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  • One party is not eligible to buy a house, can I write a name?

    When buying a house after marriage, one party is eligible to purchase a house, but one party is not. The title certificate can write the names of both husband and wife.

  • What if I want to buy a house but do n’t qualify?

  • How to buy a house in Shanghai

    For home buyers, what are the latest regulations on the conditions for buying a house in Shanghai? Especially for non-local residents, if you want to buy a house, you must understand the conditions of buying a house in Shanghai in case you need it. Conditions for Buying a House in Shanghai According to the latest Shanghai housing policy, foreign residents with no real estate in the name of a divorced or widowed child who live with their children will no longer be eligible to purchase a house. Under the same conditions, local residents can only buy one. But also ...

  • What are the qualifications for a qualified house purchase certificate? What materials do I need to bring with me to buy a house with a limited price?

    The qualifications for a house purchase certificate are not complicated. Buyers need to apply to the district housing management bureau where the household registration is located. If approved, the District Housing Management Bureau will issue and issue a "Tianjin Limited-price Commodity Housing Purchase Eligibility Certificate" valid for one year. Bring these materials with you when applying for the qualifications for the purchase of a house: (1) the applicant's ID card; (2) the household register of the family member; (3) the relevant certification materials for the current residence of the family;

  • Where to check if you are eligible to buy a house

    If it is related to purchase restriction, the general purchase restriction policy stipulates that it is necessary to provide social insurance or pay individual tax bills, so it is recommended to print out the tax bill or social security details to the Housing Authority for consultation, and then sign the purchase contract if it is eligible for purchase.

  • Outsiders, where to buy a house in Dalian?

    People in Dalian are restricted to purchase the third set. Foreigners can only buy one set. Foreigners must provide a certificate of tax payment or social guarantee for buying a house in Dalian for more than one year. Those who meet these conditions can go to buy a house.

  • How to make up for a lost home purchase qualification certificate? Will it affect the progress of housing selection?

    No impact, go to the Housing Management Bureau of your district to consult and complete the procedures.

  • What is the CPF loan interest rate for two homes eligible for a home purchase in Beijing?

    Article 5 of the new regulations stipulates that you have two sets of provident fund loans, and the first set of commercial loans.

  • List of Buying Conditions Are you eligible to buy a house?

    No matter in which city you buy a house, you must first review the qualifications for buying a house. Generally speaking, cities have certain restrictions on the number of houses to buy. So how long does it take to review the eligibility for a home purchase? What do you need to verify the eligibility of buying a house?

  • Xi'an will launch a qualification review of home ownership in a timely manner

    On September 14, 2018, Xi'an Housing Security and Housing Administration issued the "Implementation Plan for Deepening Housing Supply-Side Structural Reform in Xi'an".

  • Can you come back if you suddenly lose your deposit?

    The policy of restricting purchases in Beijing is relatively frequent. It can be said that Beijing has made a series of moves in the past few years. Let us review them together.

  • How can foreigners buy a house in Wuhan? How to review the qualifications for buying a house in Wuhan?

    Foreigners who want to buy a house in Wuhan must meet certain conditions and pass the Wuhan house purchase qualification review. So, what are the conditions for foreigners to buy a house in Wuhan? How is Wuhan's eligibility to buy a house reviewed? These things need to be understood.

  • Purchase qualification review and online signing process

    In the new home purchase online signing process, the eligibility review of home buyers is required, and then online signing is completed.

  • What are the restrictions on buying a house in Tianjin? What are the conditions for buying a house in Tianjin?

    What are the restrictions on buying a house in Tianjin? What conditions should be met when buying a house in Tianjin? In accordance with the state's requirements for the classification and regulation of the real estate market, and in combination with local conditions, Tianjin Land and Housing Management Bureau, Municipal Construction Commission, Municipal Planning Bureau, Municipal Finance Bureau, Municipal Finance Bureau, and Municipal Provident Fund * jointly issued documents to implement the new real estate regulation.

  • What are the requirements for foreigners to qualify for a home purchase in Beijing?

    Buying a house in Beijing is a dream in the hearts of many people struggling in Beijing. So what conditions do foreigners buying a house in Beijing need to meet in order to successfully buy a home?

  • Do you have the right to buy a house under the control of Dalian's property market?

    In the current period of tightening regulations in Dalian, before buying a house, * should have the qualification to purchase a house. If there is no recognized qualification to buy a house, even if the loan is available and the house is optimistic, then you ca n’t buy a house. * Let ’s take a look at you together Is there a qualification to buy a house.

  • Can you buy a house in Xi'an?

    On the afternoon of June 4, the official website of the Xi'an Housing and Construction Bureau issued a statement, claiming that some criminals have recently used the name of "qualified to purchase a house" to deceive, reminding the public not to be fooled.

  • Foshan's "restriction on purchase order" was embarrassed: 30,000 get the qualification to buy a house

    Just as the supervision team of the Ministry of Housing and Construction will go to the local area to urgently investigate the implementation of purchase restrictions and loan restrictions, the reporter found that many Foshan real estates located at the junction of Guangzhou and Foshan still obtained the house purchase qualification by providing guarantees to Guangzhou buyers.

  • What qualifications do foreigners need to meet when they settle in Changzhou?

    Changzhou's housing prices are not high and the living environment is comfortable, which makes it an ideal city for many foreigners to buy a home. But if you want to buy a house in Changzhou, it is not just a random thing. For foreigners who want to buy a property in Changzhou, when applying for a provident fund loan from another place, they need a certificate of provident fund deposit in the place where the residence is registered, a certificate of provident fund for housing deposits from different places, and * the details of the payment in the past year.