marriage, the marriage registry shall not issue a single certificate. You only need to explain this problem to the property rights department, which can be handled normally.

  • Singleton proof when buying a house

    Unmarried buyers need to apply for a single certificate when buying a house, so how do you know how to open a single certificate? The single certificate can also be called a non-marriage certificate, and its full legal name is a certificate of no marriage registration record. Unmarried buyers need to provide when applying for a home loan. So where is the single certificate? What documents do I need to provide for proof of being single? How to open a single certificate is to prove whether the party is in the public by a certain time ...

  • anxious! !! What to do for singles

    It depends on what kind of single certificate you need at your hometown. If the certificate from the school is OK? Group accounts can be obtained from the school, if not, they can only take these procedures to the Civil Affairs Bureau to start the unmarried certificate.

  • Why do I need a single certificate when buying a house? How to buy a single certificate

    Because the country now implements a home purchase limit loan, which means that the first home of the family can be loaned and has interest rate benefits, while the loan amount for the second house is reduced and the interest rate is a little higher than the normal rate. No more loans.

  • How to apply for a real estate certificate when a new house is no longer issued?

    Recently, the Ministry of Civil Affairs issued a notice requiring civil affairs departments in various places to cancel the application for marriage registration record certification and no marriage registration record certification. So, after canceling the single certificate, how should the owner apply for his own real estate certificate and land certificate? Xiaobian personal experience, comprehensive analysis of the information required for real estate and land certificates, and

  • Do I need a Singleton Certificate to apply for a residential property in Guoluo? Can i settle down

    Many people who buy self-occupied commercial houses do not understand the materials they need to provide. In fact, the materials required for different types of houses are different. It is recommended that you handle them according to local policies. So does the Guoluo self-occupied commercial housing application require a single certificate? Can I settle down? Let's take a look at the relevant introduction and tell about Xiaobian.