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  • Buying a house and issuing a non-marital certificate.

    I can only do it myself.

  • My account is in Changsha, and the trusteeship is in the employment guidance center, but the person is in Shenzhen. How to apply for a non-marital certificate? I must return to Changsha ...

    The provision of agency services for the unmarried certificate is issued by the Civil Affairs Bureau where the household registration is located. I can bring the household registration book and ID card to the Civil Affairs Bureau where the household registration is located to apply for a Certificate of No Marriage Registration Record. The applicant should apply in person. The person must provide a notarized power of attorney, the principal's household registration booklet, the original or photocopy of the ID card, and the agent's ID card. After graduation, university students in Hunan are usually hosted in the talent market or in Hunan province ...

  • Does the deed tax refund require a non-marital certificate?

    Buying a house is based on a family, and subscribes for a mortgage. Family means you, your spouse, minor children, three parties. If you are married, you need to show a marriage certificate to buy a house, and divorce requires a divorce certificate or a court decision granting a valid divorce judgment. Unmarried purchase of a house previously required a single certificate, but now it is cancelled, as long as the household registration is unmarried. The purpose of the marriage certificate is to determine the number of homes you buy, so that you can calculate the deed tax based on this.

  • How to do a single household registration

    I. Application conditions: Hefei collective account; male at least 22 years old and female at least 20 years old. 2. Submissions: the original and photocopy of my identity card; the original and photocopy of my account (collective households need to submit proof of household registration). Third, the handling agency: Hefei Civil Affairs Bureau's marriage registration offices in various urban areas, specifically the marriage registration office where the hukou is located.

  • Unmarried, Shenzhen collective account, to buy a second-hand house, what procedures do you have to take to obtain a certificate of unmarried? Proof of unmarried is a ...

    ... The unmarried certificate is the unmarried certificate issued by the Civil Affairs Bureau where your hukou is located. It should be a certificate stamped with the official seal of the Civil Affairs Bureau. . .

  • How to write a marriage certificate

    The so-called unmarried certificate can also be called a single certificate, which proves that someone has not registered a marriage with the Civil Affairs Bureau by that time. Generally, you can go to the civil affairs department where your household registration is located. In fact, the issuance of a single certificate is more common in life, such as the need to apply for a home purchase loan, overseas marriage, etc., and sometimes even the work unit requires it.

  • Buying a house and issuing a non-marital certificate.

    I can only do it myself.

  • What to do if the unmarried certificate is not issued

    The Civil Affairs Bureau does not issue a single certificate. How to do a real estate certificate does not require a single certificate. . . For a real estate certificate, if it is a developer's commercial house, you only need to fill in the required name when signing the contract (1 person or 2 or 3 can be used). No single certificate is required. Even if you buy a second-hand house, you will not need a single certificate. Just use the real estate certificate to mortgage the payment. If the name of a person on the real estate, you may need ...

  • Where to buy a house purchase certificate

    The process of issuing a singles certificate is as follows: bring your ID card to the Civil Affairs Bureau where your household registration is located; the line number says to print the singles certificate; you will print the singles certificate; get the bank or the developer;

  • How to open a single certificate for buying a house? Is it just a certificate of non-marriage?

    The single certificate (unmarried certificate) is a written certificate that proves that the party has registered marriage in the civil affairs department by a certain time. It is usually issued by the civil affairs department where the household registration is located. Certificates for singles are generally required: a power of attorney, an original ID card of the client, two photos, a registered account of the trustee, an original ID card, etc. A single certificate for a mortgage loan must be issued by the civil affairs department.

  • Do you still need a marriage certificate to buy a house?

    No need to buy a house: 1. The buyer must have a valid and valid identity card and identity certificate; 2. A non-resident account, which can be purchased by a family as a unit in Guangzhou, must provide three consecutive years within three years (36 Month) social security or tax bill; 3, whether it is a new house or a second-hand house, buyers of foreign hukou can only buy one set; 4, the buyer must have a down payment of up to 30% of the total purchase price; 5, ...

  • Where is the certificate of unmarried purchase? How to drive?

    1. Hold an ID card or hukou book to the service hall of the marriage authority (civil affairs bureau) where the household registration is located. 2. The staff of the Civil Affairs Bureau inquires the marriage registration information according to the application. 3. If there is no marriage registration information, a written non-marital certificate will be issued. 4. The handling unit will charge the user's corresponding inquiry fee. 5. You can also open a certificate at the unit, but you do not need a single certificate to get a marriage certificate. You only need the original hukou and original identity cards of the men and women. Fill out the form at the Civil Affairs Bureau to ...

  • Can the unmarried certificate used when applying for a loan be replaced by a non-marital certificate issued by the Civil Affairs Office?

    Look specifically at the bank,

  • Do I need to apply for a power of attorney for someone else's unmarried certificate? How to write a power of attorney if required? Need notarization? Will produce ...

    Can fax

  • China CITIC Bank: 1. Identity card (for both husband and wife, individual for unmarried) 2. Hukou book (for husband and wife ...

  • I bought a suite in August of last year and I paid for the contract. But for personal reasons, I have to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to handle unmarried ...

    According to the "Interim Regulations of the People's Republic of China on Deed Tax", taxpayers shall apply for tax declaration to the deed collection authority at the place where the land or house is located within 10 days from the date of tax liability, and pay the tax within the period approved by the deed collection authority.

  • I am single, do I need a marriage certificate to buy a house?

    Do you need a single certificate to buy a house? 1. If you are single, you need to issue a single certificate. 2. Loan conditions for buying a house: natural persons aged 18-60 (Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and foreign nationals are also available); have stable employment, stable income, ability to repay the principal and interest of the loan on time; the actual age of the borrower plus the loan application period should not exceed 70 Years old; have valid and valid contracts, agreements for purchase, construction and overhaul of houses, and other supporting documents required by the loan bank; all of the houses purchased have ...

  • How to write a non-marital certificate? Where is the unmarried certificate?

    Students who need to buy a house and a loan will definitely encounter a problem, that is, they will definitely ask you to issue a single certificate. The single certificate is actually an officially recognized singles certificate. In fact, the other statement is also called a non-married certificate, so the unmarried certificate How to drive? Where is the unmarried certificate?

  • How to do a floating population unmarried certificate

    There will be many migrants in a city. When they buy a house or get married, they will be required to obtain a migrant unmarried certificate to prove the legality of their identity. However, many people do not know the existence of this certificate. The following editors will tell you how to do a floating population unmarried certificate and where to find a floating population unmarried certificate.

  • How to open a non-marriage certificate for home purchase? Where to open?

    In order to avoid property disputes, buyers often need to provide a non-marriage certificate or marriage certificate during the purchase process. In fact, as long as you bring a resident ID card and household registration certificate for the unmarried certificate, you can go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to issue it. The procedures are not complicated.